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Unemployment Hits Service Sector at Fastest Pace in UK

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Over the past seven years, the UK economy has seen a significant drop in employment rate especially in the service sector. It is because of the rise in uncertainty over the future that has led companies to hold back on hiring replacements for the dismissal of staff, according to a survey.

Stats manifest that the last month the economy stayed closer to stagnation and this was the result of the fall in staffing. It is undoubtedly a worrying signal. This may account for the constant rise in unemployment, causing sufferings to people due to inability to meet day-to-day operations and needs. People may turn to financial institutions for meeting their regular needs, but this will be like a turn of the screw - you have already been running out of money and you take out unemployed bad credit loans in the UK that you cannot repay because you are all but strapped.

The brief on survey report

According to the survey, the employment index fell from 49.7 to 48.2 in January, reported as the lowest level throughout the last seven years. The reading below 50 demonstrates decline, an alarming state, and the reading over 50 shows growth.

The survey has suggested that BREXIT UNCERTAINTY is the biggest reason for ceasing the growth in the economy.

The chief business economist at IHS Markit, Chris Williamson said: “The latest PMI surveys indicate that the UK economy remained close to stagnation in February, despite a flurry of activity in many sectors ahead of the UK’s scheduled departure from the EU.”

“The data suggests the UK economy is on course to grow by just 0.1% in the first quarter,” he added.

Since 2012, whereas the economy experienced a rise in construction jobs, it also faced a drop in the manufacturing and service sector. The rise in construction jobs failed to offset the diminution in the employment rate in manufacturing and service sectors.

Further, the survey reported employers restructured their companies by replacing only redundant employees but not those who left voluntarily.

No-deal Brexit would put thousands of jobs at stake

A no-deal Brexit will have disastrous repercussions on the growth of economy due to decline in gross domestic product.

Small to medium-sized businesses are struggling to cope with the prospect of the deal. The economy is warned that it could be hit by a six-month export ban to the EU. It is still not clear what happens next but majority of the representatives of nations, who are the members of EU, wish the UK not get out of the EU.

A large number of people will take help from loan companies

With a reduced employment rate, many people are struggling to manage their finances. If employment opportunities do not rise, situation will become worse regardless of Brexit. The rise in employment opportunities is a must not only for the growth of GDP but also for people. The living cost is high and it is crucial that people’s earnings also rise.

If it continues to happen for a long time, more and more people will turn to direct lenders and other loan companies to tide over. The demand of unemployment loans with no guarantor will unusually rise.

These loans come with high interest rates because of two reasons: first off, you have a bad credit history and secondly, these loans usually carry short tenure. If you have a good credit history, you will be able to get the loan at a lower interest rate, but the situation will not be far different.

Due to lack of full-time employment, you will be reliant on other sources of income such as a part-time job or freelancing. Not everyone will be able to take advantage of these opportunities because competition will rise.

Tips for getting jobs in Mangalore

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With the evolving of technology, each and every way of living has been changed. In this regard, many of the opportunities have been laid down for the employees by the organizations to prove themselves for the growth. Making career in this competitive world, job seekers need to sustain their position for getting a well settled life and enhanced earning. In this case, various jobs have been issued by the organizations for having a smooth functioning of the business. As Mangalore is turning to a developed city with major changes, it is going to enhance its worth with regard to employment, infrastructure and development.

Major tips for getting jobs in Mangalore:

1. Know your field to pursue: In order to get jobs in Mangalore, candidates should look for those fields which best suits the profile of the job seeker. As Mangalore is strengthening its terms, collaborating with the major companies in order to increase the employment rate of the state. Candidates opting to choose best jobs can get multiple varieties in different field in the city.

2. Search for the job opportunities: There are multiple job options in the city through which any candidate can make their best to gain jobs. There are different job portals according to which candidates can apply or the best jobs in their preferred locations. There can be an offline or online based search which will easily make the candidate to get best jobs.

