Quick Tips for First-time Travellers in Croatia

Are you travelling to Croatia for the first time? Travelling to a foreign country for the first time can sometimes be intimidating especially if you don’t know what to expect. Here are some tips to get the most out of your journey:

1. Stay around center of the country.
Croatia features places that you will surely love. These places include Dalmatia as well as big and popular cities such as Dubrovnik, Zadar, Split and Sibenik. Since the country has a long land area, you might want to stay somewhere in the center. This is to make moving from one place to another easy. Besides, the central part of the country is near places such as malls, transport services, souvenir shops and more.

If you are not sure where to go, you might want to stay in Split for a couple of days. It is not only a big city but it makes travelling to Dalmatia. When it comes to accommodation, you can simply rent an apartment in Split and enjoy the city to the maximum.

2. Consider road trips.
The country is a perfect place for road trips. It is because its roads are beyond perfect and have road sceneries that are astonishing. If you are not fan of road trips then it is probably time for a change. Also, you might want to get started by taking a road trip from Split to Dubrovnik along Adriatic coastal since it is a popular tourist favorite.

3. Eat local foods.
Eating local foods is a must for travellers. Now, you may have some misconceptions about the foods in Croatia but you might want to try them out for yourself before making any judgment. The majority of travellers who have tried Croatian food have given positive feedback.

4. Have second thoughts about Island Hopping.
While most would agree that Croatia features the coolest islands, hopping in between them is something you probably would not enjoy. According to bloggers who have tried it, mode of transport between islands is not easy despite the islands not being far from each other.

5. Go for green foods.
When in Croatia, you will be missing a lot if you don’t shop for vegetables at local green markets. The country offers fresh green products that you won’t find anywhere else. Green products in Croatia can, not only give you a unique eating experience but also help you maintain a good health.

6. Take buses.
While trains are the primary mode of transportation in Europe, it is different in Croatia. Train networks in the country are not that impressive. On the other hand, they have reliable bus networks that are quite extensive. So, forget about the trains and go for buses instead.

7. Stay away from Taxis.
While there’s no harm in riding taxis in the country, it will cost you a lot. Taxi fares in Croatia are quite expensive. This can be a bad option if you are on a tight budget. Hence, only take a taxi if you really need to.

8. Feel free to speak English.
If you don’t speak the local language then you can communicate with the locals in English. Croatians can speak at least one foreign language and they are more likely familiar with the International language. If you need to know about something, feel free to ask around.

There you have it, quick tips you need to keep in mind when travelling to Croatia. Enjoy your stay as much as you can. Also, refer to this guide every now and then to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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