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Functional Medicine: What is it and is it safe?

Functional Medicine: What is it and is it safe?

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Functional medicine offers personalized and concrete solutions to the underlying causes of disease. Through the examination of an individual's genetic, biochemical and environmental factors, the practitioner is able to identify underlying health issues such as food allergies, stress and environmental toxins that may be contributing to an illness. Through personalized treatment plans, functional medicine strives to find the root causes of disease rather than simply treating our most common symptoms.

Functional Medicine Therapy Boca may be important for those who are sensitive to allergens and chemicals. It is an alternative therapy so costs will vary from practitioner to practitioner. The treatment is based on the individual, not on medical history or a specific diagnosis, so you can expect some lifestyle changes and a more customized plan.

Functional Medicine Therapy Boca is heavily based on pseudoscience, which is a legitimate reason for concern. There are no scientific constructs that support their methods, which makes the approach unreliable. They also neglect the significant role genetics play in influencing the human body. This lack of detail allows practitioners to cherry pick information and intentionally mislead patients. While they may be well-intentioned, it is not always possible to perceive what is genuine and what is not when delivering health care. Patients should be wary and seek proper medical advice before undergoing any treatment.

Functional medicine is a branch of alternative medicine that supposedly addresses the root causes of disease. The focus is on seeking out, identifying, and treating imbalances rather than specific diseases. The term was first used in 1990 by Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D who designed an approach to achieving wellness through diet, exercise, detoxification and stress management. Proponents claim that it is a preventive approach that treats the underlying cause of disease as opposed to specific symptoms. Prominent functional medicine doctors are Michael T. Murray, N.D., Gary F. Zeolla, DC and Mark Hyman, M.D all advocates of this way of thinking who have written books promoting functional medicine as a "new paradigm" in healthcare treatment which has drawn criticism from other doctors for not following evidence-based treatments which could be properly tested through randomized controlled trials and peer-reviewed published results. Functional Medicine claims to takes into account the whole person in their examination including genetics and psychosocial factors that lead to a breakdown in functioning.

The Functional Medicine Matrix integrates the best of functional, conventional, alternative and experimental medical methods to achieve optimal health and healing. It is a diagnostic, analytical, proactive and holistic approach to medicine that should be used in conjunction with patient education and the provision of a therapeutic program to ensure the best possible outcome for every patient. Additionally, it is important for the clinician to recognize that there are many “unknowns” in modern medicine and that many patients have found solutions with theories, treatments or disciplines outside “conventional” care.

In conclusion, functional medicine is pseudoscience that lacks scientific basis and evidence. It is an unscientific approach to healthcare which advances the concept of "detoxification." Where there is any research, the underlying data has been manipulated or misinterpreted to fit a preconceived idea. While some treatments are harmless and may even improve patient health (e.g., diet changes), many treatments such as chelation therapy pose significant risk to the patient (dangers of heavy metal poisoning).

It’s important to remember that these tests aren’t used to determine if something is wrong, but they are simply meant to get an in-depth understanding of how the body works as a whole. With this information, your doctor will provide you with personalized recommendations for an effective treatment plan that could transform your life for the better.

Four Causes of hair loss in Women

Four Causes of hair loss in Women

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Losing some hair every day is natural on the whole. But in women, when you’re losing a lot of your hair, it can be much difficult to figure out what’s causing that loss. If you've detected your hair is falling out much than usual, looks thinner, or seems to be flourishing more slowly, here are some of the most common reasons you need to make out:

1. Genetics
When we think of biological hair loss, we normally go straight to male structure baldness. But groups of all genders are hypersensitive to hereditary hair loss. In women the hair loss is usually accumulated at the crown of the head, while it’s more likely to bear on men along the hairline, says the American Academy of Dermatology. Although you can’t foreclose this type of hair loss entirely, there are care available, those can slow it down and make hair stay fuller longer. So the sooner you start treatment, the better are the hair.