3. Strengthen your social connection: It is assumed that if a job seeker is having a great social connection, they can easily grab job opportunities. Get connected with the relatives, friends in order to get jobs. Also get updated on the social media sites because many of the organization choose this option to cater more job seekers for the fulfilment of the vacancies.

4. Go for the Trend: There are number of vacancies in the city which comprises of HR manager, Business development manager, Relationship manager and many others in the city but candidates should focus on the jobs which better suits on the profile and is trending in that field. This will ultimately boost the candidates in getting more jobs with high earning capacities.In order to achieve the set targets and goals, one must make themselves a better resource so that it can live forever.

Concluding with the aforesaid points, career building is a very prime deal which needs to be retained and maintained with high security measures. There are number of opportunities in various MNCs where you can make your careers in ITC careers, Amazon careers and many more. It thereby helps in creating great opportunity for the candidates. Many of the job portals which are hugely engaged in this service provide great results for the candidates and make their life an easy one. Also, India is now booming in terms of employment generation which depicts how well can future be! So, keeping these things in mind, one can go for the jobs in this city and lead a well settled and bright life.
How can students benefit from using Chemical Engineering Assignment Help?

How can students benefit from using Chemical Engineering Assignment Help?

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Chemistry is a very complicated subject on its own. So, when you add engineering to the mix, it becomes a very attention-intensive process. Students involved in this discipline have to negotiate tough college projects relating to complex formulas and theories. Thus having a quality, chemical engineering assignment help provides students with better guidelines for their studies.

Colleges which teach chemical engineering aim at making their pupils better at solving any contingency. This is why they focus more on promoting critical thinking and maneuverability. Now, if you are a student perusing this discipline, it is critical for you to have a solid grasp on all the fundamentals of chemical engineering.

How do online support systems help students?

Having an all-in-one chemical engineering assignment help mechanism helps pupils in distilling down vast swaths of despread theorems into smaller understandable components.This is why the online websites that provide these specialized services have become so in demand.

As more and more students realize the utility of having an on the go learning support, the more popular virtual learning will become. In fact, these websites are so effective that pupils can solve entire projects on these sites.

How does it work?

The working model of virtual homework assistance is very simple. Students who are finding difficulties while doing their engineering assignments can register online and upload their queries on that website’s questions segment. A team of expert teachers will then pick apart that individual’s project and come with the simplest solutions.
When it comes to chemical engineering assignment help, there is usually a team of experienced chemistry teachers along with expert chemical engineers which make up the teaching team. So, after coming up with a solution, the teachers will convey that result to that registered student. This involves online video sessions or one-on-one virtual meetings over which the concepts are taught to that individual.
How can it help improve a student’s chemical engineering concept?
As you will know any scientific discipline involves a lot of different formulas and theorems. The scenario is the same in this discipline too. Most students have to go through countless intricate details before starting with their projects.
All these multiple concepts and chapters confuse many pupils. This confusion further escalates into anxiety which makes the learning process very strenuous. Students often end up missing project deadlines and lose their drive to improve.
Chemical engineering assignment help from websites provide a solution for these problems. The teaching curriculums in these homework assistance systems cover wide ranges of chemical formulas and research. So, they are more than capable of helping students solved complicated projects and teaching them basic workings of this discipline.
There are of course other reasons which make these new learning techniques an excellent add-on support system with the main college course. Some of these are mentioned below;
What makes them the chosen option?
  1. No time constraints-
Most of these websites are accessible at any time during the day. So, pupils studying after hours can clear problems in real, time while solving engineering projects.
This freedom helps finish assignments faster and with minimal hiccups.
  1. Affordable-
As this is student focused niche; most online companies charge very little for their teaching services. The main goal is to provide pupils with high-class assistance so that a website can redirect more traffic.
This is why millions of graduate students access these chemical engineering assignment help curriculums.
  1. Innovative-
Online education is a relatively new phenomenon. Hence most teachers operating in this ecosystem apply new and unorthodox learning experiences. This makes study materials more interesting and increases student engagement.
So, by reading the above points, you can say that having an additional virtual teaching assistance to go with your usual studies is a game-changing concoction. Pupils worldwide should most certainly try out these chemical engineering assignment help while doing their regular project studies.

