How to Stay Safe While Buying Medicines Online

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) advises consumers to be careful while buying medicines online. Some online stores retail over- the counter and prescription drugs which may not be safe and put risk on health of customers.

It is possible to buy medicine online cheap. But you must take care while doing so.

How to be safe while buying medicines from online stores:

Avoid Deception:

 When you buy over- the-counter or prescription drugs from an online company you are not familiar with, you may be getting into a troubling situation.

It is a fact that there are many online pharmacies which operate legally as well as offer privacy and convenience for buying medicines.

But there also exist ‘rogue websites’ which are offering potentially hazardous drugs that have not been screened for effectiveness or safety. While such a rogue website appears like a legitimate and professional store, it may actually be an illegal entity.

Such sites often retail drugs which are unapproved, drugs which lack the right ingredient or drugs containing unsafe content.

Signs of an Unsafe Site

  • It sends drugs with unknown origin or quality.
  • It gives wrong drug or any unsafe product for the disease.
  • It doesn’t make available a means to contact the site, particularly by phone.
  • It provides medicines at dramatically low prices.
  • It may provide prescription medicines without prescription which even contradicts the law.
  • It will not protect the privacy of your financial and medical information.
Know Your Medicines:

Before you source new medicines for the first time particularly online, you must consult a health care provider like a pharmacist or doctor about any extra steps you require to fill your prescription.
But when you get a prescription refilled:

  • Check the medicine’s physical appearance (packaging, shape, texture and color).
  • Ascertain whether it feels or tastes the same when using it.
  • Alert your health care provider if you sense something different.
Be careful if drugs sold online:

  • Are too weak, too strong or too old.
  • Are not approved by FDA or the government.
  • Are not created using safe means
  • Are not safe for using with other products or medicines.
  • Are not shipped, stored or labeled in proper way.
  • Might be counterfeit.
Counterfeit Drugs:

Such drugs are copycat or fraudulent products which are difficult for identification. The fake practice of selling counterfeit drugs can happen in case of both generic and branded products in which the source’s identity is labeled faultily to appear as a genuine item.

The counterfeit drugs:

  • Might feature Contamination
  • May not alleviate the disease or condition which the medicines are meant to treat.
  • Might lead to hazardous side effects
  • May contain an active ingredient that is wrong
  • May be made with wrong  quantity of ingredients
  • Does not contain any active ingredients
  • May be packed in a phony packaging which looks almost legitimate.
How to Protect Yourself

 When you purchase medicine online india:

  • Only buy drugs from online sources licensed in India
  • Don’t buy from sites which do not demand prescription of drugs

These are some tips for buying safely from online drug stores.

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