Analizing as to when to Revamp and Make a Big Change for Apps

Many mobile apps are updated on a frequent basis. However, the changes made by the developers are relatively small updates related to bug fixes, adding a touch to the design, patches etc.  Big updates are quite rare and they bring in a major change in the OS, a polished new UX design and various other new attributes. It has to be properly considered as to when developers must go for big updates.

Brand New Traits in the app

A big update must be processed when the developer wants to integrate an attribute which transforms the whole user experience of the mobile. For instance, it could be two similar features which can be amalgamated and becomes a big update or it could be a merging of some third party service and such.

New model

When the designer is thinking of altering the total design of the app, be it User Experience or the visual aspects, then it necessitates a big update. It is quite typical for designers to modify only some features or entirely everything. Users like a change then and there.


App performance is one important parameter for designers and enterprises alike. After conducting many types of research, the entrepreneurs and developers can identify the changes which need to be implemented to augment the app. If this tweaking is a big one, then it needs a big update.

User Reviews

Enterprises when focusing on the contentment and fulfilment of the end users must give proper attention to app feedbacks and reviews. This is done by going over the app store feedbacks, where the big issues are identified and have to be rectified and patched up. Typical examples include searching for a particular function which is not present or the tough aspect involved in identifying a particular feature.

Outdated codebase

In the present scenario where technology is progressing at a rapid rate, codebases which were developed only 2 years ago become archaic, ancient and outdated. The codebase must be altered even though everything seems fine. If the entire codebase has to be altered then the app is bound for a big update. This has to be strategized in advance. When lots of people are modifying and working on a codebase, the time and complexity involved increase considerably.

Catering to a range of platforms and devices

With several platforms and devices available in the market the enterprises have to be adaptable and open-ended if they want to establish their presence over various types of users and augment the number of users. Hence when the app is to reach a wide audience, the code has to be modified completely as it has to be integrated with several design sizes and should be focused on a good and rational experience.

Current Design Vogues

With the rapid development of technology, the design vogues and standards are also changing as well. An archaic trend will surely be neglected and discarded by any business firm, hence the enterprise as to be synced and on par with the current happenings related to design.

Every app needs a change then and there. With the rapid change related to time, technology and vogues, the enterprises must be up to date regarding the latest happenings, the stratagems and services of their rivals and the issues related to an enterprise's own app. Enterprises must be wary such that they are not enchanted by the present success of their apps as things change rapidly as aforementioned. The enterprises and developers must consider the user reviews, the latest happenings and brand new app features when they decide to go for a major change with respect to the app.

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