3 Must-Do's In Video Ad Animation

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Abstract: Video Animation has become the key to lead generation for many businesses today. Read on to find the 3 must do’s for video ad animation.

Being a graphic designer, it’s not unusual for me or my bosses that I watch about a thousand videos a day. Interesting, isn’t it? However, I need to keep a keen eye to watch out for the flaws and faults in a video, its animation and its graphics to analyze what makes a good artwork a true masterpiece and worthy of animation.

Watching stellar works of art being rejected every day just because of poor animation and graphics is extremely painful and has compelled me to produce this short, yet eye-opening blog for all those amateur designers, aspiring to become successful video animators.

So folks, when you are designing a video animation, always keep these 3-Do’s in your mind:

1. Do#1- Check out the easing of your animation
When you are driving your car, do you push the gas pedal with full force? Or, do you gradually increase the car’s speed? Do you directly take the speed from 0-100? Or do you wait until the speedometer shows increasing numbers?

You obviously take your time with the speed. This, in the graphic jargons, is known as easing. Easing allows the movement and motion to flow smoothly. Animation requires a real life touch of movement integrated on fictional or animated characters to produce a powerful impact. Therefore, when natural quality of movement is absent, extraordinary art works are brutally rejected.  With affordable animation websites such as After Effects and Stupeflix, you can easily adjust the easing of your animation and make a huge difference.

2. Do# 2- Check the coordination of your animation and music
Your animations may or may not speak, but they definitely need a background sound or music to enhance the message being delivered. With the right beat and lyrics, your animation can be taken up a couple of notches and excel at delivery. Background music will also allow your video to flow smoothly and improve the impact of your content.

Websites such as Loopster allow users to add music to their videos in the most cost-effective manner, resulting in stellar animations.

3. Do# 3- Check for the animated effects in your videos
With an upgrade even within the animation choices of the viewers, it is almost appalling to see masterpieces of artwork being compromised just because they lack the animated effects. Adding the tiniest animation effect to your characters such as a wink or blink, that takes only a couple of minutes, can add to the blow of your video and really make a massive difference.

However, with 2D animations still being an integral part of virtual reality, I am not discrediting or demeaning them. In fact, some 2D animations such as paper dolls would lose their charm if they were given the animation effect. This is why the puppet tool featured on After Effects is an excellent choice to bring slight movements in your rigid images, breathing life into them.

With animation becoming the leading skill requirement, keep these Do’s in your mind to create a top quality video animation!

Author Bio: Hilary Addison is an accomplished illustrator Explainer Videos. Taking advantage of his inventive zone to make energized recordings, is the thing that he cherishes the most. He has finished a few tasks for some global customers, and every one of them portray him as a persevering, committed and a fanatically imaginative individual.


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Education creates awareness in people. They get to know about their rights as citizens, students, employees and most importantly as humans. Therefore, they begin to learn to fight for their rights in appropriate and effective ways.

Instead of making violent protests, which are often a failure, they prefer a having a serious word of mouth with the respective person, which is a more impactful and direct approach to their issues. Social change is not possible without people with increased awareness about almost everything. Due to this awareness society walks hand in hand rather than into number of groups believing that together we are one and that together we can bring a change.

One of the major evils that our society comprises of is prejudice against a certain group or community of people. Educated people accept the fact that everyone has the right to have his own opinion about anything which doesn’t necessarily have to match with their opinion about the same thing. They not only respect other’s opinions (no matter how opposing they are to their own opinions), but also have the courage to accept they are wrong when they realize, rather than resisting and making unending arguments. Also, education increases tolerance level in people so that they learn that no war can be won by rage and quarrels and rising fingers at others. Instead, with love and an optimistic approach an ignorant mind can be changed within no time.
People who have gained education and have used it the way it is supposed to be used, it has benefitted them abundantly. Taking an example, many house wives who are not permitted to work outside, have begun to do online jobs making potential use of their degrees. Thus, their confidence is boosted and their skills are being utilized in the right direction. Educated people lead a life with a purpose and an aim. As the rate of education is increasing, it is observed that behavior of most men is changing towards women.  Women are now being given more respect and rights than they used to be before. Ratio of females attaining higher education being more than males is an evident proof of this. For reformation of the society educating women is very essential as women leads an entire generation by upbringing their children.