2. Childbirth
Usually, your hair goes through all three major life stages. First of all, there’s a phase of growth,  secondly, there’s a transformation phase when the growing stops but the hair doesn’t fall out; and then there’s a balance phase. Eventually, after this phase, your hair falls out.

But during pregnancy in women, most people notice their hair going into fast growth mode. Not only is the growth stage kicking into high gear, but also it lasts longer than average, meaning that normal shedding doesn't happen. Once oestrogen evens down to normal after delivery, hair restarts its normal growth cycles and begins to shed all that thick, luscious hair that assembled over the last 10 months. Some hair loss in Women is kind of mild shedding, but others are sort of intense shedding for a few months.

3. Changes in birth control
Going off hormonal birth control or changing to a contrasting type of hormonal contraception can also reason hormone-induced shedding. This is some other form of telogen emission, which means that it’s usually impermanent. You can rely on volumize products and styling tricks while you wait for your hair to retrieve its fullness.

4. Medications
If you think your medical therapy may be causing hair loss, check in with your dermatologist. In most of cases, this type of hair loss is passing. But if your hair loss get chronic, your doctor may be able to dictate a different medicine that doesn’t cause this side effect.

Find The Best Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon: Everything You Should Know

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 Most people have a misconception that plastic surgery is similar to cosmetic, but things are entirely different.

Even though both options use similar procedures, their end goals are different, primarily since reconstructive surgery focuses more on reconstruction than improving the aesthetical perspective.

That is the main reason why you should check out a Fort Wayne plastic surgeon to learn more about different procedures you can expect.

Reconstructive surgeons tend to see patients with burns, illnesses, injuries, and birth disorders.

In the further articles, we wish to explain to you everything about plastic specialists in general.

Training and Education

It would be best to remember that plastic surgery is one of the most competitive parts of the health industry. Simultaneously, the training will require more than a decade of specialization and education, not something everyone can succeed in.

Therefore, after completing medical schools, most of them have to choose one of the two ways including:

·         Five years of surgery residency and three years of plastic surgery residency

·         Six years residency program that will combine plastic with general surgery

They also have to take an exam that will allow them to operate and get the proper license in the state they live in. Besides, they can deal with the education in the next few years, including fellowship such as:

·         Aesthetics – Even though most people think that plastic surgery is based on changing someone's aesthetical appeal, they still have to understand how to do it because they have to change someone's appearance due to injury or accident.

·         Breasts – Keep in mind that reconstruction experts that specialize in breasts can reduce their size, change the appearance and rebuild them after invasive procedures such as tumors.

·         Craniofacial – This particular specialty focuses on the mouth, nose, ears, face, and skull. Therefore, professionals will often work on facial deformities, cleft palates, missing ears, and noses, among other things.

·         Hands – Specialists can also treat ongoing conditions and hand injuries.

·         Reconstruction – When it comes to reconstruction, they can deal with scar reparation, wound healing, and scar revisions in most cases.

You should check here to learn more about the latest reconstructive procedures.

Plastic vs. Cosmetic Surgery

Even though most people consider these two terms synonyms, we have mentioned above that they are not the same because they have other outcomes. Even though both types are closely related to improving your body, the goals are different, which is essential.

Keep in mind that cosmetic procedures focus on enhancing a patient's physical appearance by focusing on aesthetical appeal, proportion, and symmetry.

Therefore, the most common procedures include skin rejuvenation, body contouring, breast enhancement, and many more.

On the other hand, reconstructive procedures tend to deal with specific areas due to congenital disabilities, accidents, or other problems. Its leading idea is to correlate body and facial defects due to a particular disease or trauma.

Importance of Plastic Surgery

Finding a professional is a crucial element that plays a vital role in recovering your confidence and self-esteem while boosting the quality of life.

Generally, people tend to present particular congenital disabilities that worry them, which can help them in the future.

In most cases, we can differentiate numerous benefits, mostly because patients feel much better after a procedure, especially since their new appearance inspires them to change other lifestyle habits.

