Here’s how to fix your declining brand strategy?

Corporate branding have a weighty effect on your businesses’ overall performance. According to latest estimates, only 33% of your target consumers trust brands that are faceless or do not have significant presence on traditional or online media. Developing a sound corporate branding strategy is not easy. It’s a complex process that requires thorough business acumen mixed with market analysis to create viable solution.

A strong branding strategy not only protect you against your raging competition, but also lures in new prospects to you. Entrepreneurs in their quest to become successful venture owners must consult the following tips to strengthen their corporate branding strategy.

Inconsistent branding
Branding efforts run without clear guidelines will deteriorate your existing image, if you have set any so far. Strategies that are just spread across mediums often account to lesser or no response. To generate leads and to convey the right personality of your brand to your consumers, you are required to have a clear branding guideline.

These guidelines will indicate the tone you adopt and the image you want to project. These branding guidelines should be seen by anyone involved with your brand including marketers, your sales team, your customer service reps, and any decision makers within your organization.

Make use of social channels
Working at a corporate branding agency in Dubai has exposed me to a myriad of clients, many of which think that using only a few social channels is the best practice to pursue in social media marketing to build your brand identity. The idea is completely wrong! The idea of social branding lies completely on the kind of audience that you have. You need to choose the social channels based on the demographics and psychographics of your audience. For example, a brand that deals in professional training would probably find its target audience on LinkedIn and Twitter as compared to Pinterest and FaceBook. Similarly, a cosmetic brand dealing in funky lipsticks would most probably want to target its consumers on FaceBook due to the wide array of young girls present on the social media. The choice entirely depends on number. Numbers that you receive after running a market analysis gives you an appropriate idea of which social channel to choose for your social branding efforts.

Are you focusing online only?
Online is the rising trend these days. Today, where one can see the obvious efficacy of online media and put in efforts to take gain from them, however, it will be inappropriate to completely phase-out offline media to establish a positive brand identity.

Offline promotion still has a place in the world. By not operating offline you are cutting off your local audience. Even as an online business, what your local community thinks is still important and you are leaving a huge amount of money on the table by ignoring the people closest to you.

I also understand that not every story is meant for offline promotion, however, talking about your brand in local exhibitions and events will only allow more people to get in touch with you and will generate a positive word of mouth. Word of mouth being a very important growth driver to your business. For your corporate branding strategy to work, you must create a mix of both online and offline mediums working together towards a focused objective.

Begin a dialogue with your customer
Personal branding isn’t really focused on you. While it involves you and how others perceive your brand, you really need to be concentrating on the customer-business dialogue. This is the ongoing relationship you are having with each and every customer. If your personal brand consists of writing lots of content and posting a few social media updates you are doing it wrong.

It’s your duty to foster a dialogue with your followers. Ask them a question every so often and request their opinions. Dialogue is what makes people buy into you as a brand. And this is extremely influential because when someone sees you as a trustworthy individual they are more likely to buy from you.

Require help?
There is no harm in asking for help, especially when it is for a good purpose. Many a times, business owners, especially those whose ventures are in the introductory stage do not find enough time to abide by all the above mentioned guidelines to bid a positive brand strategy. And if that’s the case, they can seek help from a professional branding agency located in their vicinity. Professionals are aware of the loop holes business owners leave unattended many a times. They fill those and provide you with a customized and sure shot way to positively hike your branding efforts. Get in touch with one of the branding services in your area today.

Author Bio:
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is a specialist when it comes to offer digital marketing solutions to the customers. Currently working at Branex, he makes it a habit of offering the best digital exposure your website, product or brand deserves. He believes that going virtual is the future of marketing and in this arena he is a master of developing customized campaigns for companies and individuals.

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