Without education, progress of a society is unimaginable. A society depends largely on its youth who is going to lead it in the future. An educated youth means less poverty, less homelessness, less criminal activities and a brighter future ahead. Entrepreneurship education has spread so far and wide that no youth wastes time sitting idle at home due to lack of available jobs, rather starts a small scale business. Suicide rate, due to joblessness has been recorded to fall greatly. A healthy society is a good society’s trait. Education amongst people makes them lead a more hygienic life refraining from processed foods and taking necessary preventives to avoid harmful and chronic diseases.

Author Bio : David is an educator and major in Social Education. He is a freelance writer and has made valuable contributions to Write My Custom Essay For Me Cheap magazines and blogs.

10 Critical Issues faced by Education

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Abstract: There are certain issues facing education and solutions to these problems should be devised at the earliest.

The field of education is a complex one. It is where the psychological development of the youth of a society takes place. This is the reason why a lot of research is being carried out on the subject. Multi-tier developments at the governmental and non-governmental levels take place for the purpose of improving education.

Authorities responsible for the betterment of the education system sit together and explore ways with which novelty in this field can be introduced. Reshaping curriculum, focus on teacher training programs, introducing technology into learning, and prioritizing extra-curricular activities, along with educational ones, are the major developments in the right direction. There are, however, certain other critical issues faced by education which demand efforts at the earliest.

Some of them are discussed below.

One of the biggest problems faced by education is its commercialization. Education has been transformed into a corporate market which is largely used for the purpose of making profits.

Absence of Connectivity
The second issue which we have on our hand when it comes to education is the lack of connectivity. There doesn’t exist substantial connectivity between education institutes; both at state and national levels which is a hurdle towards sharing of knowledge and flow of information.

Varying state rules
There has been a lack of acknowledgment of the Common Core Standards by a few states in recent past. Though a majority of states agreeing to follow the standards it sets, the results haven’t been much praiseworthy.

Testing Mechanisms
Education institutes haven’t been able to agree on the best process when it comes to evaluating the students. The ongoing debate over online assessment and paper tests is a major problem facing education.

Social Media
Social media isn’t a problem to education. Rather, not using these platforms for the purpose is an issue. Ways should be discovered which use social media for the purpose of mainstream education.

There have been many campaigns regarding the issues but it still exists, unfortunately. Many students find it hard to focus on their education because of bullying.

Another issue facing education is drugs. Schools and colleges are the lively markets for selling drugs and students are the mainstream customers. This is an issue which calls attention.

Racism is un-ignorable, especially when it involves young, school-going students. The racist incidents have grown over the years in the schools here in the US which should be concerning us all.

School Climate
Many believe that the climate of a school is similar to that of a prison. With strict rules, timings, and absence of flexibility over attendance ratios, not all students feel comfortable with education. The environment in and around a school should be friendly, accommodating, and welcoming.

Focus on Innovation
There should be more focus on introducing innovation and promoting entrepreneurship at the educational level. Innovation is the only way to success in the future. The education system, however, isn’t producing students who are brave enough to take on the challenges and produce things from the scratch.
Author: Jordan Belfort is a professional content writer and usually offer his services to those students who are willing to ask, Cheap Assignment or help me to make my assignment with better guidance.

7 Ways Low Self Esteem Affects Students In School

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Abstract: An uprising problem of low self esteem in students must be addressed before it is too late.

A person’s self esteem shows how they feel about themselves. This can show what they think about themselves, how much they value themselves and how worthy they think they are. A low self esteem may show that a person might not consider themselves important enough.

A low self esteem in students will adversely affect them in their school life. A student with a low self esteem can easily be recognized by their odd behavior and body language.

Here are some ways how this might be so:

1. Hesitant Behavior
A student with a low self esteem would be hesitant. This hesitance could be observed in terms of their peer interaction, class participation and co-curricular participation. This is bound to have adverse affects on their academics as they might not be learning as well as they could have.

2. Isolation
Students with low self esteem consider themselves too insignificant to approach peers. They consider themselves unimportant and are incapable of making friends. Naturally, they start feeling isolated which makes them feel like an outcast in school.

3. Lack of Experiences
A student with a low self esteem tends to stick with their comfort zone. If something foreign or risky appears, they tend to avoid it instead of embracing it. This results in a lack of experiences and they tend to miss out on social opportunities.