Check out this site: to learn whether  plastic surgery is right for you.

As a result, the process leads to healthier and more fulfilled lives for patients from all across the globe.

Finally, the most significant benefit of this particular type of procedure is the ability to improve your body's capacity for adequately functioning, which is an important consideration.

For instance, if you have melanoma issues on your face, that could lead to discouraging problems, especially since you cannot be in the sun for a long time.

As soon as you deal with this particular problem, you will be able to deal with regular activities without any additional issues.

That way, you can rest assured and protect yourself in specific cases. Remember that everything depends on the scope of your problem, which is why you should go to your general physician to consult about your concerns before you make up your mind.

Instead of choosing based on your gut, you should take advice from certified physicians that already worked with you beforehand. It is as simple as that.

Use Tooth Wipes for Your Baby’s Mouth

Use Tooth Wipes for Your Baby’s Mouth

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If you happen to be a new parent, then you must be elated but stressed all the time about how you should be keeping your baby in the best type of care all the time. Your baby’s sleep, eating, dress up and cleaning up, all of it depends on you. Nurturing your baby properly is one of the most important things to do.

Figuring out a way in which you can go ahead and clean your baby’s mouth once they have teeth is one of the most difficult things to do. UAE Best tooth wipes supplier suggests that there is great way in which you can help your baby’s mouth in saying free of germs and keeping it absolutely clean. With the use of tooth wipes, you can make sure that your baby has the best little mouth out there.

Why should you use tooth wipes?
When you try to use a brush, no matter how soft the bristles are, there can be an occasion in which your baby will end up having a pain or little gum bleed. Babies being the extreme level of delicate that they can hurt them is problematic, according to UAE Best tooth wipes supplier. Hence, using a tooth wipe for your baby is the best step to take. But, what is a tooth wipe in the first place?

UAE Best tooth wipes supplier says that teeth wipes are small, completely saturated, and gauze like wipes formulated in order to prevent tooth decay. These wipes are one of the best methods of applying antimicrobial elements inside the mouth which reduces the amount of harmful oral bacteria, such as the Streptococcus mutant. Finally, the goal of using these wipes is to reduce the baby's risk of developing childhood cavities.

Benefit of using tooth wipes

  • Lessen cavity risks- UAE Best tooth wipes supplier experts are aware how regular brushes can help in reducing cavity risks, but often in babies, cavity risks can simply be reduced with the use of a tooth wipe where wiping the teeth properly will clean it completely.
  • No chance of hurting the gum- Once of the biggest factors to keep in mind is that brushes can hurt the gums of babies as the gums are very delicate and soft. Hence, using a tooth wipe will clean the teeth and it will also help in reducing any chances of hurting or injuring the gum in any way.
  • Bad odour stays out- With the tooth wipes suggested by UAE Best tooth wipes supplier, any foul smell from the mouth stays out completely. A baby’s mouth is delicate and the use of wipes, the teeth catch the subtle smell of the wipe thus keeping it fresh.
  • Saves up on money- Having the proper products for a baby is already a high amount of expenses. There is separate tooth paste, tooth brushes and mouth freshener made solely for babies. Instead of spending this large amount on this wide array of products, you can simply spend it on a tooth wipe which will do all of these functions for your baby’s mouth.
All About Peptide Therapy

All About Peptide Therapy

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What are Peptides?
Just like proteins, peptides are short chains of amino acids that our body naturally produces. They perform the function of signaling molecules within the body, instructing other cells and molecules on what actions to perform. There are more than 7000 known peptides in our bodies, and all these different peptides have various functions to perform, including immune system health, weight loss, reinforced cognitive function, and many more.

What is Peptide Therapy?
Our bodies do naturally produce peptides, however the production of peptides in individuals can vary greatly, and we generally see a decline in our bodies’ production of peptides as we get older. This is where peptide therapy has to play its role. This therapy includes peptides in treatment to direct cells to perform the function specific to the peptide being used. Since our bodies naturally excrete various peptides, there are different therapies which are used to trigger a specific body function.

