The new defined Google Pixel 2

This high defining technology has created such impact in our lives that without these our lives seem not easier. Without a smart phone on hand we definitely can’t think of way ahead. Creating such impacts the technical revolution in smart phone industry many brands have gifted so many devices making our life easier. Google one of the leading Smart phone brands has gifted such many devices and is successful in drawing attention of many users.
Introducing the Pixel 2, Google will even get stable in its higher position. Google has been the best brand to provide Smart phones, making simpler and fast process in operating for the users. Even the new model will definitely occupy the smart phone market as it provides excellent features in it.
Rumors indeed follow any type of invention so does this upcoming model of Google Pixel 2. Some freak fans of the brand have spread rumors involving is as-:
  • Battery of 4000 mAh
  • The front camera is of 10 MP and the rear one is of 30 MP
  • Android O.S
  • 64bit Exynos processor
  • 5G compatible
  • 5.5” LED display
  • 8GB RAM
  • Inbuilt memory available in 32, 64, 128 GB and can be extended up to 128 GB which is external
Inducing these kinds of rumors is certainly not wise. Expectations may be higher for you but certain users may get disappointed if the specific features are not involved in the new model Pixel 2.
Even rumors follow the pricing fact of the new model. Many a claim in varying price lists like some say it to be $800 and even some say it to be $1099 in the US market. The fact is that Google has not yet officially declared the pricing of its new Pixel 2 model. The rumors even follow the launching date as in July month of 2017, whereas the launching of Pixel 2 may be at October in the year 2017. This information has been officially declared by the brand.
Certainly the brand would never deceive its users; it will definitely keep up its image of being the winner in the market of smart phones. The brand declares some of the features of Pixel 2 as -:
  • The RAM provided is of 4GB.
  • The display is of AMOLED 4k.
  • The model has Exynos octa-core processor, which just adds on remarkable favor to the device.
  • Mali-T760 GPU together with has Exynos octa-core processor gives the model a very remarkable touch up.
Certain other competitors like apple, Sony etc claim to have these optimal services involved in their upcoming new models but Google would be the first one to launch these features in the new model of S-series. In the past of time expectations certainly gets higher, Google will certainly cover up all your expectations for a smart phone in its new model Pixel 2.

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