Intense + 10 Child Themes

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We all know the professional importance of having a website. It is one of the many important things that can help your business grow. Anyone one who owns a business and do not have a good website are losing out on great opportunities for the prosperity of their business.

In today’s competitive market however, not many are as ignorant as to miss out on something as significant as having a website. And hence, we see thousands of websites coming up each day. Many of these sites are developed under professional supervision. Which means they are created by web developers for which they charge a real handsome amount of money.

In order to save all the money that you too were planning to spend by hiring a web developer to develop your business site, Template Monster has come up with a brilliant solution. So now, even if you have absolutely no knowledge of codes, you can develop your own site in a matter of minutes.
The name of this amazing product is the Intense Multipurpose HTML Template.

Intense - Multipurpose Website Template

Intense - Multipurpose Website Template Intense is a multi-purpose responsive website template that comes jam packed with 10 robust Child Themes, each with an extensive list of latest trending web features.It is one of those neatly designed, flexible and professional looking templates, that can be the complete package for your upcoming assignment. As a multipurpose theme, it perfectly fits into several different projects delivering it the most polished and alluring touch. It is jam-packed with 250+ HTML templates, 190+ PSD files, advanced UI kit, extended bootstrap toolkit and 10 different niche templates with a lifetime of free updates.

In case, you own multiple sites that deal with diversified topics, and you do not want to have the exact same look for each site, you have the option to choose from its Child Themes that are precisely centered around discrete niches. Each of these come with the same features as the main theme and is great in terms of support.

Both the main theme and the Child themes are extremely flexible and super easy to customize. With Intense and its Child Themes you are all set to be your own designer, even if you have a zero knowledge of codes. The theme has been smartly incorporated with tons of resourceful features that you were possibly looking for. It makes designing websites as easy as eating a pie.

The Child Themes comes uniquely designed and can be used to create ultra-modern sites that are ready to compete with its already existing competitors. Let us have a detailed look into the template, so you can have a better understanding of it.
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If you are into designing websites and have to get into crafting web pages too often, Intense is the one theme you surely need. This is an amazingly feature-rich TemplateMonster product that can save all the time you waste coding to get the complete look for your site. It is an awesome combination of robust features and appealing looks that can be easily used and customized to suit your needs. With more than 250 HTML files, 10 Home Layouts, 13 Header and 4 Footer styles, 30+ Blog Templates, 20 Portfolio Templates, multiple sidebars and Footer Widgets and tons of other wonderful features, this template provides you with ample opportunity to create the fanciest of sites. You can use its 2000+ font icons, unlimited skins, colour options and Google fonts, parallax scrolling and background video options to give your site the m0st modern look. This is not the end. You also have various other latest trending features that will keep your site technically updated. It tags along fancy sticky menus, various hover effects, a robust navigation with Mega Menu and dropdowns, touch swipe photo gallery options, customizable audio and video players and a lot more. You even have the option of integrating your posts and pages with social media or transform your site into an online shop with its e-commerce facility. The event and calendar option allows you to display your special dates, celebrations, parties or any other functions and events in an organized way for your visitors. With its advanced working Ajax Form facility, you are free to add as many forms as you want to your site. Like most modern templates Intense too tags along a very fancy responsive slider that can give a striking look to your web page. These are just a few. It has a lot more than what is listed here. Bootstrap 3.3 with dark skins, SCSS and Jade, more than 60 reusable elements and so much more. With its clean and organizes codes, web designing can be so much fun even for a novice. Let us now look at the Child Themes in detail. Each of these themes inherits the core features of the main theme.

Photographer Site Template

Photographer Site Template This is an awesome template that fits perfectly into any photography site. It is a cross-browser compatible, ultra responsive template that is highly optimized for search engines. You can explore its limitless possibilities to create the most modern website with an absolutely stunning look. The layout against the black and white color can give your site a very classy touch. Details |  Demo

Real Estate Agency Website Template

Real Estate Agency Website Template Use this template to showcase your property with style. You can craft out a grand looking site using its brilliant layout and well-organized pages. You can enhance your background with the parallax scrolling images adding a 2D illusion to the layout. Details |  Demo

European Restaurant Web Template

European Restaurant Web Template This template is ideal for sites relating to restaurants, cafe, bars, pubs and so on. It's bold and bright layout can blend flawlessly with the images of your appetizing food to give it the most impeccable look. You can also make a fanciful display of your menu, card based photo gallery, list your upcoming events, place a reservation form and do all that makes an amazing restaurant site. Details |  Demo

Employment Responsive Web Template

Employment Responsive Web Template Create the most professional and modern looking job portal with the Employment Responsive Web Template. Its search form at the header makes it easier for your visitors to search for their desired jobs. You can also allow your users to filter their search as per their requirements. The template offers you the option to add a testimonial as well. Details |  Demo