4. Undetermined
Even if a student with a low self esteem tries to participate in something new, for example a sport, and fails, they would immediately quit their pursuit due to a lack of determination. This lack of determination causes them to stay with the bleachers and hinders them from growing out of their shell.

5. Dependency
Because students with a low self esteem crave social acceptance, they tend to seek approval of their peers in every aspect of life. This causes them to become overly dependent on others with no sense of individuality.

6. Decision Making Power
Students with a low self esteem are bound to be weak in their decision making skills. This is because many a times, they consider themselves insignificant or unimportant. They idolize peers that are stronger and more confident. Instead of making their own decision, such students rely on the opinions of others and become followers.

7. Emotional Instability
Students with low self esteem are emotionally unstable. They experience intense, extreme and rapidly changing emotions every day. When a student faces emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness, depression, anxiety and shame, they might not be able to concentrate on their studies due to their built up frustration and inability to express themselves. Because of this, a student will be less attentive in class and inattentive to their academics.

If you notice a child/student who acts oddly, it would be helpful to approach them with kindness and talk to them. By opening up, students with low self esteem can actually be helped and start feeling better.

Author Bio: Jack Kevin is a passionate blog writer as well custom academic writer, he always try to help students for providing better assistance. So, mostly students ask him to do my assignment for me because they know that his guidance is really authentic.

The best creative designs for your conference room

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Very rarely people give any real importance on how to design or glam up their conference rooms. When somebody owns an office all they do is design the reception, cubicles, cafeteria, or other parts, but rarely do they give importance on designing their conference rooms. However, as we all know all the important decisions of the company and all the meeting with the guests and the clients are held in the meeting room only. So, it is important to decorate the conference room without having any other thoughts about it.

 Take these ideas and see how you can incorporate them on your office to make your conference rooms look cool and chic.

  • Meeting Space in Bangalore office can be decorated with indoor plants and this will let everyone relax while breathing in fresh air. They will not only help their body get some goodness of nature, but their mind will relax as well by seeing plants everywhere. You can even keep flowering pots by asking experts about the ones that will really stay and will not rot away depending on the condition for your office.
  • Keep some bean nag chair or swings perhaps and compete transform your office. Take inspiration from the Red Bull office and transform your meeting space into a real play area where folks will not only be able to relax, but it will let them brainstorm ideas as well for the betterment of the company.
  • Add some colour to the conference room by keeping some colourful chair, curtains, vases or maybe a carpet for that matter. This will help your employees to freshen up and colours will bring out their varied creative aspects a swell. It looks good and cheerful.
  • Keep some snacks and an instant coffee maker in the room for that instant dose of wakefulness. Folks will love this idea and meetings won’t remain so formal anymore.
  • When it comes to the colouring of the wall, then you should opt for light colours that will reflect light more and for a more playful vibe you can go for a dark colour but that should be limited to one wall only. However, try to keep at least two walls made only of glass. This helps the conference room feel more connected to the office and also helps the employees to relax down while having a meeting. Otherwise a closed conference room gives the atmosphere a very strict ambience which is lessened by the use of glass walls. This design will surely make your office look more modern and updated as well.
All the biggest companies of the world are now redefining the designs of the workspace and they are creating meeting rooms which can be almost called playrooms because of their playful vibes. Once you enter them you are transported into a different area and this helps the employees and the guests to focus more and let out all their energy for a positive reason. Also, these unique and playful designs for the conference rooms help to lighten up the seriousness of any meeting and this situation helps everyone to work with more easiness and relaxation.

The ghats of Varanasi are arresting

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It won’t be wrong to say that Varanasi is the queen of Ghats. Of course, this spiritual land possesses 87 ghats which have their own splendour. The city is packed with prestigious temples, gracious monuments and spectacular places. Once you walk through the ghats of Varanasi, you can feel the essence of spirituality and tranquillity. 

If you always think of going to this place but have never been there, it is time that you carry out an exclusive tour to this city. It would fill up you with so much of charm, spirituality, enlightenment, and celebration. So, just check out 5 star hotels in Varanasi and book your rooms for your trip! For now, how about having a peep into the arresting ghats?

