Know More About a Working Holiday Visa in Canada for Australians


Working in a foreign land is exciting and Canada is a land replete with opportunities. Rather than commit to one permanent job, many of the Australians find it interesting to go on a vacation and do some work in their free time. So, how does this work?
Get the Open Work Permit
You must apply for a Canadian working holiday visa for Australian citizens and if selected you can travel in Canada. This is typically an Open Work Permit. People who do not have a job offer to date will be the ideal candidates for this. People who want some more money for funding their travel can use this permit to earn some money. This permit allows you to work and earn from more than one location. This is ideal for those who are on the move. Also, if you have more than one employer in Canada to offer you a job posting, then you must use this Permit. 

International Holiday Visa
The Working Holiday Visa in Canada has another name, International Experience Canada, IEC visa, or Working Holiday Canada. Through this, one becomes eligible to live in Canada and get a job for a period of 12 or 24 months. But first there are one or two things you need to attend to. One is the travel insurance for Canada. One must have travel insurance to travel in Canada. The second is to know how to write your CV in the Canadian format.
Eligibility for visa
Under this visa rules, people from different countries including Australia can stay in Canada for a temporary period of one to two years. They must be under 35 years of age. Apply for the Working Holiday Visa in Canada through the International Experience Canada program directly to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This way you avoid paying any fees to middlemen and losing money unnecessarily.
New rules make things simple
Previously, you had to wait until the new year began to start the application procedure. In the new system, the applicants are drawn at random at regular intervals and places get filled up until the quota for the year is filled. So, if you are from Australia, you wait until the date for Australia is announced, the fill up your profile and apply as a candidate in your own unhurried time.
They conduct regular draws for the visa and so if you complete your profile early, you will be exposed to more draws. You will be allocated to one pool according the country of your origin and the choice of the visa. Thus, “Ireland: Young Professionals” and “Australia: Working Holiday” are two pools where the aspirant must join. At least 5 days before the close of the pool for the final round of invitations for each country, the CIC will announce that the pool is closing.
In this manner, they give the working visa Canadafor Australian citizens. If you need the visa and have the necessary qualifications including being under 35 years of age, then you can apply for and get the visa. These travel documents are only valid for one single entry.

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