Quick Tips for First-time Travellers in Croatia

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Are you travelling to Croatia for the first time? Travelling to a foreign country for the first time can sometimes be intimidating especially if you don’t know what to expect. Here are some tips to get the most out of your journey:

1. Stay around center of the country.
Croatia features places that you will surely love. These places include Dalmatia as well as big and popular cities such as Dubrovnik, Zadar, Split and Sibenik. Since the country has a long land area, you might want to stay somewhere in the center. This is to make moving from one place to another easy. Besides, the central part of the country is near places such as malls, transport services, souvenir shops and more.

If you are not sure where to go, you might want to stay in Split for a couple of days. It is not only a big city but it makes travelling to Dalmatia. When it comes to accommodation, you can simply rent an apartment in Split and enjoy the city to the maximum.

2. Consider road trips.
The country is a perfect place for road trips. It is because its roads are beyond perfect and have road sceneries that are astonishing. If you are not fan of road trips then it is probably time for a change. Also, you might want to get started by taking a road trip from Split to Dubrovnik along Adriatic coastal since it is a popular tourist favorite.

3. Eat local foods.
Eating local foods is a must for travellers. Now, you may have some misconceptions about the foods in Croatia but you might want to try them out for yourself before making any judgment. The majority of travellers who have tried Croatian food have given positive feedback.

4. Have second thoughts about Island Hopping.
While most would agree that Croatia features the coolest islands, hopping in between them is something you probably would not enjoy. According to bloggers who have tried it, mode of transport between islands is not easy despite the islands not being far from each other.

5. Go for green foods.
When in Croatia, you will be missing a lot if you don’t shop for vegetables at local green markets. The country offers fresh green products that you won’t find anywhere else. Green products in Croatia can, not only give you a unique eating experience but also help you maintain a good health.

6. Take buses.
While trains are the primary mode of transportation in Europe, it is different in Croatia. Train networks in the country are not that impressive. On the other hand, they have reliable bus networks that are quite extensive. So, forget about the trains and go for buses instead.

7. Stay away from Taxis.
While there’s no harm in riding taxis in the country, it will cost you a lot. Taxi fares in Croatia are quite expensive. This can be a bad option if you are on a tight budget. Hence, only take a taxi if you really need to.

8. Feel free to speak English.
If you don’t speak the local language then you can communicate with the locals in English. Croatians can speak at least one foreign language and they are more likely familiar with the International language. If you need to know about something, feel free to ask around.

There you have it, quick tips you need to keep in mind when travelling to Croatia. Enjoy your stay as much as you can. Also, refer to this guide every now and then to make sure you don’t miss anything.

15 Incredible HTML5 Templates for Autumn Season

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Have you ever asked yourself what is the best time for starting your own business? The answer is simple – right now. Today you have a chance to get one of the best HTML5 website templates even if
you have never worked with such services before.

During many centuries people of art - poets, artists and musicians of all generations - describe fall as the most bespellbinding season of the year. Amazing palette of warm and bright colors, fresh wind playing with the golden leaves when you walk down the road... Add here a genial climate and you will get a complete picture.

If winter is a perfect time for tea, then autumn is an absolutely coffee-time season. It always brings new thoughts, long walks or heart-to-heart chats to our lives. Such things create this special soft and cozy atmosphere that give you inspiration. Let a magical autumn ambience encourage you for the brave ideas, happy plans and creating of a new beginning.

All in all, let's forget about decorations! Have you ever felt that a fresh start is what you are looking for?
Here is a perfect time to create your first professional website while having a cup of your favorite coffee. How can you do it? With no effort!

Our ready-made HTML5 templates would be a great addition to your ambitions. Thematic, unique and easy-to-use, they help to build any website you want. The only thing you need is to choose a design up to your taste and preferences, and your page will look brilliant on any gadget. Be sure you will find the very template for any kind of website and even more.

