7 Ways Low Self Esteem Affects Students In School

Abstract: An uprising problem of low self esteem in students must be addressed before it is too late.

A person’s self esteem shows how they feel about themselves. This can show what they think about themselves, how much they value themselves and how worthy they think they are. A low self esteem may show that a person might not consider themselves important enough.

A low self esteem in students will adversely affect them in their school life. A student with a low self esteem can easily be recognized by their odd behavior and body language.

Here are some ways how this might be so:

1. Hesitant Behavior
A student with a low self esteem would be hesitant. This hesitance could be observed in terms of their peer interaction, class participation and co-curricular participation. This is bound to have adverse affects on their academics as they might not be learning as well as they could have.

2. Isolation
Students with low self esteem consider themselves too insignificant to approach peers. They consider themselves unimportant and are incapable of making friends. Naturally, they start feeling isolated which makes them feel like an outcast in school.

3. Lack of Experiences
A student with a low self esteem tends to stick with their comfort zone. If something foreign or risky appears, they tend to avoid it instead of embracing it. This results in a lack of experiences and they tend to miss out on social opportunities.

4. Undetermined
Even if a student with a low self esteem tries to participate in something new, for example a sport, and fails, they would immediately quit their pursuit due to a lack of determination. This lack of determination causes them to stay with the bleachers and hinders them from growing out of their shell.

5. Dependency
Because students with a low self esteem crave social acceptance, they tend to seek approval of their peers in every aspect of life. This causes them to become overly dependent on others with no sense of individuality.

6. Decision Making Power
Students with a low self esteem are bound to be weak in their decision making skills. This is because many a times, they consider themselves insignificant or unimportant. They idolize peers that are stronger and more confident. Instead of making their own decision, such students rely on the opinions of others and become followers.

7. Emotional Instability
Students with low self esteem are emotionally unstable. They experience intense, extreme and rapidly changing emotions every day. When a student faces emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness, depression, anxiety and shame, they might not be able to concentrate on their studies due to their built up frustration and inability to express themselves. Because of this, a student will be less attentive in class and inattentive to their academics.

If you notice a child/student who acts oddly, it would be helpful to approach them with kindness and talk to them. By opening up, students with low self esteem can actually be helped and start feeling better.

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