UGC Scholarships offered by MHRD, Govt. Of India

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UGC or University Grants Commission was established in 1956 by Government of India to improve the standard of University level education in India. Its objective was to enhance the quality of education which is provided by the institutions after class 12 level. Its work is to regulate the colleges, give recognition to Institutions providing education after class 12 level and to promote equal education by providing funds to Institutions and Universities for easy facilitation of enhancement of University level Education. It also provides scholarships, grants to meritorious students all over India for thepromotion of studies at different levels after class 12th.

The scholarships are provided through different schemes and scholarships programs to students. The scholarships are provided to students at Under-Graduation Level, Post-Graduation Level, Ph.D. level. The students of theweaker economic background are the ones mostly getting the scholarship. The focus of UGC is on providing University Education to students who can't afford higher education but if they are provided education means then they can certainly improve the scenario of Research and Development works of Country. Around 20,000 students are provided scholarships every year by UGC. Scholarships and Grants are also provided to teachers who are into research and development.

Earlier UGC used to use manual mode for scholarship and grants distribution but after MHRDs notice, the mode of providing scholarship was shifted to digital. MHRD or Ministry of Human Resource Development has decided to provide scholarships through Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) mode. Distribution of scholarships will be done through Public Financial Management System. A portal has been set-up for migration and legacy problems in DBT mode. A portal has also been setup for tracking of grants and scholarships stage of payment and document verification.

The MHRD has also allotted a phone number (01123235640) and an email id 
( to help students regarding their doubts and problems relating to disbursal of fellowships, grants, and scholarships. According to the new system, UGC scholarships will be transferred directly into the student's bank account which has to be linked with AADHAR for Identity Verification. In case AADHAR is not present, than any other government document has to be presented for verification of Identity. Satta matka

Following are the scholarships provided by the UGC for Teachers:
Emeritus Fellowship
Research Awards for the Teachers
Following are the scholarships provided by the UGC for Minority Groups:
National Fellowship for Scheduled Caste Students               
National Fellowship for Persons with Disabilities
National Fellowship for Higher Education of ST Students     
Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students
National Fellowship for OBC Candidate
Following are the scholarships provided by the UGC for Under-Graduation Students:
IshanUday for North Eastern Region
Following are the scholarships provided by the UGC for Students after Post-Graduation:
Dr. S. RadharkrishnanPost-Doctoral Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences
Post-Doctoral Fellowship to SC/ST Candidates          
Swami Vivekananda Single Girl Child Scholarship for Research in Social Sciences 
Post-Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child
Post-Doctoral Fellowship to Women Candidates
Post-Graduate Merit Scholarship for University Rank Holder
Raman Fellowship for Post-Doctoral Research for Indian Scholars in the USA        
Major Research Project
Post Graduate Scholarships for Professional Courses for SC/ST Candidates
Special AssistanceProgramme (SAP) 

Minor Research Project for UGC Regional Office     

How to Ace – Customer Service Representatives Online

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Employees to train, souls to corrupt. Am I right? Where’s the fun in trying to hire the perfect customer service representative? No fun, and a long shot. The ideal situation is setting a good hiring criteria and getting someone smart on board, but then investing equally in an elaborate, foolproof training program that will in the end produce the exceptional customer service representative, well versed in all customer service related problems and good at improvisation in such situations when needed, and to overall come up with the fastest and most effective customer service solutions. Speed, efficiency, avant-garde thinking, and flattering the customers – in fewer and rather simpler words, this is all that you’d need to leave the client dewy-eyed (figuratively). Speed in thinking and displaying soft skills – listening, empathy, problem solving etc. – and also in the medium of communication that the service depends on, for instance, if you’re an e-commerce website, you must have a consistent and fast internet speed to make sure you don’t suddenly go offline when you’re about to reply to a client – God forbid! Make certain you’re purchasing internet services from a credible provider, including Cox Communications etc. With that out of the way, how can you make sure your customer service representative will ace it? Scroll down!