Dashashwamedh Ghat

DashashwamedhGhat is the most colourful and cheerful ghatin Varanasi. Brahma sacrificed ten horses at this place that is the reason the name of this ghat is DashashwamedhGhat. It is a very pleasing and joyous spot to spend some time. Theghat is popularly cherished for its spiritual divine existence. In case you want, you can relish the Ganga aarti or Agni Pooja at this place. The chanting of mantras, cool breeze and the healthy environment will envelop you with splendour. 

Man Mandir Ghat

Having the stunning palace which supervises it, the splendid ghat was built by Maharaja Man Singh of Amber in year 1600. Jai Singh II, who formed the JantarMantars, altered this palace into a construction in year 1710. The northern bend of this ghathas a gorgeous stone balcony. 


AssiGhat is one of the hugest Ghats in Varanasi. It is very important because here the AssiRiver merges with the Ganges River. It is the area where the visitors and pilgrims take bath before they offer their homage to Lord Shiva in shape of a big lingam mapped under a peepal tree. 

This ghat is also unique because it also creates the southern end of the conservative city. Moreover, one more lingam which is worshiped here is Asisangameshwar lingam. It presents the lord of convergence of ASI, enshrined in a small marble temple near the AssiGhat. This is the same ghat wherein the renowned Indian poet saint, Tulsi Das wrote the massively celebrated Ramcharitmanas. 


This ghat is amongst the oldest sites of Varanasi. This ghat was earlier known as LolarkaGhat. It was retitled after the well-known poet-saint Tulsidas lived at this spot in the sixteenth century. His antique house and temple is situated nearby even now. Furthermore, this is ghat wherein barren females visit to bathe and pray for children. The ghat has tilted down towards the river but in month of October/November i. e. Kartika, a pleasant festival devoted to Krishna is celebrated here. You can find a great rush during this festival. 

Thus, these ghats were just a demo; you can relish the full picture once you visit this place. So, book your rooms in a five star hotels in Varanasi and relish a pleasant stay in this city.

Know More About a Working Holiday Visa in Canada for Australians

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Working in a foreign land is exciting and Canada is a land replete with opportunities. Rather than commit to one permanent job, many of the Australians find it interesting to go on a vacation and do some work in their free time. So, how does this work?
Get the Open Work Permit
You must apply for a Canadian working holiday visa for Australian citizens and if selected you can travel in Canada. This is typically an Open Work Permit. People who do not have a job offer to date will be the ideal candidates for this. People who want some more money for funding their travel can use this permit to earn some money. This permit allows you to work and earn from more than one location. This is ideal for those who are on the move. Also, if you have more than one employer in Canada to offer you a job posting, then you must use this Permit. 

International Holiday Visa
The Working Holiday Visa in Canada has another name, International Experience Canada, IEC visa, or Working Holiday Canada. Through this, one becomes eligible to live in Canada and get a job for a period of 12 or 24 months. But first there are one or two things you need to attend to. One is the travel insurance for Canada. One must have travel insurance to travel in Canada. The second is to know how to write your CV in the Canadian format.
Eligibility for visa
Under this visa rules, people from different countries including Australia can stay in Canada for a temporary period of one to two years. They must be under 35 years of age. Apply for the Working Holiday Visa in Canada through the International Experience Canada program directly to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This way you avoid paying any fees to middlemen and losing money unnecessarily.
New rules make things simple
Previously, you had to wait until the new year began to start the application procedure. In the new system, the applicants are drawn at random at regular intervals and places get filled up until the quota for the year is filled. So, if you are from Australia, you wait until the date for Australia is announced, the fill up your profile and apply as a candidate in your own unhurried time.
They conduct regular draws for the visa and so if you complete your profile early, you will be exposed to more draws. You will be allocated to one pool according the country of your origin and the choice of the visa. Thus, “Ireland: Young Professionals” and “Australia: Working Holiday” are two pools where the aspirant must join. At least 5 days before the close of the pool for the final round of invitations for each country, the CIC will announce that the pool is closing.
In this manner, they give the working visa Canadafor Australian citizens. If you need the visa and have the necessary qualifications including being under 35 years of age, then you can apply for and get the visa. These travel documents are only valid for one single entry.

