10 Critical Issues faced by Education

Abstract: There are certain issues facing education and solutions to these problems should be devised at the earliest.

The field of education is a complex one. It is where the psychological development of the youth of a society takes place. This is the reason why a lot of research is being carried out on the subject. Multi-tier developments at the governmental and non-governmental levels take place for the purpose of improving education.

Authorities responsible for the betterment of the education system sit together and explore ways with which novelty in this field can be introduced. Reshaping curriculum, focus on teacher training programs, introducing technology into learning, and prioritizing extra-curricular activities, along with educational ones, are the major developments in the right direction. There are, however, certain other critical issues faced by education which demand efforts at the earliest.

Some of them are discussed below.

One of the biggest problems faced by education is its commercialization. Education has been transformed into a corporate market which is largely used for the purpose of making profits.

Absence of Connectivity
The second issue which we have on our hand when it comes to education is the lack of connectivity. There doesn’t exist substantial connectivity between education institutes; both at state and national levels which is a hurdle towards sharing of knowledge and flow of information.

Varying state rules
There has been a lack of acknowledgment of the Common Core Standards by a few states in recent past. Though a majority of states agreeing to follow the standards it sets, the results haven’t been much praiseworthy.

Testing Mechanisms
Education institutes haven’t been able to agree on the best process when it comes to evaluating the students. The ongoing debate over online assessment and paper tests is a major problem facing education.

Social Media
Social media isn’t a problem to education. Rather, not using these platforms for the purpose is an issue. Ways should be discovered which use social media for the purpose of mainstream education.

There have been many campaigns regarding the issues but it still exists, unfortunately. Many students find it hard to focus on their education because of bullying.

Another issue facing education is drugs. Schools and colleges are the lively markets for selling drugs and students are the mainstream customers. This is an issue which calls attention.

Racism is un-ignorable, especially when it involves young, school-going students. The racist incidents have grown over the years in the schools here in the US which should be concerning us all.

School Climate
Many believe that the climate of a school is similar to that of a prison. With strict rules, timings, and absence of flexibility over attendance ratios, not all students feel comfortable with education. The environment in and around a school should be friendly, accommodating, and welcoming.

Focus on Innovation
There should be more focus on introducing innovation and promoting entrepreneurship at the educational level. Innovation is the only way to success in the future. The education system, however, isn’t producing students who are brave enough to take on the challenges and produce things from the scratch.
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