 Personal Blog Responsive Website Template

Personal Blog Responsive Website Template This is a perfect solution if you are looking for a template for your personal blog. The developers have very thoughtfully designed it with a minimal and modern design that can give your blog a simple yet elegant look. It's beautifully coded layout has a lot of white space in it, that automatically draws the attention of the readers to the content without any distraction. Details |  Demo

Gym Equipment Website Template

Gym Equipment Website Template Gym Equipment is the best template for a powerful and energetic looking gym site. The combination of red and black can give your site a unique look. You can add the modern parallax effect to make it more striking. Details |  Demo

Hobby Supplies Website Template

Hobby Supplies Website Template This is a super cute looking template designed especially for sites with handicraft supplies or anything related to art and craft in general. The theme is cross browser compatible and is ultra responsive to different forms of devices. So it looks equally stunning on all platforms. The graphics of the theme is revived by parallax effect. Details |  Demo

Child Care Center Website Template

Child Care Center Website Template This is yet another member of the Intense family that is designed especially for family sites. The theme is very neatly coded to make it the perfect one for the convenience of web designers and web owners. So if you are looking for a theme for your family or children related site, this template can be a great option. Details |  Demo

Dentist Site Template

Dentist Site Template Dentist Site Template is another fantastic part of the Intense Multipurpose Template that suits any kind of medical business site, especially dental sites. Packed with all major features this template is one of the best choices to bring your medical business online. Details |  Demo

Financial Consultant Website Template

Financial Consultant Website Template The 10th and the final child theme of the Intense Multipurpose Template are the Financial Consultant Website Template. Built with plenty of buttons, contact forms, circular progress bars and other UI elements, this template is intended to boost your conversion rate online. This one too like the others is highly responsive and greatly customizable. You can use this template to create a professional looking Financial Consultant Site. Details |  Demo

Allow 19 Red Roses to say it all when you find words inadequate

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Talk of charm and beauty and your mind will soon conjure up the images of a wide array of flowers in a myriad of shades.  It is the colourful blossoms that give soul to the planet. The beauty of flowers makes them a perfect gift for expressing love.  Thanks to their mesmerising fragrance and soft appeal, they never fail to bring a beam of joy on the face of the receiver.

Different flowers signify different facets of love.  While some flowers imply love at first sight, some flowers mean true love and some mean pure love and loyalty. The list is indeed endless as is the number of flowers brightening up the planet.

The secret language of red roses

Love and beauty are two of the traits intrinsic to red roses. Poet Robert Burn’s immortal line on the flower encapsulates the connection between life and red rose. “Oh, my love's like a red, red rose, that's newly sprung in June; Oh, my love's like the melodie, that's sweetly played in tune.”

People cutting across race, gender, caste and creed express love by giving each other red roses. Although many people believe that red roses can only be a symbol of romantic love, there are others who strongly feel that red roses can express the generic bond of love and can also express affection towards siblings and parents. The rose, which was initially a primal symbol of life, gradually metamorphosed into a symbol of profound emotions.

The red rose became the flower of choice for lovers because it sends the message of love strongly. Centuries passed by but the red rose has not lost its significance as a symbol of deep love and fidelity. This may be the reason why sending someone a bouquet of red roses is still the most popular way to say "I love you." The red rose's rich and diverse heritage has culminated into the modern day image of the lover's rose.

Red roses: a gift of substance

Red roses would make meaningful gifts for all occasions, spanning from the primal expression of intense love to wedding anniversaries. There are variations in meanings though. Even a single, long-stemmed red rose can evoke a powerful response from its recipient - a trait no other flower can convey and boast of.

Serenade your lady love with the vibrant 19 red roses

If you are one of them who love an arrangement of odd number of blooms, go for the 19 Red Roses. A vibrant bouquet, the 19 Red Roses packs a powerful message of love with nineteen stunning, large headed, long stemmed red roses, making it an ideal gift for those who want to offer red roses in style.

Financial Investment Planning Process to Get Started

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Investing your money is probably the best use of the funds owned. However, if you invest in financial products without proper research, you can lose everything you owe. Therefore, the financial investment process begins with effective planning and research.

But you can start planning for investments in case of not having a specific goal in mind. Therefore, one of the most important requirements is to determine a target. Can be any of the two objectives listed below:

  • Preservation of existing funds
  • Growth of existing funds
  • Or both

What you do with the money held or increased depends on your personal preferences. Unfortunately, many people have no goals in your mind before you invest your money. Therefore, the money to create or preserve often abused. Financial planning investment will have to go through a step-by-step process. Let's have a look at it.