What are the advantages of Peptide Therapy?
Peptide therapies have a wide range of goodness- weight loss, improved cognitive function, enhanced immune system to name a few. One specific peptide, known as Peptide CJC 1295, enhances the production of an important growth factor in our bodies. This is then used to treat leads to fat loss, lean muscle growth, and better sleep.

Other specific peptide include enzymes like Sermorelin and Ipramorelin which increase growth hormone production, thereby increase lean muscle mass and stamina and decrease the refractory time between workouts. There is also measured improvement in skeletal issues as a result of tissue repair.

Another peptide called as Thymosin alpha-1 enhances the body’s ability to fight harmful viruses and bacteria. It is the most common peptide used in therapies as many adults opt for strengthening their immune systems through this treatment.

There are many more types of peptide treatments out there, and their advantages include but are not limited to: 
  • enhanced sex drive
  • improved sexual performance
  • reduction in inflammation in the body
  • decreased joint pain.
Are There any associated Side Effects?
There are some side effects, they are very rare and quite minimal though. They include: itching at the injection area, dryness of the mouth, pigmentation of moles, increased freckles, weight loss, and drowsiness. Hence, we should always seek advice of our physician to see if peptide treatment is apt based on our medical records.

Why should we go for peptide therapy?
We should get peptide treatment if we are looking to improvise any of the conditions mentioned above. It is not a magical cure to all your ailments, but it plays importantly to trigger many of them. It can also be used in conjunction with some other treatments for better results.
All about Spinal Cord Compression

All about Spinal Cord Compression

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Spinal cord compression is originated by any condition that puts pressure on your spinal cord. Your spinal cord is the collection of nerves that carries messages back and forth from your brain to your muscles. When spinal cord travels down your back, it is protected by a stack of backbones known as vertebrae. They help in holding your body upright. Spinal cord compression happens when a mass places pressure on the cord. A mass can add a tumor or bone fragment. This can develop anywhere along the spinal cord from the neck to the lower back.

The symptoms of spinal compression can vary largely. This depends on how severe the compression is and on what area of the spinal cord is shut. The common symptoms are:
  • Pain and stiffness in the neck or back, or lower back
  • Burning pain that spreads across the arms, buttocks, or down into the legs.
  • Numbness or weakness in the arms, hands, or legs
  • Sensational loss in the feet
  • Trouble with hand or leg coordination
  • Loss of sexual ability
A condition called as cauda equina syndrome can occur gradually if the compression is in the lumbar area. The symptoms of this syndrome include:
  • pain and weakness in the legs
  • a loss of bowel and bladder control
  • numbness in the back of the legs and inner thighs
  • Compression affects fine motor skills and coordination.
Spinal compression has many possible causes. This can occur suddenly in some cases or can happen over time in other instances. The major causes include the following:
  • Some degenerative diseases can lead to spinal cord compression.
  • A ruptured disk may lead to compressed cord.
  • Injury to the spinal cord can cause compression.
  • Bleeding clutters  coupled with chiropractic manipulation can result in large clots compressing the cord.
  • Spurs of bone can narrow the spinal canal, causing compression of the spine.
It can be diagnosed by performing a medical history and an exam, along with a MRI test or CT Scan of the spine. Both a CT and MRI can detail image of your spine.

Caring for a spinal compression depends on the causes and the severity of the compression. A doctor often recommends a reduced physical activity. Treatment plans can involve the following:
  • Anti-inflammatory medications decrease swelling and reduce pain.
  • Epidural steroid injections into the spinal area help treating the symptoms of spinal cord compression.
  • Some people with spinal cord compression may benefit from exercises. A planned physical therapy can help strengthen the abdominal and leg muscles.
  • Home care which includes applying ice packs and heating pads can help relieve pain.
  • Alternative therapies can involve acupuncture or acupressure.
  • Surgery should be an option if most conservative treatments don’t work.