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The central park of Kharghar is an urban park in Mumbai that goes on to cover an area of 119 hectares, and is situated in the sectors of 23,24 and 25. It has been open to the public since 2010, and goes on to include morning walk trails, cricket, water sports, theme parks with active and passive recreational areas. When fully developed, it is expected to be one of the largest gardens in Asia. As per CIDCO, it is the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world. It is conferred the tag of being one of the beautiful gardens of the world along with the Lodhi gardens in Delhi.

There is a lot of green space in the park, with the presence of jogging tracks makes way for a lazy Sunday with your near or dear ones. For all the exercise buffs, it is also a great spot as well. If you are planning to spend the entire evening at this place, then do carry a mosquito repellent with you. It is a good-sized park, but exit and parking timings can indeed be a cause of concern during the weekends. The authorities need to wake up and maintain the park and clean the pond. When you head towards the amphitheatre there are huge chunks of mosquitoes. It is an ideal place for morning or evening walks. Sometimes it is being heard that festivals are being held here and does call for a little amount of planning and organizing things in a better way. Some people are of the opinion that it could be extended a little bit further as well.

The park is a great place to laze around and spend your evenings. This is all the more so when the weather is good and the park has a lot of potential, if it is tapped properly; it has all the potential to be a major tourist attraction as well. The Centralpark Kharghar is being maintained by the municipal corporation of Navi Mumbai and it is a good place to relax and enjoy for all the age groups. The evenings are full filled and pleasant. Most of the times, the park has been well cared. There were plans in place for a much grander park, but the sad part is that it never got completed. The progress on the project got stopped at a particular point of time. All said and done, it is all right and the park is still a major attraction in the presence of flowering plants and trees. During the weekends, it is super packed with the kids playing all around the place. The place promises a pretty decent viewing and in the background, you can see the Khargar hills. During the evenings, you can sit in the park and see the flights which are landing at the Mumbai airport. The route falls right over the hills.

To sum it up, it is one of the major attractions and well maintained park in Navi Mumbai. It has all the basic infrastructural facilities as part of its set up. This park is pretty large in terms of area to roam around and lots of families come here and spend their evenings. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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