Water your Way to Lush Greens

Watering your potted plants efficiently is absolutely essential to maintain their good health. However, most gardeners, whether amateur or well seasoned, make the mistake of wither over watering or under watering their plants. So, we will help you to figure out a way to water your babies perfectly to keep them happy and healthy all year long.

Tips and tricks to water your plants – 
  • The water requirement of each plant is a little different from the others. One standard technique to avoid under or over water your plants is to understand the moisture level of the potted soil. You should only water your plants when the surface of the soil feels dry to your touch or lightens in color. 
  • Make sure you do not let water sit stagnant on the trays which lie underneath your pots or planters. It will retain excess moisture in the pot and deter it from drying which might cause serious issues like root may rot in the long run. 
  • When you water your plants make sure to water them abundantly until water flows out of the drainage holes. This ensures that the entire soil is well hydrated till the very bottom of the pot. Watering your plants in small portions only dampens the surface and hampers the growth of the roots. 
  • Talking of drainage holes, make sure that your plant pots and planters have proper drainage holes which are not clogged so the excess water can flow out effortlessly eventually. 
  • If your potted plants are drying out too quickly then consider repotting them in a larger pot or planter. Larger pots will obviously hold more soil which can retain enough water to keep your plant hydrated for a longer period. 
  • The evening or early in the morning are the two best times to water your plant as this is when the soil cools down and evaporation is minimum. So, you soil can drink up enough before the moisture is when the sun hits. 
  • One of the easiest and most efficient tools to water your potted plants is by using a garden hose. So invest in a garden pipe online for easy watering.

Things to remember while buying a garden hose –
  • While choosing a garden pipe online make sure to look for a material which is durable and abrasion resistant so it does not split or tear or leaks water within just a few days of use. A warranty of a year from the manufacturer is a good place to start. 
  • Make sure you invest in a pipe which is long enough to cover the entire are of your garden comfortably. Try to measure the distance and add a few meters to that so you do not have to go though any hassle while watering your plants. If your garden is quite huge for just one pipe to cover then consider getting pipe connectors to attach another pipe. 
  • While you garden pipe buy online go for a pipe which is about 0.5 inches in diameter so you can handle it easily while watering your plants.

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