All the templates are designed by TemplateMonsterand will be the best choice for your website because:
1. They have a professional design, so your page will look solid and qualitative.
2. Now it takes much less time to adjust and launch the website, if compared to making it all from scratch. It will certainly further the process of website building and save your time.
3. We provide you with 24/7 technical support, so all the questions will be answered as well as all the issues solved.
4. The templates are easy-to-use and do not require any knowledge in computer programming.
5. Finally, you have not just modern and unique webdesign but also with a budget- conscious one.

Are you still reading? Be free to experiment and develop your ideas! Just familiarize yourself with the list of the freshest examples below and don't forget that there are no losers on the path to dream. Finish your delicious cup of coffee, and go get the best one!

Starbis Multipurpose Website Template For Business

The template shows your visitors the calm and friendly working atmosphere with its' flat design. It supports full screen slider, parallax effect and dropdown menu. Looks great on mobile devices as well as in desktop browsers.

Details |  Demo

 Garden Design Responsive Website Template

Equipped with online chat, the template ideally depicts the beauty of the current season. Soft and warm colors make one feel peaceful. Your customers will be pleased with the shopfront and happy with its' functionality.

Details |  Demo

 Intense Multipurpose Website Template

Modern well-documented example of excellent minimalism. Brings you all the opportunities for creating a website. Please note: price-quality rates may surprise you!

Details |  Demo

 SEO Website Responsive Website Template

Eye-catching! The template provides your shop with an amazing design that will intrigue any visitor. Add all the well-done clearly elaborated details and you will have a full picture of the 21st Century comfort.

Details |  Demo

 BeDentist Website Template

Still looking for a perfect simple template introducing your dentist services? Notable and easy to modify, BeDentist is your choice! Your clients will get the brightest smiles.

Details |  Demo

 Facilis Website Template

How do you find freedom? Stylish, useful, open for your ideas. Nothing redundant.

Details |  Demo

 INTENSE Photographer Portfolio Website Template

Noir, romantic, elegant. These are the words to describe in the best way our new template for people of art. Practical and well-edited, it makes you feel like home. Welcome to Intense family!

Details |  Demo

 Apartment Rent Web Template

Prefer active life style? This theme fits you! Clean and easy-to-use template will help you to build a powerful website.

Details |  Demo

 Sweet House Website Template

Charming and soft design for your page. Cute decor plus readable text. Can be displayed in all browsers and on all devices.

Details |  Demo

 Cafe And Restaurant Site Template

Awesome choice for amateur cooks and restaurant owners. Multifunctional, easy-to-install template with unusual fonts. Bon Appétit!

Details |  Demo

 Law Firm Responsive Website Template

Equipped with on-line chat, the template reminds an old-fashion newspaper article. Straight, clean and fast-acting. Real one for real deals.

Details |  Demo

 Charity Responsive Website Template

Helping strangers is a noble thing. Let's make it easier with a bright website template! Sweet pages made in pink colors will light the great deeds of your visitors.

Details |  Demo

 Green Tech Website Template

Useful multipurpose HTML-template for your website. The menu made in black and white colors, blended with the calm shades of green. Got an easy concept.

Details |  Demo

 Ice Cream Responsive Website Template

Tasty colors and sweet signatures make your web-site so... Yummy! Real boom for cute things lovers. There is no way to miss your page!

Details |  Demo

 Car Responsive Website Template

The site is solid and makes a cleat statement. Dropdown menu, high quality of images, comfortable search and easy-to-read blog are all that you dreamed of. What else does a car-lover need?

Details |  Demo

Final Words

By the way, if you have chosen the right template, you already want it soooo bad but don`t know what to do next, there is a cool Service Center that will so that for you within the shortest terms. Feel free to contact them any time and watch this small video (just in case:)

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What's So Special About Hong Kong?