Training programs:
Yes, you can find a million books on this particular subject, but let’s face it. Even the nerds (no offense) end up learning more from practical experiences than by words in books. It’s natural to feel a greater impact of applied practicality than by reading – which by the way, we all forget most of the times. So if you want your CSRs to be on their toes and ooze efficiency, you need to devise a proper training program that includes training games that enhance soft skills, and mock customer service situations where they experience it and learn from firsthand experience, which is bound to be a better teacher than training manuals – however, the perfect training program is one where both are paired with a good balance. Push your CSRs with the help of elaborate practical training programs consisting of theoretical knowledge, training games and training exercises. Watch them learn – and then put them in front of your client, and there’s nothing they won’t be able to achieve.

Induce competition and reward:
It never hurts to go a bit psyche on your employees to get them to perform to the best of their capacities. To get the best out of your customer service representatives, we’ll take you to the basics of human nature. We all do what we do to prove – to ourselves and everyone else – that we’re the best at what we do. Mostly due to our pursuit of self-actualization, but also because we crave for the positive reinforcement – the reward that we get for excelling. Put all the trainees in a room every once a while during their training program and get them to complete a training related test, or a competition, where the winner is said to get a bonus or a treat – whatever works for you. What that'll do is explicitly act as a motive for them to excel and outdo themselves. You’ll be surprised as to how well humans can perform given the end result is something that motivates them. They’ll learn, and incorporate all that the training program is there to teach into their professional auras and give you some of the best customer service personalities you may have encountered.

Show them the steps that are to be followed
Produce some names – those of the leading entrepreneurs and the exceptional ideas that we have so much to learn from in the business community. Bring some of the most successful customer service personalities and let your trainees get a good look. Everyone needs a mentor, someone’s steps to follow. What is it that he/she would have done in this situation? – This question and a credible answer to this will help you fashion ideal customer service staff that will excel every time with the customers.

In order to achieve all this and come up with different ideas of creating the ideal employee that is capable of singlehandedly taking care of your customers and actively retaining them, you must have the most high-end technology present in your official premises and incorporated within the corporate plan that your company follows. Let’s take Cox Communications as an example, which provides insanely fast internet services along with Cox Advanced TV. Separate services along with Cox Contour, all break the normalcy of service that we deem fit for our use and show us what is really possible in the 21st century. Try Cox Communications for internet services for official use, and visit for more information on their available packages.

Author Bio:
Angelica Dowson is a writer and blogger with verified skills at getcableinternetdeals. She likes to write about technology, digital media. Currently, she is working with Cox Internet deals which are in ceiling business of cable, internet and phone. To know more about her find her on Twitter @angelicadowson1

Human Resource Management & the Digital Framework

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Technology is affectingly gaining control of the driving seat when it comes to impacting our everyday lives. Be it the wave of pocket-friendly smartphones, or the role social media now plays in state level elections, Human Resource Management is beckoning for a revamp in its structure.    

Simply put, innovation in technology & the need for skill-set improvement of the workforce, have caused for the metamorphosis of the Human Resource Management. Today, data is maneuvering the decisions of all human resource professionals. Pillars of an organization i.e. Culture, strategy, operating plans & talent need to take the hand of upcoming technologies.    

People Analytics, more important than thought

Companies are attempting to establish a healthy involvement of analytics into the genome of Human Resource Professionals. 

Talent management is now mining data from external sources apart from diving in people analytics, to better understand the trends in human resource management. Such tactics help in predicting workforce trends & grab top-notch talent.

Technology: the fueling Strategic Priorities

The newer & better Talent Management tools have the vigor to effectuate superior engagements and upgraded innovation. For e.g:
  • Mindtree makes use of 54 online learning communities where employees exchange their views/ideas.
  • The Talent Management wing of Ericsson, brought about substantial changes in its career website blogs & digital media platforms to revitalize its Talent Acquisition unit. 

