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7 Outstanding Container Home Ideas to Inspire Your Own

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The shipping containers are getting for almost everything from off the grid getaways to urban farms or one stop pools. They are made from thousand numbers of the surplus containers which sit on the docks across the world. These homes are eco-friendly and easy to maintain as well.

Similarly, the diehard fans of shipping containers are in love with their durability. Sometimes that also offer a portability feature which costs a bit of money and time. Well, there are plenty number of plans available that can help you getting home ideas and the one which can truly inspire you to have one.

The best shipping container homes for sale are available around which gets delivered as well as disassembled in less than ten weeks. Mainly, they are the ones which come in 2 sizes. They can be found either in 20x 8 feet or 40 x 8 feet. The Smaller of these two equals stands around 160 sq.ft of the living space. The larger home container can offer you 320 sq. ft.

Some of the manufacturers combine the containers for creating big models. Well, there are some inspiring ideas available which can motivate you to buy shipping container home. The 7 outstanding ideas of home containers are as,

1.      Ultra-modern home

This comes with an elaborated designer for all container homes. You can call it as a small house which you can really love. It passes the architectural marvel. It stands as the home which is ultra-modern for all those that want to have it. From straight lines to glass panels and floor ceiling windows, you can get all easily.

2.      Luxury container home

You can check this out as the luxury shipping container houses are the best ones which comes at fair rates. You will never get any of the cozy homes at this price, which offers an additional advantage. For guest house or home extension, you can spare yourself with the heavy construction of prices.
It comes with 160 sq ft of the living space and you can get complete furnishings. It also includes the electricity and water ready RV style connections.

3.      Modern homes

The holiday homes and beach houses are really expensive. People around loves to have such homes thus, it stands as a good investment which promises some attractive features.

4.      Cargo containers

The container plans of home are either made from one or many of the cargo containers. These modernized homes around even uses sometimes the 4 shipping containers. You can have a look at these storage container homes for sale which comes with corten steel exteriors.

5.      Home & studio

You can also get a lavish home and studio container which make use of metal sheets on its upper levels.

6.      Guest house home container

With the designing of guest house, the guest surely feels like home and get separate dwelling privacy as well.

7.      Tiny scale

Even these single container homes offer all with amenities of normal home.

You can check out all these amazing ideas and can buy the best shipping container home today.
Crucial Questions To Ask From The Moving Company

Crucial Questions To Ask From The Moving Company

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Moving or relocating to a new place is a major decision that not only affects your budget but also your peace of mind. Whether you are moving locally, nationally or internationally, it is very crucial to hire a moving company that can make your move easy, stress-free, comfortable and secure as well.

Choosing a right moving company can take a lot of the stress out of moving. The moving company which you will hire would be handling all your belongings and valuable things. Hence hiring a reputable moving company is an extremely important factor.

Before choosing a moving company, it is a wise idea to prepare a list of questions to ask your moving company to make sure you hire someone you trust with your most prized possessions. Asking the right moving company questions early on can prevent you a lot of headaches on the day of moving. Asking these questions will also help you to assess whether the mover you hire is dependable and to ensure that you don’t hire a rogue moving company.

Here is a list of moving company questions that you must discuss with your moving company before you hire them to move your stuff which will help you make an informed decision:

History and reputation of the moving company: It is important to determine how long the company has been in the business. If the company has only a few years of experience, it is recommended to carry out a more thorough check of the company. You can also ask for some proof of good service from the company. The readiness of a moving company to provide references is a sign of their professionalism and reliability.

What moving services does the company offer? : One must check the services page of the moving company’s website in order to see what service they offer and make a list of questions which are not being answered to be asked from them in person. Not all moving companies provide the same services.

What moving equipment do they use? : The main reason for hiring a moving company is to be sure that your belongings reach your new place safely and in good shape. The moving companies you hire should always keep hand carts, dollies, furniture pads and protective blankets and that too in excellent condition. Also ask your moving company about the packing materials that they use.