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The autonomous Southeast China territory of Hong Kong, whose name translates to “the fragrant harbor”, can be best described as a cultural kaleidoscope. Hong Kong's cultural diversity stems from its history. Throughout the its past 150 years of history it has come under British, Japanese and Chinese rule. Originally the territory was a part of the Chinese empire and was an important trading port of the Han Dynasty. The territory became a British colony in 1839. During WWII, the territory came soon under Japanese control. With the end of WWII and the capitulation of Japan, Hong Kong was made a British colony once again. In the 1980's Britain and China held a series of negotiations pertaining to the territory. These negotiations culminated in the transfer of Hong Kong's sovereignty back to China. In 1997. Hong Kong territory became a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China. However, it retained its economic and political autonomy. The city has a population of 7.3 million people of different nationalities and religious backgrounds.

Natural Beauty

While many tourists and travelers known Hong Kong as the commercial capital of Southeast Asia as well as a shopper’s paradise, the city is also known for its natural beauty. World Economic Forum has in its Travel and Tourism Report from 2015. ranked Hong Kong as first in Asia and fifth in the world in regards to the extent of area designated for conservation. Hong Kong Global Geopark has been recognized by UNESCO. Geopark site occupies 50 square kilometers of northeast coastline and offers a glimpse into the island's enchanting natural beauty. Park is split into 8 regions, each with specific properties including volcanic rocks, sea caves, cliffs and tidal spit. The park also boasts of its 9 kilometers in length amazing nature trail especially appealing to hiking enthusiasts. Trail goes along Tai Mong Tsai Road and Sai Kung Man Yee Road all up to East Dam.

Cultural Heritage

On the other hand, Hong Kong offers plethora of sites open for visitor who want better understanding of its culture and tradition. One of such sites is Wong Tai Sin Temple. Aside from being religious site for Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, it is also major tourist attraction as the temple is famous for having many prayers answered. Weather this is true or not the temple is a cultural wonder with its traditional Chinese temple style architecture, The Nine Dragon Wall modeled after one from Beijing and beautiful Good Wish Garden.

Another impressive cultural monument is Tian Tan Buddha statue or better known as Big Buddha. This giant bronze statue is 34 meters tall and represents relationship between man and nature, people and faith. Big Buddha is located at Ngong Ping - Lantau Island in close vicinity of Po Lin Monastery. It's really hard to describe the sense of grand as you are slowly climbing 268 steps leading to this cultural and architectural wonder.

Urban Life and Cousin

Given its history, Hong Kong has a unique and diverse culture determined by its Chinese heritage and British colonial influences. The cultural diversity of Hong Kong is best depicted in the city's vibrant nightlife and dynamic cuisine. Considered by many to be a shopper's paradise, the city has trendy high-end boutiques akin to those found in western cities as well as traditional Chinese stores.

In addition to it being the culinary capital of Asia, the city restaurants offer full-range of authentic Asian and Western dishes on their menus. But if you'd like to have a taste of more traditional flavor of local cousin, plethora of street vendors known as Dai Pai Dongs offer exactly that. Their way of preparation of local specialties are widely considered to be the best and most authentic dining experience in Hong Kong.

Famous massage parlors and spa's are another tourist attraction connected mostly to urban lifestyle these days, although it is much more traditional in its nature. This discipline has been practiced and perfected through centuries in these parts of the world and these days. Popular style of Hong Kong massage is often considered as one of more unique and invigorating experiences this city has to offer.

As you can see Hong Kong is a unique tourist destination in both modern and traditional sense. The city maintains its status as one of Asia’s busiest commercial hubs. Additionally, the city’s vibrant nightlife and plethora of colorful festivals and events give it a modern and sophisticated appeal. However, the city has not lost its traditional Chinese charm and offers good insight into Cantonese and Mandarin cultures. Moreover, thanks to its natural beauties it is also ideal for enthusiasts who just want to enjoy the diversity of Mother Nature. Hong Kong really caters to all types of visitors, with its unique fusion of East and West, traditional and modern.

Honda CBR 250 Review  

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Honda Motor cycle, the two-wheeler division of the Motor Firm, started its making in 1955. Presently the main motorcycle creator in Japan, in India, Motorbike is the second biggest two-wheeler creator.

