Wedding Venue Booking Guide: 3 Crucial Things That You Must Check


Are you planning to get married in the upcoming month? If yes, then there are loads of responsibilities that you’ll have to shoulder. Yes, I know that you have many relatives and friends who would help you in arranging the wedding party. But, don’t know whether you’ll agree with me or not, doing things on your own gives a different kind of satisfaction and you feel more confident about implementing the plan that you have made for your own wedding. So, if you think just like me, make sure you plan and arrange the party yourself, no matter how many responsibilities you need to shoulder.

When arranging a wedding reception party, you’ll have to shoulder many responsibilities such as creating a guest list, deciding the food and drink menu, finding right caterers, decorators, florists and etc. But, do you know, what’s the most important task that you’ll have to do? It’s none other than finding and booking the right kind of wedding reception venue. 

Worried about finding and hiring the right hall for your wedding reception? Don’t be, as there are many wedding reception venues in Houston, TX. So, finding one won’t be difficult at all. But, if you want to reduce the burden of finding a hall, then you can either ask your relatives to recommend you a hall or search on the internet. These two ways will surely help you find numerous halls in Houston. However, don’t commit the mistake of booking a random venue. Instead, there are a few things that you must surely do. 

Wondering what things you need to do before booking inexpensive wedding venues in Houston, TX? Then take a look at the points I have jotted down.

Check whether it has a parking space

Do you know what the guests hate the most? They hate the fact that a wedding venue lacks a private parking space. Don’t you think getting angry is quite natural? Just imagine, you have visited a friend’s or relative’s wedding and you see there’s no parking space, and you have to park it in an unsafe area. Would you be able to enjoy the party and stay at peace? I’m sure your answer is no. Hence, never book a hall if it doesn’t have a private parking lot. 

Check whether it is spacious enough

After checking whether a hall has a parking space or not, the next thing that you have to do is check the hall. Checking the hall is absolutely essential so that you can understand if it is roomy enough to accommodate all your guests or not. If a hall is not spacious enough, then your guests won’t be able to move around freely and might feel claustrophobic. Hence, always check the hall’s capacity and then only book it.

In fact, I would suggest it’s always better to opt for a hall that is quite larger and spacious enough because it will give you some extra space to set up a dance floor, a bar and a space for DJ.

Check the other services it provides

After checking the parking lot and the spaciousness of the hall, the next thing you have to do is ask the manager or owner of the hall about the extra services they are going to provide. You need to check whether the hall provides extra services or not so that you don’t have to spend extra time on looking for those services. Now, you must be wondering what services I’m talking about right? Well, by extra services I mean catering service, DJs or other entertainers, bartenders, servers, cleaners and etc. Don’t you think if a hall provides these services, it will be great? Hence, if you ever come across such a hall immediately book it without a second thought.

These were the three crucial things that you must check before hiring a wedding reception venue in Houston. Hope you will follow these checking tips and book an ideal hall for your wedding. Thank me later!

Author Bio- Selena Homer runs an event management company and knows a lot about wedding reception venues Houston TX. You can read her blogs to know about the best yet inexpensive wedding venues Houston TX.

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