The ghats of Varanasi are arresting

It won’t be wrong to say that Varanasi is the queen of Ghats. Of course, this spiritual land possesses 87 ghats which have their own splendour. The city is packed with prestigious temples, gracious monuments and spectacular places. Once you walk through the ghats of Varanasi, you can feel the essence of spirituality and tranquillity. 

If you always think of going to this place but have never been there, it is time that you carry out an exclusive tour to this city. It would fill up you with so much of charm, spirituality, enlightenment, and celebration. So, just check out 5 star hotels in Varanasi and book your rooms for your trip! For now, how about having a peep into the arresting ghats?

Dashashwamedh Ghat

DashashwamedhGhat is the most colourful and cheerful ghatin Varanasi. Brahma sacrificed ten horses at this place that is the reason the name of this ghat is DashashwamedhGhat. It is a very pleasing and joyous spot to spend some time. Theghat is popularly cherished for its spiritual divine existence. In case you want, you can relish the Ganga aarti or Agni Pooja at this place. The chanting of mantras, cool breeze and the healthy environment will envelop you with splendour. 

Man Mandir Ghat

Having the stunning palace which supervises it, the splendid ghat was built by Maharaja Man Singh of Amber in year 1600. Jai Singh II, who formed the JantarMantars, altered this palace into a construction in year 1710. The northern bend of this ghathas a gorgeous stone balcony. 


AssiGhat is one of the hugest Ghats in Varanasi. It is very important because here the AssiRiver merges with the Ganges River. It is the area where the visitors and pilgrims take bath before they offer their homage to Lord Shiva in shape of a big lingam mapped under a peepal tree. 

This ghat is also unique because it also creates the southern end of the conservative city. Moreover, one more lingam which is worshiped here is Asisangameshwar lingam. It presents the lord of convergence of ASI, enshrined in a small marble temple near the AssiGhat. This is the same ghat wherein the renowned Indian poet saint, Tulsi Das wrote the massively celebrated Ramcharitmanas. 


This ghat is amongst the oldest sites of Varanasi. This ghat was earlier known as LolarkaGhat. It was retitled after the well-known poet-saint Tulsidas lived at this spot in the sixteenth century. His antique house and temple is situated nearby even now. Furthermore, this is ghat wherein barren females visit to bathe and pray for children. The ghat has tilted down towards the river but in month of October/November i. e. Kartika, a pleasant festival devoted to Krishna is celebrated here. You can find a great rush during this festival. 

Thus, these ghats were just a demo; you can relish the full picture once you visit this place. So, book your rooms in a five star hotels in Varanasi and relish a pleasant stay in this city.

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