What Is A Hijab? What Are The Different Types Of Hijabs?

What are hijabs? Hijabs are a long piece of cloth that is worn by women on their heads. This type of clothing is done by the women of Islamic or Muslim culture. This hijab clothing is the oldest trend of Muslim and Islamic culture. Women of Muslim religion wear these hijabs from past so many years. This trend was started during the time of Mughal Empire at that all the females use to cover themselves fully in presence of any male member around them.

Why are these hijabs worn by women of Muslim and Islamic culture?
  1. These hijabs are worn by women in presence of any male member near them or around them.
  2. These hijabs are worn by the women to show respect for their culture and religion.
  3. These hijabs clothing is mainly worn by women to hide and cover their faces and heads in front of the male members.
  4. These are worn by the women for their own privacy and security.

What are the different types of hijabs? There are so many different types of hijabs that came in 2018. People can easily buy hijabs at the mall at instant hijab wholesale. People can buy these hijabs online also at easy and affordable prices. Some of the latest hijabs are mentioned below with their qualities:

    1. Ombrey Hijab
  • This is a type of hijab which is made up of the best fabric known as Nida fabric. Due to Nida fabric content, these Ombrey hijabs are rated the top-best hijabs of 2018.
  • These Ombrey hijabs are very much light in weight.
  • These hijabs are made from 100% cotton material which can be easily draped on the head.
  • These Ombrey hijabs are available in so many different color options.

    2. Pagdi Style hijab
  • This is the latest type of hijab which is made for people to look fashionable. This is the most used hijab of 2018.
  • This hijab is a lit bit heavy in size as because it has a Pagdi like the design.
  • It is worn by the women by folding it in dual layers and due to this dual layering of hijab, this hijab gives the women a beautiful and elegant look.
  • This Pagdi style hijab is also made up of pure cotton material.

    3. Layered hijab
  •  This is a hijab which is considered the best hijab as because this hijab clothing gives the women face an enchanting look.
  •  This type of hijab is made from silk and cotton material.
  •  This hijab forms layer on the head portion as well as on the chest portion.

    4. Arabic style hijab
  •   This Arabic style hijab is mainly made from chiffon but with the changing trends, it is available in silk, cottony, cashmere and so many other types of fabrics also.
  •   This hijab fully covers the head with a proper manner and gives a triangular shape at the bottom i.e. on the chest part.

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