Honda Motorcycle has an extensive variety of two-wheelers; the variety contains of scooters, commuter motor cycles, sport bikes as well as performance oriented high-end motor cycles.

Honda arrived in to Indian marketplace in 1999. Honda Activa was the first scooter in the mark to be presented. Honda Activa is the first uni sex variomatic scooter in the state. This scooter not merely attracted toward the fairer sex, but furthermore to the male populace. After the Activa, derived the Honda Dio as well as Eterno which were launched in rapid succession. Honda's first phase into motorbike section was through Honda Unicorn.

Biking has gone from a requirement to a want. Persons want to trip somewhat exceptional and authoritative. Till date, there was merely the Kawasaki Ninja 250R which might fulfill this wish for the biking fanatic but currently through the entrance of the honda cbr 250, stuffs are going to alter.

The Honda CBR250R is the first model from the Japanese auto maker afterward it divided with the Hero group. The motorbike has no real contest with any other motorbike and it accomplishes to generate its own section. The baby CBR is a worldwide model, made completely for the learner, who is in going into sporting biking. Enthused from its elder brother the VFR1200, the appearances are spectacular and courtesy grabbing.

The Honda CBR250R is constructed on an all novel podium through new framework, brakes, engine, gearbox as well as electronics. One of the rare motorbikes to feature Anti-lock disc brake as average, the CBR250R would change how persons observe braking in motorbikes.

Start the motorbike and it promptly roars to a quiet idle. Torque at lesser rebellions is worthy through the CBR sense at stress-free in the town. On the thoroughfare, the PGMFi motorized comes in its individual and replies to throttle efforts rapidly. 100kmph receipts just 6.5 second as well as the novel motorcycle would reach a topmost haste of 170kmph.

Plastic excellence is not the finest as you may anticipate as the portions are shared through the Unicorn plus Dazzler. The cause for sharing portions is to decrease the honda cbr price as well as that is totally fine, since recital is whatever materials to most riders. Through a 25bhp, 250cc distinct cylinder motor, the CBR250R is rapid. A range of 30kmpl is reputable for a mechanism of this lesson. Braking is by far the finest as well as the novel C-ABS scheme would make you fall in love through the brakes.

The novel Honda pleases all the requirements of a 250cc purchaser, its fast, it appearances good as well as is honda cbr 250r price actual well. With above 2000 bookings, the firm has already got achievement with their novel offering. We anticipate actual good resale worth as supply is going to be reserved initially. Honda bikes typically command great waiting period as well as the CBR is no altered. However that won't stopover people from receiving the newest from the Japanese steady.

Reasons to Use Sulphate Free Shampoo UK

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Sulphate free: this legend on shampoo bottles has caused a great commotion in the market in recent times. It is a label being bandied about a great deal in salons and drug stores.

Sulphate free shampoo UK is much sought after. The thing on the minds of most customers is why is chemical free shampoo, such a big deal? To discover this, one must know what are meant by sulphates.

Sulphates are inexpensive chemicals widely used in the cleaning industry. It is found in everything from toothpaste to detergents to home cleaners. Its main quality is that it works up a rich lather that can get rid of dirt and grime. In shampoos the names of these chemicals or surfactants are mostly Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium LaurethSulphate, and Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate.

But there is a catch. Though lathering up your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner will leave you feeling cleansed, long term impact on health of hair is negative. A chemical free shampoo will keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Here are some aspects about sulphate devoid shampoos:

Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner is gentle on the scalp:
Sulphates are harmless while used in brief contact, when they are rinsed away thoroughly, as per the FDA. But prolonged contact with these detergent chemicals can cause mild irritation to eyes, skin, scalp and other regions of the body. Usually this is not a problem, but those persons with acne and other skin conditions will suffer from use of sulphate filled products. Sulphate can irritate skin and result in breakouts.Sulphate less shampoo, on the other hand, is gentle on skin and scalp. It will solve any problems of dryness, itchiness and sore spots on the scalp.
Non sulphate shampoo and moisturization:
Just like irritation, is the issue of drying. Sulphates are very strong cleansing agents. Even present in low concentration like in case of shampoos, they are very efficient at stripping away oil or fatty molecules from anything they came into contact. This implies that not only do they get rid of dirt and grime, but the strip the hair of all natural oils, as well as the moisture of your hands while shampooing. The moisture barrier that usually prevents hair and skin from over drying is damaged. Now, these natural oils must be replaced with lotions and conditioners. Non sulphate shampoos are essentially gentle and work in other ways: you may be required to lather, rinse and repeat the process a few times to get that squeaky clean feeling. You may do this several times, but your hands will not dry out.

Best sulfatefree shampoo and residue:
Sulphates may not leave your hair even after rinsing. Sulphate filled shampoos leave behind a residue which weighs down and dulls the glow of your hair, especially if you use excess amount of shampoo and do not rinse properly. This residue accumulates over time and attracts oil and dirt and therefore requires you to wash hair more frequently.

Chemical free shampoo are designed to help evict these residues and some don’t evenleave behind any residue. This makes non sulphates a big hit in the market. Look out for sulphate free shampoo list in online stores and select one that best suits your need.

Sulphate free shampoo leaves the hair feeling cleaner, fresher and smoother and such hair can be styled and maintained easily.  It is good to get into the habit of using a regular brand.

For More Information - http://sulfatefree-shampoos.com/

Factors to consider when renting commercial property

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Renting a commercial property involves substantial and recurring expenses. Shelling money out every month to pay for the property you have rented for your commercial use does put a dent in the pocket. At the same time, the commercial property that you rent must be best suited for your specific business requirement. Whether you are looking for a warehouse to store your goods or factory space to manufacture products or simply an office floor to run your business, it is important to bear certain factors in mind in order to make the right decision and get a great value for your money.

To begin with, you must identify your exact requirements. This includes the type of commercial property you want, its size, location and closeness to your business center and markets. Are you looking for a new property? Do you want the property to be located in the commercial hub of the city or town or the outskirts? Are you planning on putting up a manufacturing unit in the commercial property or simply want to open your own design studio? Knowing these details will help you locate the best commercial property for your specific business requirements.

Locating a commercial property that is best suited to your requirements is a daunting task. If you do not have the time or energy to go looking at commercial properties to let, you can save yourself the task by employing the services of an experienced and professional property agent. Typically, a reliable agent will furnish a list of suitable commercial properties and premises to let available in your desired location and arrange for you to visit them at your convenience. If you like any commercial property in particular, he will go that extra mile in negotiating the rent for you and doing the necessary paper work so that you can move in whenever you want.

Last but not least, whether you are looking for a commercial property by yourself or seeking the services of a property agent, have a budget in mind and ensure that the rental charges do not exceed your upper limit. If the commercial property you have chosen requires repairs and refurbishment, it is best to settle these matters before completing all the paper work. If the costs are to be billed to you, you might be able to negotiate the rental charges.

Here’s hoping these tips will help you locate the best commercial property for your specific business needs!

How Web Video Production Would be Helpful in Business

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Video production, web videos or corporate videos production are in very demand these days. Earlier, it was not possible for all the organizations to invest in creating web videos for their product and publish I on the internet. There were only few great banners or big companies which promoted their brand with the medium of web videos and video production. However, now the time has changed. Today, any of the organization many be small or large can opt for video production in order to promote their product and services and make it visible all over the world.

Today, internet is been the best medium for promoting any new products or services other than television. People do get attracted with stuffs which are publicizing on internet through web videos or by the television advertisement. However, choosing a television advertisement can surely cost you a lot than the web videos on your website. The video production or the corporate videos production has relatively become cheaper than previous years. The popularity has also increased than earlier now. It is believed that the future of web videos or video production industry is going to be too good.

