The Proper Way To Pack Different Furniture For Moving

Packing for a coming move is a very stressful situation. There are many things that you need to do, and you need to do them the right way to avoid all future incidents of damage or loss. It gets easier if you choose to hire a team of helpers such as Bill Removalists Sydney to assist you in the process.

However, if you prefer to save a bit of cash and prefer to hire professionals during the moving day itself, then you should know how to prepare and pack your belongings. So if you want to feel less overwhelmed with the amount of work that you are about to put in, here are a few ways to pack your various furniture properly.

Plan And Prepare The Supplies
Before you can proceed to the actual packing, you need to have some supplies at hand. These supplies usually consist of boxes, scissors, bubble wraps, plastic wraps, plastic bags, clothes or blankets, and packing tape. Once you have all the supplies ready, you should start listing which items to pack.

When planning items or furniture to move, enumerate each object per room. That way, it will be easier to double check things during the day of the move. You can also take this time to decide which items you will leave or donate.

Aside from making a list and gathering the supplies, a great tip when moving a room or an entire house is to take pictures. Photograph each room and each furniture, especially those you need to disassemble for the move. You can use these photos to help you put things back more easily.
Disassembling Furniture
When it comes to larger furniture and other decoration, you need to consider disassembling them first. Not only will this help during the move but it will also be a lot easier to cover them with a protective wrap. Here are a few tips on how you should disassemble larger pieces of furniture.

For sofas, start by removing all the cushions and unscrew the legs if there is any. Secure any loose or hanging cloth or upholstery before covering it with a plastic wrap.

For chairs with wheels, remove the back and the wheels before you consider wrapping it up. Check the manufacturer’s website for any instructions on how to disassemble it properly.

For tables and desks, unscrew each leg and remove braces. Gather all the legs together and pack it with the counter. Secure the screws and hinges in a small plastic bag or container and tape it with the table.

Wrapping Your Furniture
Once you have disassembled the bulkier furniture, you should proceed to protect it with your plastic or cloth wraps. For large, delicate furniture, use blankets or pads to protect it. Wrap any loose ends with a tie or a packing tape.

If you opt for plastic wraps, ensure multiple and tight winds on each piece of furniture to protect it from shifting during the move.

For more fragile items, use pieces of cardboard secured with tape on the sides and corners to protect it from bumps along the road.
Final Thoughts
When all else fails, hire expert removalists Kellyville from Bill Removalists Sydney to help you with your move from start to finish. They can assist with packing and moving, and you will be worry-free during this time.

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