IntraLASIK - The Latest Advance In Laser Eye Surgery

Currently, various people all around the world are suffering from different eye problems and so scientists are also developing different technologies to cure these problems in the easiest way. Previously various people used to wear thick glasses for the correction of their vision, but that was not a permanent solution as glasses can only help us to see properly and when the power of a man increases then he has to change the glasses to adjust the power. Then scientists also developed laser surgery, which includes a mechanical tool known as a microkeratome. Though this laser surgery was very much safe, but sometimes this microkeratome can also affect the vision permanently. But this IntraLASIK is the most advanced technology for the eye treatment, and this has some really good advantages.

How Intra LASIK Differs From Traditional LASIK?

In a traditional LASIK, the microkeratome is used to create the flap around your eye cornea, and if the eye surgeon is not experienced enough, then he can affect your vision during this process. But in IntraLASIK instead of this mechanical tool, a special laser is used to create a flap in your eye corneal surface. This special laser is used along with an original surgical laser known as an excimer laser which actually helps to reshape your cornea to give you the perfect vision. So here, the risk of affecting your vision is almost negligible.

How Does Intra Lasik Work?

Although the technology, which is used in Intra LASIK is very much complex, but the process of this technology is very easy to understand. Here at first eye surgeons gives the patient an eye drop which actually acts as an anesthetic material. This eye drop is used so that you cannot feel any pain during the operation. Then a special laser is used to for making a flap around your corneal surface and then the excimer laser is applied to reshape your cornea properly. If you have myopia, then the eye surgeon wants to flatten your cornea and in case you have hyperopia then the cornea is made steeper. Again, if you are suffering from astigmatism, then the eye surgeon uses the excimer laser for making your cornea smoother.

Advantages Of Intra Lasik:

Although the traditional laser surgery is very much safe and effective, but wherever there is a human contribution, there must be some risk. In this case, problems may occur during the creation of the flap in the cornea surface by using a microkeratome. But here no such risk is present as no mechanical instruments are used in this latest technology. Again, here the digital mapping of your eyes is more prominent which can help the eye surgeons to cure your eye problem more accurately. By this process, you can also cure the higher degree of deviation of your eyes, which a traditional laser surgery cannot be able to do.

Lastly, though this Intra LASIK is very much safe, but if you have dry eye syndrome or thin corneas, then you cannot be able to get great results from this eye surgery.

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