Earlier, there were not so many companies dealing in video production, web videos or corporate videos production work. Today, if you make a search on internet, you will get numerous video production companies which aims at rendering excellent services to their clients by creating some unique and attractive web videos for the client’s website. Such companies are trying to create a video production industry and this will surely not take much time to form a complete video production industry. Today, all these companies are in true demand.

The video production or creating and uploading the web videos on the website have been the recent marketing strategies of many companies. Such marketing strategies can be opted by the any sector company as all the companies aim at promoting their brand in the maximum ways and in the easiest and convenient ways. Nothing can be cheaper and convenient than promoting your brand to the medium of creating web videos and uploading in on the Internet. The quality of the web videos which such video production or corporate video productions are now offering is amazing. Also, they create such web videos which make up the mind of the visitor to go for that product. Such web videos aim at conveying the message of the product in a better way.

Now, there are so many advanced equipments available for the work of creating web videos and also editing it as per the requirement. The editing software is of great help today. Other than this, there are so many other useful equipments such as sound recorders, monitors etc which aims at offering a high definition web video to the client. It is expected that the future growth of the video production industry would be much and much better and will make the web videos a true medium for product promotion as the television commercials are doing today.

Intense + 10 Child Themes

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We all know the professional importance of having a website. It is one of the many important things that can help your business grow. Anyone one who owns a business and do not have a good website are losing out on great opportunities for the prosperity of their business.

In today’s competitive market however, not many are as ignorant as to miss out on something as significant as having a website. And hence, we see thousands of websites coming up each day. Many of these sites are developed under professional supervision. Which means they are created by web developers for which they charge a real handsome amount of money.

In order to save all the money that you too were planning to spend by hiring a web developer to develop your business site, Template Monster has come up with a brilliant solution. So now, even if you have absolutely no knowledge of codes, you can develop your own site in a matter of minutes.
The name of this amazing product is the Intense Multipurpose HTML Template.

Intense - Multipurpose Website Template

Intense - Multipurpose Website Template Intense is a multi-purpose responsive website template that comes jam packed with 10 robust Child Themes, each with an extensive list of latest trending web features.It is one of those neatly designed, flexible and professional looking templates, that can be the complete package for your upcoming assignment. As a multipurpose theme, it perfectly fits into several different projects delivering it the most polished and alluring touch. It is jam-packed with 250+ HTML templates, 190+ PSD files, advanced UI kit, extended bootstrap toolkit and 10 different niche templates with a lifetime of free updates.

In case, you own multiple sites that deal with diversified topics, and you do not want to have the exact same look for each site, you have the option to choose from its Child Themes that are precisely centered around discrete niches. Each of these come with the same features as the main theme and is great in terms of support.

Both the main theme and the Child themes are extremely flexible and super easy to customize. With Intense and its Child Themes you are all set to be your own designer, even if you have a zero knowledge of codes. The theme has been smartly incorporated with tons of resourceful features that you were possibly looking for. It makes designing websites as easy as eating a pie.

The Child Themes comes uniquely designed and can be used to create ultra-modern sites that are ready to compete with its already existing competitors. Let us have a detailed look into the template, so you can have a better understanding of it.
Details |  Demo