  • Setting goals
  • Analyze the risk bearing capacity
  • Asset allocation and portfolio design
  • Select the investment products that suit your needs
  • Regular monitoring of your investment
  • The redesign of your portfolio when necessary

This is one of the processes of money to go to invest their funds. You can alter this process according to their needs. This is, however, very wide and can be applicable to all people.

Knowing the process is not important. You must know all the investment options available and know what to invest in.

If you will not have much risk, you can invest your money in commercial products or cash equivalent products as currency, bank balances, money orders, currency, GIC, commercial papers, treasury bills, money market accounts, accounts savings, certificate of deposits, and so on. These products are relatively safe investment.

If your risk appetite is a little higher, you can invest in products such as mutual funds, stocks and real estate. It should be noted that there are several ways to invest in each of these products. For example, you can invest in real estate by investing in REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), Real Estate Funds, Property, Rental Property, and so on.

For people who want to seek high returns and are willing to take greater risks, such as equities and derivatives are probably the best options. Specialized knowledge, however, is bound to gain from these products. File can be divided into aggressive growth stocks, common stocks and American Depository Receipts. Derivatives can also be divided in futures and options.

Financial Investment Planning does not happen just by itself. It requires a lot of planning, correct implementation and effective monitoring and redesign essential. There are, however, a popular myth that investing is for rich people. Rich or poor, everyone wants a secure future. Everyone is vulnerable to financial emergencies, and one must always be prepared to cope. And there is no right age to start planning investments. Even if you're nearing retirement, you should start investing. However, early start, the better for you.

Finest Bespoke tailoring for your Suits & Shirts

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It always feels great, when we wear whatever we desired and we find someone who can fulfill our entire requirement about our outfit. Our taste and someone else’s expertise than only can have the wardrobe we dreamed about. It provides all the solution for your entire specific requirement. Luxury custom clothing which fitted in to required design and shape for your perfect look. It also gives you full range of colors to select. 

In the current world of fashion, we cannot compromise with our choices and it is really difficult to find your desired fittings and designs. So if we do not get the solution than it is pretty much obvious that we will somewhere have to adjust. But knot standard provides exact those clothes which you asked for and your concerns will be definitely addressed with the perfect results. It works on the customer satisfaction where the priority is perfect fitting for clothes. It gives wide option to select the bespoke clothes. You can put aside the clothes which are ready to wear, factory made and in finished condition with standard sizes. 

For bespoke suits and shirts knot standard use top tailoring pattern in which you select fabric and this fabric is then to have all the hallmarks you can imagine from best bespoke tailoring: around 15 and even more than that measurement and other customized details like figuration and any specific design details are taken from the customer. After that an individual prototype will be hand-drafted and cut from scratch- not the basic, adjusted template pattern, as used by other tailors.

Using this pattern, the cloth is then cut and trimmed, along with the finest linings and fabrics available. A single tailor is then given the parts of the garment to sew together, from the earliest fitting stages, to the final, complete suit. Each suit is completely hand-made, even down to the button holes.

Today when world is changing its fashionable trends daily and in this race every person wants to look smart, stylish and different. So pleasing personality is essential in order to attract any person and it's the dressing sense of the individual which represent his personality. Whether an individual is a professional or any celebrity, perfection and quality is the first thing when it comes to clothing. If you really want to look different and also want to add more style, than this bespoke tailoring services is the best option for you.
You Can Hire an iPad for Proper Promotion of New Products!

You Can Hire an iPad for Proper Promotion of New Products!

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Making money is difficult but reaching to your target customers or clients is even a bigger issue. When you want to expose or sell your products in the current world scenario where the competition is all high then you need to be gadget friendly. There is no reason as why you cannot ignore the fact about how you can communicate in a better was with proper promotion strategy that is devised to showcase your new products to a group with when you hire an iPad. Make a plan and then look for the best kinds of deals around.
Once you are deep down the road and want to find out various scopes of action then think about arrangement of workshop or a demonstration at any institution. If you are going to sell your newly developed software or module then you can call an agency for iPad rental in bulk quantity. Show up the best way to retain the selective sources and to know how to communicate with the help of gadgets as you can ask the agency to install your required software and applications.

Making a better reason to expand the horizons and then to understand the basic factors of promotion that are quite common with things around. You can look for the best sources of showcasing how your product or software excels from the competitors. You can even ask to go for an option understands how well your order will be catered if you hire an iPad, and then there is a reason to explore the best things around. You can use apps that are helpful in generation of best kinds of clientage in properly executed in an exhibition through iPads on rental.
It will remove you from the hassle of serving the guest or attendees from providing them note pads. At the same the cross communication and usability factor over smart gadgets like iPads really makes it quite easy to capture the audience attention. You can ask for greater good with best sorts of agencies that really provide the most update iPads for hire and in bulk form. You can make a proper scope of action and that too with methodology for disclosing your best project through these mediums. 
You can make it a better scope with proper use of hire an iPad and with best scopes. You can make an understanding of how to get the best solution of knowing the better feasibility of bulk iPad orders, and then getting the proper promotion as well. You see how things work when you need to book an order for best rental in a way. It is all absolutely going to work great with easy way shipment and the pricing for only days that you are going to use the smart gadgets.

