A wonderful and memorable trip to some exotic beaches

Sometimes it may happen that we get bored of our daily routines. It makes us feel very monotonous. Thus in order to get rid of this we can plan to go out for some holidays in some beautiful destinations. There are number of such places in our earth which have lots of natural beauty. They can be your ideal dream destination.

A trip to some wonderful places:  Sanur often pronounced as Sah-nur is a beach located on the south east part of Bali. It is well connected with road. The beach is about 30 km drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Hence it is well connected through airways too. Sanur has some historical significance too. It has been known from various sources that in 1906 the northern part of the beach was mainly used by the Dutch for their entry point. Moreover during the Second World War Japanese also used this beach for their entry point. Thus this beach was quite famous during the historical period too.

Importance of the placesanur bali indonesia has really become a great tourist place. One can easily spend some days in this beach. Sunrise in this beach is really an amazing scene. One cannot miss this experience. This beach is also known by the name of “Rising sun beach”. The scene becomes absolutely beautiful when the sun rises. Not only this, the waves look very calm.

You can also enjoy the beach by sitting in the small huts that are built on the beach. The huts have shades which protects you from sunrays. The beach is said to be very safe for the kids. Thus they can spend hours on the beach by sitting under the trees and shades. Moreover the huts too are very tiny and can be the best place for relaxation. The waves of the beach are very calm.

Hotels at this place: Sanur Bali Indonesia has a large number of renowned hotels. Most of them are beach facing. The hotels are well equipped with all modern amenities. The staffs are very cordial and supportive. They take utmost care of their guests. Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Sri Phala resort and hotel are some of the famous hotels of Sanur. They have very good arrangements. There is jogger’s lane along the coastline. This makes the place very beautiful. People can walk and stand in this place. On the other hand they can also enjoy the view of the sea. One can do exercise or workouts in this lane. The beach is also very famous for its white sand. Many a time most of the kids are seen playing with these sands. Thus this place can be your ultimate destination for holidays. A few days’ rest and relaxation in this place can make you feel fresh and energetic. If you are planning to go anywhere were you can enjoy and relax at the same time, this place can be the perfect one for you in every aspect.

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