It is essential to understand the relevance of a digitally dominated strategy in terms of technology to the company. Only then, can one start polishing its talent management unit.

Mold the mindset to tame Digital transformation

Many human Resource Professionals are efficient enough to make sense of numerical data. The challenge arises when they have to present the top-brass the case of the present condition in order to understand the scope of improvement relying on the current availability of talent. 

To cure this, the HR managements units, need to bring about a uniform cycle of honing the present & requisite skill-sets of the workforce.

Give it time & the Technology would come to you.

Experienced companies with the well-established talent management units say that it takes up to 2-3 years to get a hang of the technology, ingrain the employees with the tech know-how & leverage real-time data to the relevant people-related discussion.

The diversity recruiting team of Linkedin, for instance, increased its recruitment of under-represented minorities in the sales division by 23%. Note that, 40% of the employees are employed in the Sales unit, in Linkedin. These initiatives substantiated impressive growth.

Successful Management of change is Indispensable

Companies who readily inject analytics into the bloodstream of their business are 6 times more likely to get favorable deliverables, than otherwise. It easily could be stated that companies don’t have the right launch-pads for spring-boarding their business processes in regard to tech-based solutions.

Human Element a High-Priority

Technology, through various of its extensions, will continue to influence major developments in Human Resource Management. The call for integrating tech-based, data-driven practices will continue to rise, but the human element will remain the gravitating center of everything.    

The Talent Management ought to garnish the skill-set of employees as digital enablers. Human Resource functions, ones that could process the newer facets of technology in their talent management strategies will be far better positioned to assist business leaders to grow the competencies required to push innovation, high performance and operational excellence.

10 Things to Put in Your Personal Statement Essay

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Every student who wants to apply for studying at a university knows that their grades and personal achievements are not enough to get the desired place at the university of their dream. Personal statement essay is the best opportunity to demonstrate that you deserve to study at this place and can really compete with other students for it.

There will never be two identical individuals, and there will never be two identical essays. However, all people have some common features as well as all personal statements should have some common information. This information will help the commission board to get to know everything important about you without reading some extra information that they do not need.

In this article, we will tell you 10 essential things that everyone needs to include in their personal statement if they really want to become a student of a particular university.

Specify reasons why you want to study here

The commission board should understand why you want to study at their university. That’s why you need to explain this information in detail. Pay attention that if you apply to different universities, you should never use the same reasons in your personal statement as every university and course are different. Find some peculiar details that will help you explain to the commission board why exactly you want to study there.

Explain that the university needs you

One of the primary goals of your personal statement essay is to show that the university needs you. Do not miss the chance to explain to the commission board that they will regret it if you refuse their invitation choosing to study at another university.

Find the nature of the course and use it to your benefit

If you are capable of finding the essence of the course you apply for, you may actually find the proper words to impress the commission board. Spend some time researching this information and use the results to your advantage.

Show your achievements

Your achievements will help in writing a stunning personal statement if you use them properly. It is not enough just to list what you have done as you’d better exemplify everything that you have already achieved. Show to the commission board that your achievements really had an impact on your personality and the society.

Use your previous experience

It will be perfect for your personal statement to show that you have already had some experience in the particular major or course and that you have already understood that this major or course is what you really want and that here you can really achieve perfect results.

Reflect on your experience

It is not enough just to write that you have some experience in particular field, but you should also reflect on it and demonstrate that this experience is the first step you have already made forwards your future career.

Show your skills

A personal statement is first of all about your individuality.  The commission board really wants to hear what personal skills you have and how you can use them in your education and future career. Tell about your organizational skills, explain how you solve problems and deal with complicated tasks, or show how you’ve demonstrated your leadership qualities in high school.

Demonstrate your out-of-school achievements

Do not forget that your out-of-school achievements can become a perfect tool to impress the commission board and make them remember your personality. If you have experience in some volunteering or organization of some events out of school, make sure that you introduce this information to the personal statement.