All you want to know about car rental service provider in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a city of dreams and fantasy for many people. Also, known as ‘the city of angels’, LA is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is the world center of entertainment, international trade, fashion,  media, business and education. Los Angeles region includes the big cities like Downtown, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice and Beverly Hills. To explore all these places while you are in LA, you need a car to travel comfortably in these cities.

A good car hire company in  LA provides a variety of cars such as standard cars, exotic cars, luxury cars, luxury SUV’s and convertibles depending upon the purpose, occasion and seating capacity. A reputed and renowned car rental service provider  offers both self driven as well as chauffeur driven cars that you can hire as per your preference and budget. Their chauffeurs are experienced and well trained in driving passengers to their desired destination safely as well as comfortably.

In addition, a professional car hire LA company also provides airport pick up and drop facilities, so you need not to think for catching a public transport upon your arrival at or departure from the Los Angeles.

Before planning to rent a car for any occasion, make sure that you choose the rental company after analyzing their quality of services, prices and accessibility of the required car. Furthermore, car rental companies in Los Angeles adopt several strategies to promote their business, such as giving extra facilities to their customers, offering exclusive and a wide range of car choices, and satisfactory and prompt services. Make sure that the car which is being rented is sufficient enough of accommodating people who are supposed to go for the tour or sight seeing.

Apart from hiring cars for traveling purposes, you can also seek the services of a good and reputed car rental company in Los Angeles for a variety of other purposes. The local people too can rent a car from car hire company and use them to get to corporate meetings, birthdays and wedding receptions.

Another foremost important benefit of seeking the services of a car rental Los Angeles company is that they will offer you and your family or friends complete insurance in case of any mishappenings or accident. Thus, this policy keeps the car drivers vigilant and cautious. They make sure that your travel is safe, comfortable and hassle free in the best possible manner. 
IntraLASIK - The Latest Advance In Laser Eye Surgery

IntraLASIK - The Latest Advance In Laser Eye Surgery

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Currently, various people all around the world are suffering from different eye problems and so scientists are also developing different technologies to cure these problems in the easiest way. Previously various people used to wear thick glasses for the correction of their vision, but that was not a permanent solution as glasses can only help us to see properly and when the power of a man increases then he has to change the glasses to adjust the power. Then scientists also developed laser surgery, which includes a mechanical tool known as a microkeratome. Though this laser surgery was very much safe, but sometimes this microkeratome can also affect the vision permanently. But this IntraLASIK is the most advanced technology for the eye treatment, and this has some really good advantages.

How Intra LASIK Differs From Traditional LASIK?

In a traditional LASIK, the microkeratome is used to create the flap around your eye cornea, and if the eye surgeon is not experienced enough, then he can affect your vision during this process. But in IntraLASIK instead of this mechanical tool, a special laser is used to create a flap in your eye corneal surface. This special laser is used along with an original surgical laser known as an excimer laser which actually helps to reshape your cornea to give you the perfect vision. So here, the risk of affecting your vision is almost negligible.

How Does Intra Lasik Work?

Although the technology, which is used in Intra LASIK is very much complex, but the process of this technology is very easy to understand. Here at first eye surgeons gives the patient an eye drop which actually acts as an anesthetic material. This eye drop is used so that you cannot feel any pain during the operation. Then a special laser is used to for making a flap around your corneal surface and then the excimer laser is applied to reshape your cornea properly. If you have myopia, then the eye surgeon wants to flatten your cornea and in case you have hyperopia then the cornea is made steeper. Again, if you are suffering from astigmatism, then the eye surgeon uses the excimer laser for making your cornea smoother.

Advantages Of Intra Lasik:

Although the traditional laser surgery is very much safe and effective, but wherever there is a human contribution, there must be some risk. In this case, problems may occur during the creation of the flap in the cornea surface by using a microkeratome. But here no such risk is present as no mechanical instruments are used in this latest technology. Again, here the digital mapping of your eyes is more prominent which can help the eye surgeons to cure your eye problem more accurately. By this process, you can also cure the higher degree of deviation of your eyes, which a traditional laser surgery cannot be able to do.

Lastly, though this Intra LASIK is very much safe, but if you have dry eye syndrome or thin corneas, then you cannot be able to get great results from this eye surgery.