Top 6 places of Bhopal you must not miss


For people who never had experienced a stay at Bhopal must probably read this before they plan for a trip. This city of lakes which is also the capital city of Madhya Pradesh offers the best tourism service that you may not find elsewhere. Listed are some important places of Bhopal that you must not miss out.

 Upper and Lower Lakes

Around 40% of the water supply for Bhopal residents is received from these two lakes. Upper and Lower lakes are manmade lakes that offer amazing scenic view and are known for their good snacks and coffee centres on where you can halt and enjoy watching the scenic view. Both these lakes are separated from each other, by an over bridge known as the Pul Pukhta or lower lake bridge. 

Van Vihar National Park

It is one of the popular national parks of central India that has managed to maintain the rare habitat. You can book hotel in Bhopal close to this place as the location is perfect from other tourist spots as well. In the year 1983, it was declared as a national park. Though its status is in the same manner, yet it is maintained as a modern zoological zoo under the direct supervision of the Central Zoo Authority. It is unique in a lot of ways as visitors are provided access in the form of a road through the park.

Bhojpur temple

Also, known as Bhojeshwar temple, it is an ancient hotel that was built in 11th AD centaury. It is one architectural masterpieces for which many tourists specially plan a trip to Bhopal. This temple goes on to serve Lord Shiva and is situated on the Betwa river, which is around 28 km from Bhopal. Incidentally, this temple has one of the largest Shiv Lingas in India.

Marine Drive:

On way to visit the beautiful lakes of Bhopal, there is a lake view road which is amazing. Most of the people call it as marine drive and is said to run along with the Upper Lake. This road is around 2 km long connected to new market area.


This is one of the largest Mosques in India located in Bhopal which is also known as Jama Masjid. It is known for marble and minrates domes with the fine architectural detailing done. The construction of the mosque was undertaken during the reign of Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and is one of the largest mosques in the country. The construction of the mosque was stopped due to lack of fund and again the construction of it began in 1971.

Manua Bhan Ki Tekri

Also, known as Mahaveer Tekri is a popular Jain temple which is a famous pilgrimage spot for Jain Devotees.

Now that you are pretty much clear with places you must not miss out, make sure you book for one of the best hotels in Bhopal India to enjoy a relaxing yet memorable trip to this lovely city.

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