Power your essay with critical thinking and creativity

Your personal statement may become an excellent opportunity to show that you are a creative person with strong critical thinking skills. Every university is looking for innovators and students who can reinforce their courses and bring some fresh ideas to the process of studying and research, inspiring other students for better results.

Tell about your plans

Explain to the commission board that you apply to the university not because you want to get a diploma but because you want to acquire knowledge and skills that you need to reach the best results in your future.

Remember to include these things in your personal statement so that the commission board will love your essay.

In a nutshell, you can really expect the best results with your application letter if you:

  • Show the reasons why you need to study there and why the university needs you
  • Demonstrate that you understand the essence of the course
  • Exemplify your achievements and personal skills
  • Use and reflect on your previous experience in school and out-of-school achievements
  • Power up your essay with your strong sides
  • Tell why you need education for your future

We hope this article will help you with your personal statement and you will achieve what you want!

Bio: Christina Battons is a web content writer and blogger from LA. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California. Currently, I write for various blogs like Pro Writers Center or similar. I am interested in topics about education, writing, blogging, motivation, etc. My writing I use as a tool to further the education of others. My free time I spend with my family, friends, or riding my bicycle. You can connect with me through Twitter or Google+. I’ll be happy to hear you, just drop me a line!

Talent Acquisition- Every Step Explained

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Talent acquisition or the process of recruitment is an important function of HR management in an organization and all HR professionals must have a thorough knowledge of this very important function. Talent acquisition, or recruitment, of skilled workers in an organization is a continuous process that is usually marked by employees constantly joining or leaving the company. This is where an HR certification helps the HR professional, and can help in understanding and streamlining the entire process of recruitment to suit the needs of the business lines management.

Typically, the steps involved in the HR and Talent Acquisition process can be described or broken down into the following steps, which are

Working Employee- This is the initial stage where the employee is working at his job and is a part of the organization. At this stage, the involvement of the HR is minimum, and is usually restricted to training and development, payroll management and overall employee welfare.

Employee Exits the Company- In the next stage, the employee leaves the company, either for a better opportunity, or is laid off for replacement, or even due to any operational issues within the company. At this stage, the HR conducts the exit interview and starts looking at replacement

Replacement Requirement – At this stage, the HR identifies the skills, traits, education and experience required for the successful replacement of the employee. This is important for hiring the right person for the right job.

Requirement Defined and Structured- This is where Human Resource Certification actually helps the HR professional. A well-structured job description with clearly defined parameters helps in removing any doubt or ambiguity in the understanding of the specific requirements. HR certifications train the HR professional on how exactly this is to be done.

Prospective Hires are Spotted- Through social media, job boards, and databases and advertisements announcing the opening, the prospects with the right skill sets and the right experience/education are spotted. Usually they are hired from competing companies with equal education and experience.

Interviews are Conducted- Interviews usually consist of a discussion with the direct business line manager and a separate interview with the HR personnel. This leads to discussions regarding work, salary, growth and other important aspects of the job.

Right Talent is selected- This is another area where an HR certification helps the HR professional navigate their way. Selecting the right talent is an art, and all the parameters, expectations and the capabilities of the candidate must be a good match with the requirement.

Employee is On-boarded into the system- This is entirely process oriented, and the HR professional with a human resources certification will hardly find any challenges at all, since they already would know the entire process in-depth, and also have the adequate resources to frame the process and ensure proper documentation.

Onboarded Employee Starts Working – HR professional ensures a smooth transition of the newly hired employee into the day to day operations of the organization. This process of easing into the system, results in replacement and fulfilment in line with the business functions and goals. The HR professional not slowly moves away from the handholding stage with the new employee.

Working Employee- (process repeat stage)- the now full-fledged employee starts working as before, the process is repeated.

HR certifications are the necessary and most important resource that the HR professional can acquire in the entire staffing process, and this extends not only to operational decisions, but also strategic processes that directly influence the growth of the organization.

