3 Must-Do's In Video Ad Animation

Abstract: Video Animation has become the key to lead generation for many businesses today. Read on to find the 3 must do’s for video ad animation.

Being a graphic designer, it’s not unusual for me or my bosses that I watch about a thousand videos a day. Interesting, isn’t it? However, I need to keep a keen eye to watch out for the flaws and faults in a video, its animation and its graphics to analyze what makes a good artwork a true masterpiece and worthy of animation.

Watching stellar works of art being rejected every day just because of poor animation and graphics is extremely painful and has compelled me to produce this short, yet eye-opening blog for all those amateur designers, aspiring to become successful video animators.

So folks, when you are designing a video animation, always keep these 3-Do’s in your mind:

1. Do#1- Check out the easing of your animation
When you are driving your car, do you push the gas pedal with full force? Or, do you gradually increase the car’s speed? Do you directly take the speed from 0-100? Or do you wait until the speedometer shows increasing numbers?

You obviously take your time with the speed. This, in the graphic jargons, is known as easing. Easing allows the movement and motion to flow smoothly. Animation requires a real life touch of movement integrated on fictional or animated characters to produce a powerful impact. Therefore, when natural quality of movement is absent, extraordinary art works are brutally rejected.  With affordable animation websites such as After Effects and Stupeflix, you can easily adjust the easing of your animation and make a huge difference.

2. Do# 2- Check the coordination of your animation and music
Your animations may or may not speak, but they definitely need a background sound or music to enhance the message being delivered. With the right beat and lyrics, your animation can be taken up a couple of notches and excel at delivery. Background music will also allow your video to flow smoothly and improve the impact of your content.

Websites such as Loopster allow users to add music to their videos in the most cost-effective manner, resulting in stellar animations.

3. Do# 3- Check for the animated effects in your videos
With an upgrade even within the animation choices of the viewers, it is almost appalling to see masterpieces of artwork being compromised just because they lack the animated effects. Adding the tiniest animation effect to your characters such as a wink or blink, that takes only a couple of minutes, can add to the blow of your video and really make a massive difference.

However, with 2D animations still being an integral part of virtual reality, I am not discrediting or demeaning them. In fact, some 2D animations such as paper dolls would lose their charm if they were given the animation effect. This is why the puppet tool featured on After Effects is an excellent choice to bring slight movements in your rigid images, breathing life into them.

With animation becoming the leading skill requirement, keep these Do’s in your mind to create a top quality video animation!

Author Bio: Hilary Addison is an accomplished illustrator Explainer Videos. Taking advantage of his inventive zone to make energized recordings, is the thing that he cherishes the most. He has finished a few tasks for some global customers, and every one of them portray him as a persevering, committed and a fanatically imaginative individual.

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