Don’t Miss Out Any Chance of Visiting Canada

Amazing scenery, buzzing cities, good rate of job opportunities and a welcoming environment; everything makes Canada an admired country.  Canada is a huge land having regal mountains, virgin forests, mighty coastlines, spacious prairies and also Arctic tundra. Indeed, this all makes this country a preferred destination for immigrants and travellers from around the globe.

Any plans for Visiting Canada?
Just check out the Visitor visa form for Canada and you can see new roads taking you to this country. This visa is a temporary Canadian immigration alternative that permits the tourists like you to visit Canada for purpose of leisure and tourism.  This visitor or tourism visa is valid for six month.

Two Types of visas
  • Single entry visa
  • Multiple entry visa
These both visas are valid for a fixed time span and cannot be used after they are expired.
  • Talking about the single entry visa, it permits the visa holder to step in Canada just once.  Once the visa holder has left Canada, excluding travelling to the US and Miquelon and St. Pierre, he will require a fresh visa to step in Canada again.  In case the tourist is going to these mentioned places with their Possessions, he is not going to require any new visitor visa to return to Canada.
  • In case of multiple entry visas, you are allowed to come and go from Canada for the time of six months at a time. It will be without having to reapply every time.  This multiple entry visa can easily be valid for around ten years, or one month before a visa holder’s passport gets expired, whichever happens prior.

Eligibility is there
If you want to fulfil the eligibility criteria for a visitor visa, you will have to prove to immigration authorities the below given things:
  • You possess a valid passport
  • You have a good health
  • You possess the financial resources  needed to pay for the expenses while in Canada
  • You readily agree to abide by the laws of the land
  • You possess a residence outside Canada and other compulsory ties that make sure that you return home after your visit to Canada
  • You have no purpose to undertake or seek employment while you are in Canada
  • You might have to  undergo a medical examination
  • You have the intention to leave Canada at  end of your visit
  • There is no criminal record on you
  • You plan to reside in Canada for a particular and restricted period of time
  • You do not pose any type of  security risk
Well, before you begin to apply for visa visitor Canada, you have to make sure that you have read all the given information on the visa/permit needs on the CIC site to make sure that you are eligible for it. Once you are convinced that you are eligible for the permit; go ahead with the procedure.

So, don’t stay aloof from your dream of visiting the land of Canada when you have the chance. Just dive into the depths of visa procedures and talk to professional services for successful visa.

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