Enter enterprise certifications to fight skill gap catch-22 in 2017

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Twenty seventeen is already here! Like every year, this year brought with it- its own set of resolutions, solutions, and answers to puzzles that had made the past a little less excellent. And with it, the widening gaps and lacunae in different zones of improvement in the personal spheres, government, finance and industry loom larger and clearer. That is human nature- to find a problem and then help resolve it. What 2K17 has in store is the problem of huge skill gap and also presents the solution to it in the form of enterprise certifications.

The more we advance, the more we retrograde. The more we know everything, the more we know nothing. 80% of the world’s largest global business houses have stated a huge shortage of KSAs (Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities) in the workforce. Come to think of it, this is the case even after we have board meetings in smoked-filled rooms about workforce development, talent management, LMS (Learning Management Systems), microlearning, leadership development programs, and what not.
The Titanic RMS of requisite employable competencies, aptitude, and proficiency is sinking and the last SOS can be to hire first. What about the skills- oh! We can teach skills later. Who is saying this? The world.The job markets across the world- Europe, USA, Japan, and the Middle East- are adopting the ‘hire first’ phenomenon.The companies are ready to sponsor skill-development certifications for their workforce development.
Statistics??? Bringing it on- 78% top-class enterprises across geographies and industries cite consistent development and learning experience as their primary ploy to develop and retain the talent pool. 53% of global businesses report skill-shortage in their existing workforce to be the biggest obstacle to success and growth. 49% of these enterprises have already initiated in-house training through the implementation of enterprise certification or workforce certification to the employees to serve as a bridge between the important junctions of critical areas of skill-gap and key business functions.
Wanna compete better? Teach and train better.Not long before individuals used to come in with requisite talent and skills. You just needed to set-up interview sessions in different institutes to have your handful of best-in-class individuals. The way technology has advanced, the education system has not been able to adapt itself to the past pace of it. Now companies are taking upon themselves to solve the twin problems of business ownership support and employee buy-in.
Not everything that is corporate training is music to the ears. 25% of the employers state that an employee training program is not much of a value- addition in the effective and practical skill development. The reasons being the present generation of employees is nothing that was.With changing attitudes, familial and societal backgrounds, millions of opportunities at the footstep, and vast resources at the disposal- a phenomenal change of attitude is visible in the workforce today which is independent of sectors (Healthcare, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and so on).
The outlook is just not salary or incumbency today. The world is becoming the spectator to career hopping and short-term employment. Gig economy is totally and secretively entering our corporate lives, which by 2020 will reach 40% of the workforce of US. Where does all this leave us? Employee engagement and retention of the high performing talent are the flames to keep the fire of machine of an economy burning.Rather thanlong-term talent management and skill-development.
Enter enterprise certification to help you ward-off the catch-22 situation. Nowadays, the unsatisfied professional hunger of capability- validation and excellence recognizance of the employees to make their resume shine gold is the truth of the present. You might have played ostrich for so long but not anymore. You cannot bury your head in the sand and deny the truth of the moment. The talent managers realize now that certifications are not just competency tools but a major multi-faceted component of employee development programs across the world.
68% of global enterprises believe enterprise certification is the solution to the burgeoning problem of talent retention. The certifications are the correct map of employees coming fit on the goodness test of the organizations. According to the survey based on the competency assessment framework of PACE (Pressures, Actions, Capabilities, and Enablers)- 23% of enterprises which have already implemented certifications can prove that workforce certifications have given a proper alignment to the business goals and helped them stay ahead of the competition.
Last bits of statistics as we wrap up. 79% of the talent managers indicate self-paced, sponsored certification programs integrated with enterprise LMS as a significant driver of employee retention and employee engagement. Around 28% of the employees specify compensation to be their key motivator which is far behind what the 49%of the employees feel. They feel professional development is their true calling. As a talent manager- practice the art of interpreting changes in the business constructively to your benefits. Are you listening? You better!