The stones that can differ the fortunes


Can a stone change one’s mind? Can it uplift one’s career and help to have a better life? Well, to know the answers to these questions one needs to look at the Vedic Astrology which can answer them appropriately. In fact, it is a combination of science and religion from the ancient Hindu books where the effects of different precious as well as semi-precious stones have been mentioned. There are many stones noted in the history also which have proven as a great help to thewearer, and this is due to planetary position in one’s horoscope. One needs to get the same checked by an expert consultant and see if there is any planet which creates negative effects on one’s life. If yes, it can be avoided with the right stone of that planet and balance the life.

The Moonga Stone: 

The Moonga stone represents the planet Mars, and hence those who have to suffer themalefic effect of this planet are advised to wear this stone. There are white and red coral stones available in the market.  This stone looks attractive and hence many people love to wear them, but without consultation with an expert, it is not at all recommended. The stone also has health benefits. It helps to purify the blood and improve immunity. People can wear this stone in the form of a pendant or a bracelet however the astrologers recommend to wear it in the form of thering only. The originality of the stone holds great significance, and hence one needs to buy it from known sources only. One can buy moonga stone online as there are some stores which sell them with acertificate of originality. The wearer needs to wear this stone on a Tuesday. The stone must be of minimum 5.25 ratti in weight. Before wearing the stone one must perform a Puja. The wearer can wear the ring on the ring finger. One must note that the frame in which this stone is studded must be either of gold, eight metals or copper.

The Neelam Stone: 

The Neelam is also known as the stone with blue color or Blue Sapphire. There are different qualities of this stone available in the market, and hence one needs to see that only an original stone is bought and worn. This stone represents the Planet Saturn which is also known as the Lord of Judgment. This stone offers fast effects and depends on the position of planets in one’s horoscope, and hence one needs to ask an astrologer if he requires wearing the stone as it can also cause negative effects. The Neelam stone is available in different weights, but for the desired effects the experts suggest to wear it with aminimum weight of 5.25 ratti and wear it on Saturday evening. The frame in which this stone is fixed must be made either of Gold or Silver. One can also go for the ring made of five metals. Only a quality stone can offer the expected benefits and hence may it be costly, but one needs to go for an original stone only.

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