Honda Active 5Gvs TVS Jupiter –which one is for you?

When it comes to living in India. Traveling from one place to another is one of the most difficult jobs. The main reason is that of the high population of India and the second reason is that of no discipline on the road. Due to these reasons, there is too much traffic on the road. To get through the traffic, most of the people in India choose to travel on two-wheelers. Two wheelers help them get through traffic easily as it can go through small gaps. There are many reasons why people use two wheelers:

1. It is fuel efficient 

2. It is affordable for most people

3. Helps you get through traffic easily

4. It is more fun to ride a two-wheeler than anything else

Since a large number of people in India travel on two-wheelers, the market of two-wheelers in India is also quite huge. Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing a new two-wheeler, then you will have quite a lot of options. But there are few two-wheelers who just stands out from others, those are Honda Activa 5G and TVS Jupiter. Honda and TVS are one of the oldest competitors when it comes to producing two-wheelers. These two have literally been giants in this industry for a very long time. And yet again they have come up with a new model to rule this industry again.

Honda active 5G vs TVS Jupiter

When it comes to comparing these two scooters, both are very close to each other. First, we are going to talk about the most important thing which is considered before buying anything, and that is the price. Price plays a very important role in comparing whatever you want, but in this case, you can't really compare as they both are of the same price. Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter both are worth around 52k. Another important thing which should be kept in mind is mileage. The more mileage it has the more fuel efficient it is. So, when we compare these two, Honda Activa claims to give a mileage of 60 kmpl, whereas, tvsjupiterclaims to give 62kmpl. Honda Activa is available in 1 different color, whereas, TVS Jupiter is available in 7 different colors. Both the engines in the scooters are quite close to each other, Honda Activa powered by a 109.19 cc engine, and TVS Jupiter powered by 109.7 cc engine. 

Which one is better?

But when it comes to comparing these two, TVS Jupiter is better than Honda Activa 5G from a very close margin. Mainly because it has more mileage and more variety of colors available in the model. It also has a better engine from a very close margin. Apart from that, I feel that TVS Jupiter has a better body design than Honda Activa 5G.  

Both the companies have done quite a good job when it comes to seeing the in-depth specs of these two models. Both the bikes have a lot to offer, especially the price which you are paying for it, you are getting a lot in return. And also both the companies are known for their good quality products and customer service.

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