The stones that can differ the fortunes

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Can a stone change one’s mind? Can it uplift one’s career and help to have a better life? Well, to know the answers to these questions one needs to look at the Vedic Astrology which can answer them appropriately. In fact, it is a combination of science and religion from the ancient Hindu books where the effects of different precious as well as semi-precious stones have been mentioned. There are many stones noted in the history also which have proven as a great help to thewearer, and this is due to planetary position in one’s horoscope. One needs to get the same checked by an expert consultant and see if there is any planet which creates negative effects on one’s life. If yes, it can be avoided with the right stone of that planet and balance the life.

The Moonga Stone: 

The Moonga stone represents the planet Mars, and hence those who have to suffer themalefic effect of this planet are advised to wear this stone. There are white and red coral stones available in the market.  This stone looks attractive and hence many people love to wear them, but without consultation with an expert, it is not at all recommended. The stone also has health benefits. It helps to purify the blood and improve immunity. People can wear this stone in the form of a pendant or a bracelet however the astrologers recommend to wear it in the form of thering only. The originality of the stone holds great significance, and hence one needs to buy it from known sources only. One can buy moonga stone online as there are some stores which sell them with acertificate of originality. The wearer needs to wear this stone on a Tuesday. The stone must be of minimum 5.25 ratti in weight. Before wearing the stone one must perform a Puja. The wearer can wear the ring on the ring finger. One must note that the frame in which this stone is studded must be either of gold, eight metals or copper.

The Neelam Stone: 

The Neelam is also known as the stone with blue color or Blue Sapphire. There are different qualities of this stone available in the market, and hence one needs to see that only an original stone is bought and worn. This stone represents the Planet Saturn which is also known as the Lord of Judgment. This stone offers fast effects and depends on the position of planets in one’s horoscope, and hence one needs to ask an astrologer if he requires wearing the stone as it can also cause negative effects. The Neelam stone is available in different weights, but for the desired effects the experts suggest to wear it with aminimum weight of 5.25 ratti and wear it on Saturday evening. The frame in which this stone is fixed must be made either of Gold or Silver. One can also go for the ring made of five metals. Only a quality stone can offer the expected benefits and hence may it be costly, but one needs to go for an original stone only.

Information about the Central Park in Kharghar

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The central park of Kharghar is an urban park in Mumbai that goes on to cover an area of 119 hectares, and is situated in the sectors of 23,24 and 25. It has been open to the public since 2010, and goes on to include morning walk trails, cricket, water sports, theme parks with active and passive recreational areas. When fully developed, it is expected to be one of the largest gardens in Asia. As per CIDCO, it is the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world. It is conferred the tag of being one of the beautiful gardens of the world along with the Lodhi gardens in Delhi.

There is a lot of green space in the park, with the presence of jogging tracks makes way for a lazy Sunday with your near or dear ones. For all the exercise buffs, it is also a great spot as well. If you are planning to spend the entire evening at this place, then do carry a mosquito repellent with you. It is a good-sized park, but exit and parking timings can indeed be a cause of concern during the weekends. The authorities need to wake up and maintain the park and clean the pond. When you head towards the amphitheatre there are huge chunks of mosquitoes. It is an ideal place for morning or evening walks. Sometimes it is being heard that festivals are being held here and does call for a little amount of planning and organizing things in a better way. Some people are of the opinion that it could be extended a little bit further as well.

The park is a great place to laze around and spend your evenings. This is all the more so when the weather is good and the park has a lot of potential, if it is tapped properly; it has all the potential to be a major tourist attraction as well. The Centralpark Kharghar is being maintained by the municipal corporation of Navi Mumbai and it is a good place to relax and enjoy for all the age groups. The evenings are full filled and pleasant. Most of the times, the park has been well cared. There were plans in place for a much grander park, but the sad part is that it never got completed. The progress on the project got stopped at a particular point of time. All said and done, it is all right and the park is still a major attraction in the presence of flowering plants and trees. During the weekends, it is super packed with the kids playing all around the place. The place promises a pretty decent viewing and in the background, you can see the Khargar hills. During the evenings, you can sit in the park and see the flights which are landing at the Mumbai airport. The route falls right over the hills.

To sum it up, it is one of the major attractions and well maintained park in Navi Mumbai. It has all the basic infrastructural facilities as part of its set up. This park is pretty large in terms of area to roam around and lots of families come here and spend their evenings. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.