5 guidelines to schedule your workout post-Lasik!

LASIK reshapes the cornea for vision correction which is performed without removing outer layer of the eye. A flap is created on the cornea either with a laser or blade which is then adjusted back into place for natural healing of the eye.

Like most of the routine activities, LASIK treatment has the potential to significantly enhance your workout and sporting experience. Continuing with the activities post-LASIK is possible but, they may hamper the recovery process if you’re being less careful.

The following tips can help you recover faster, safer and more effectively without raising any further issues.

1. Your eyes need time to heal

During LASIK in Dubai, an advanced laser is beamed in the cornea creating a thin micro-flap. It’s then peeled back exposing the primary tissue to be reshaped for correction of astigmatism, near-sightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia).

The process takes more or less 15-30 minutes, depending on complexity of the case whereas recovery time sums up to few days and even weeks. Doctors recommend their patients not to exercise immediately post-LASIK thereby ensuring proper healing and optimum results.

Even non-strenuous workouts may cause irritation, strain and trauma in the eye, which is why you should wait for the eyes to heal.

2. Slow & steady approach

Simple exercises such as light weight-lifting and jogging can be resumed two or three days after the laser procedure but, make sure sweat doesn’t enter the eye. In case you feel strain, pain or discomfort, slow your pace or simply stop and have the doctor check the eyes for any issue. In case sweat enters the eye during workout, avoid rubbing as it can displace the LASIK flap that’ll blur the vision and cause discomfort.

3. Wait a week for swimming

Diving, swimming and all watersports can be resumed after a week post-LASIK on doctor’s consent. Exposure of the eye to water before complete healing raises the risk of various eye problems and compromises the safe recovery process! Chlorine in the pool may result in dry eye issue and severe irritation. Lake and beach divers who had their LASIK should also wait for at least a week before continuing with the watersports.

4. Protective eyewear during workout

Irrespective of the types of exercises, always wear protective eye goggles or a patch during workout to ensure safe and complete healing. Protective eyewear shields the eyes from dirt, debris and natural elements as well as defend them from trauma and impact of contact sports. Protective eyewear should be worn for at least a month following the laser process.

5. Doctor’s approval matters

Always take doctor’s approval before you begin any sporting and workout activity. Remember that follow-up sessions, vision evaluation and general eye check-ups are crucial after having your LASIK in Dubai to ensure proper healing and effective outcome.


If the doctor has approved resumption of workout, do pay attention to the instructions for better healing and overall enhancement of the vision and eye health.

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