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Employees to train, souls to corrupt. Am I right? Where’s the fun in trying to hire the perfect customer service representative? No fun, and a long shot. The ideal situation is setting a good hiring criteria and getting someone smart on board, but then investing equally in an elaborate, foolproof training program that will in the end produce the exceptional customer service representative, well versed in all customer service related problems and good at improvisation in such situations when needed, and to overall come up with the fastest and most effective customer service solutions. Speed, efficiency, avant-garde thinking, and flattering the customers – in fewer and rather simpler words, this is all that you’d need to leave the client dewy-eyed (figuratively). Speed in thinking and displaying soft skills – listening, empathy, problem solving etc. – and also in the medium of communication that the service depends on, for instance, if you’re an e-commerce website, you must have a consistent and fast internet speed to make sure you don’t suddenly go offline when you’re about to reply to a client – God forbid! Make certain you’re purchasing internet services from a credible provider, including Cox Communications etc. With that out of the way, how can you make sure your customer service representative will ace it? Scroll down!

Training programs:
Yes, you can find a million books on this particular subject, but let’s face it. Even the nerds (no offense) end up learning more from practical experiences than by words in books. It’s natural to feel a greater impact of applied practicality than by reading – which by the way, we all forget most of the times. So if you want your CSRs to be on their toes and ooze efficiency, you need to devise a proper training program that includes training games that enhance soft skills, and mock customer service situations where they experience it and learn from firsthand experience, which is bound to be a better teacher than training manuals – however, the perfect training program is one where both are paired with a good balance. Push your CSRs with the help of elaborate practical training programs consisting of theoretical knowledge, training games and training exercises. Watch them learn – and then put them in front of your client, and there’s nothing they won’t be able to achieve.

Induce competition and reward:
It never hurts to go a bit psyche on your employees to get them to perform to the best of their capacities. To get the best out of your customer service representatives, we’ll take you to the basics of human nature. We all do what we do to prove – to ourselves and everyone else – that we’re the best at what we do. Mostly due to our pursuit of self-actualization, but also because we crave for the positive reinforcement – the reward that we get for excelling. Put all the trainees in a room every once a while during their training program and get them to complete a training related test, or a competition, where the winner is said to get a bonus or a treat – whatever works for you. What that'll do is explicitly act as a motive for them to excel and outdo themselves. You’ll be surprised as to how well humans can perform given the end result is something that motivates them. They’ll learn, and incorporate all that the training program is there to teach into their professional auras and give you some of the best customer service personalities you may have encountered.

Show them the steps that are to be followed
Produce some names – those of the leading entrepreneurs and the exceptional ideas that we have so much to learn from in the business community. Bring some of the most successful customer service personalities and let your trainees get a good look. Everyone needs a mentor, someone’s steps to follow. What is it that he/she would have done in this situation? – This question and a credible answer to this will help you fashion ideal customer service staff that will excel every time with the customers.

In order to achieve all this and come up with different ideas of creating the ideal employee that is capable of singlehandedly taking care of your customers and actively retaining them, you must have the most high-end technology present in your official premises and incorporated within the corporate plan that your company follows. Let’s take Cox Communications as an example, which provides insanely fast internet services along with Cox Advanced TV. Separate services along with Cox Contour, all break the normalcy of service that we deem fit for our use and show us what is really possible in the 21st century. Try Cox Communications for internet services for official use, and visit for more information on their available packages.

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