How to cope with money shortages on a travel trip

As fun and exciting traveling sounds, it is not a piece of cake. There is a great deal of planning and money involved in travel. Sure this is not apparent when you see traveling photos. In the pictures, you will just see the person standing on the golden gate bridge or posing in front of the Berlin wall. What you almost never realize is the effort that person had to go through to make that picture a possibility. Some efforts that go into travel planning are non-monetary but it cannot be denied that money plays a major role in any travel trip. So what do you do when you run short on cash? In this article, we tell you some useful ways to cope with financial constraints on a travel trip.

1. Start eating cheap
You may not realize it but spending money on restaurants twice or thrice every day consumes a chunk of your travel budget. No need to be tempted by fancy eateries brimming with tourists. They are mostly a rip off. Try the local delis and street food. Some famous travelers swear that in many countries, street food is better than the fancy dishes served at proper restaurants. So it is not like you would be making a big sacrifice.

2. Sell Airmiles
Sell airmiles to earn money quickly and easily. You can do it online on multiple websites now. But of course, for this to work out, you should have a good amount of miles accumulated. Only then would the cash shortage be eased a little.

3. Online work
There are plenty of ways to earn money online. Some websites will pay you for filling out surveys and some pay for content writing.

4. Part time job at the travel destination
This is actually quite fun and in fact it is becoming increasingly common to take up work while traveling. It helps you build the travel fund and have a wonderful experience along the way. You could do whatever you feel is most suitable. You could become an English tutor, a translator or work as a cashier for a few hours every day.

5. Switch to an economical accommodation
It is no secret that hotels are pricey, so if you are staying in one, it is better you move out immediately. A hostel may work out better for you if you are low on cash. They are extremely cheap and they offer just what you need – a place to sleep at night.

6. Visit the free of cost places
Super touristy places cost money to visit but they are not the only places in the city. If you do your research right, you will find plenty of amazing places that cost nothing and are yet to be discovered by most visitors. Such places are always fun to discover.

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