If you are into designing websites and have to get into crafting web pages too often, Intense is the one theme you surely need. This is an amazingly feature-rich TemplateMonster product that can save all the time you waste coding to get the complete look for your site. It is an awesome combination of robust features and appealing looks that can be easily used and customized to suit your needs. With more than 250 HTML files, 10 Home Layouts, 13 Header and 4 Footer styles, 30+ Blog Templates, 20 Portfolio Templates, multiple sidebars and Footer Widgets and tons of other wonderful features, this template provides you with ample opportunity to create the fanciest of sites. You can use its 2000+ font icons, unlimited skins, colour options and Google fonts, parallax scrolling and background video options to give your site the m0st modern look. This is not the end. You also have various other latest trending features that will keep your site technically updated. It tags along fancy sticky menus, various hover effects, a robust navigation with Mega Menu and dropdowns, touch swipe photo gallery options, customizable audio and video players and a lot more. You even have the option of integrating your posts and pages with social media or transform your site into an online shop with its e-commerce facility. The event and calendar option allows you to display your special dates, celebrations, parties or any other functions and events in an organized way for your visitors. With its advanced working Ajax Form facility, you are free to add as many forms as you want to your site. Like most modern templates Intense too tags along a very fancy responsive slider that can give a striking look to your web page. These are just a few. It has a lot more than what is listed here. Bootstrap 3.3 with dark skins, SCSS and Jade, more than 60 reusable elements and so much more. With its clean and organizes codes, web designing can be so much fun even for a novice. Let us now look at the Child Themes in detail. Each of these themes inherits the core features of the main theme.

Photographer Site Template

Photographer Site Template This is an awesome template that fits perfectly into any photography site. It is a cross-browser compatible, ultra responsive template that is highly optimized for search engines. You can explore its limitless possibilities to create the most modern website with an absolutely stunning look. The layout against the black and white color can give your site a very classy touch. Details |  Demo

Real Estate Agency Website Template

Real Estate Agency Website Template Use this template to showcase your property with style. You can craft out a grand looking site using its brilliant layout and well-organized pages. You can enhance your background with the parallax scrolling images adding a 2D illusion to the layout. Details |  Demo

European Restaurant Web Template

European Restaurant Web Template This template is ideal for sites relating to restaurants, cafe, bars, pubs and so on. It's bold and bright layout can blend flawlessly with the images of your appetizing food to give it the most impeccable look. You can also make a fanciful display of your menu, card based photo gallery, list your upcoming events, place a reservation form and do all that makes an amazing restaurant site. Details |  Demo

Employment Responsive Web Template

Employment Responsive Web Template Create the most professional and modern looking job portal with the Employment Responsive Web Template. Its search form at the header makes it easier for your visitors to search for their desired jobs. You can also allow your users to filter their search as per their requirements. The template offers you the option to add a testimonial as well. Details |  Demo

 Personal Blog Responsive Website Template

Personal Blog Responsive Website Template This is a perfect solution if you are looking for a template for your personal blog. The developers have very thoughtfully designed it with a minimal and modern design that can give your blog a simple yet elegant look. It's beautifully coded layout has a lot of white space in it, that automatically draws the attention of the readers to the content without any distraction. Details |  Demo

Gym Equipment Website Template

Gym Equipment Website Template Gym Equipment is the best template for a powerful and energetic looking gym site. The combination of red and black can give your site a unique look. You can add the modern parallax effect to make it more striking. Details |  Demo

Hobby Supplies Website Template

Hobby Supplies Website Template This is a super cute looking template designed especially for sites with handicraft supplies or anything related to art and craft in general. The theme is cross browser compatible and is ultra responsive to different forms of devices. So it looks equally stunning on all platforms. The graphics of the theme is revived by parallax effect. Details |  Demo

Child Care Center Website Template

Child Care Center Website Template This is yet another member of the Intense family that is designed especially for family sites. The theme is very neatly coded to make it the perfect one for the convenience of web designers and web owners. So if you are looking for a theme for your family or children related site, this template can be a great option. Details |  Demo

Dentist Site Template

Dentist Site Template Dentist Site Template is another fantastic part of the Intense Multipurpose Template that suits any kind of medical business site, especially dental sites. Packed with all major features this template is one of the best choices to bring your medical business online. Details |  Demo

Financial Consultant Website Template

Financial Consultant Website Template The 10th and the final child theme of the Intense Multipurpose Template are the Financial Consultant Website Template. Built with plenty of buttons, contact forms, circular progress bars and other UI elements, this template is intended to boost your conversion rate online. This one too like the others is highly responsive and greatly customizable. You can use this template to create a professional looking Financial Consultant Site. Details |  Demo