10 Things to Put in Your Personal Statement Essay

Every student who wants to apply for studying at a university knows that their grades and personal achievements are not enough to get the desired place at the university of their dream. Personal statement essay is the best opportunity to demonstrate that you deserve to study at this place and can really compete with other students for it.

There will never be two identical individuals, and there will never be two identical essays. However, all people have some common features as well as all personal statements should have some common information. This information will help the commission board to get to know everything important about you without reading some extra information that they do not need.

In this article, we will tell you 10 essential things that everyone needs to include in their personal statement if they really want to become a student of a particular university.

Specify reasons why you want to study here

The commission board should understand why you want to study at their university. That’s why you need to explain this information in detail. Pay attention that if you apply to different universities, you should never use the same reasons in your personal statement as every university and course are different. Find some peculiar details that will help you explain to the commission board why exactly you want to study there.

Explain that the university needs you

One of the primary goals of your personal statement essay is to show that the university needs you. Do not miss the chance to explain to the commission board that they will regret it if you refuse their invitation choosing to study at another university.

Find the nature of the course and use it to your benefit

If you are capable of finding the essence of the course you apply for, you may actually find the proper words to impress the commission board. Spend some time researching this information and use the results to your advantage.

Show your achievements

Your achievements will help in writing a stunning personal statement if you use them properly. It is not enough just to list what you have done as you’d better exemplify everything that you have already achieved. Show to the commission board that your achievements really had an impact on your personality and the society.

Use your previous experience

It will be perfect for your personal statement to show that you have already had some experience in the particular major or course and that you have already understood that this major or course is what you really want and that here you can really achieve perfect results.

Reflect on your experience

It is not enough just to write that you have some experience in particular field, but you should also reflect on it and demonstrate that this experience is the first step you have already made forwards your future career.

Show your skills

A personal statement is first of all about your individuality.  The commission board really wants to hear what personal skills you have and how you can use them in your education and future career. Tell about your organizational skills, explain how you solve problems and deal with complicated tasks, or show how you’ve demonstrated your leadership qualities in high school.

Demonstrate your out-of-school achievements

Do not forget that your out-of-school achievements can become a perfect tool to impress the commission board and make them remember your personality. If you have experience in some volunteering or organization of some events out of school, make sure that you introduce this information to the personal statement.

Power your essay with critical thinking and creativity

Your personal statement may become an excellent opportunity to show that you are a creative person with strong critical thinking skills. Every university is looking for innovators and students who can reinforce their courses and bring some fresh ideas to the process of studying and research, inspiring other students for better results.

Tell about your plans

Explain to the commission board that you apply to the university not because you want to get a diploma but because you want to acquire knowledge and skills that you need to reach the best results in your future.

Remember to include these things in your personal statement so that the commission board will love your essay.

In a nutshell, you can really expect the best results with your application letter if you:

  • Show the reasons why you need to study there and why the university needs you
  • Demonstrate that you understand the essence of the course
  • Exemplify your achievements and personal skills
  • Use and reflect on your previous experience in school and out-of-school achievements
  • Power up your essay with your strong sides
  • Tell why you need education for your future

We hope this article will help you with your personal statement and you will achieve what you want!

Bio: Christina Battons is a web content writer and blogger from LA. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California. Currently, I write for various blogs like Pro Writers Center or similar. I am interested in topics about education, writing, blogging, motivation, etc. My writing I use as a tool to further the education of others. My free time I spend with my family, friends, or riding my bicycle. You can connect with me through Twitter or Google+. I’ll be happy to hear you, just drop me a line!

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