Car washing tips: 5 essential do’s & don’ts you must know!

Car washing; for many is like a therapeutic treatment that’s beneficial for owner’s state of mind and vehicle’s appearance! Frequently washing a car is best to maintain the paint-job as well as to keep it free of dust, dirt, grit and allergens.

While it may sound simple, there’re some factors to consider so that you don’t accidently scratch or damage the finish. With the best car washing tips comes a few do’s and don’ts that guarantees the best outcome. Check them out below;

1. Paint work

Wear comfortable attire without any metal zippers or snapper as you wash. This would scratch the paint as you lean over the vehicle especially when washing a bigger car.

Forget taking the jewellery off before you begin. In case you’re wearing items such as necklaces, rings, watches, a belt or anything that can actually scratch the paint, consider taking it off unless you’re finished cleaning.

2. Baby shampoo

Use mild or diluted baby shampoo to clean bird droppings off the paint immediately, even if you don’t have time to wash rest of the car. This is because bird dropping, when dried are extremely difficult to clean and you’ll probably end up scratching the paint in case of unnecessary delay.

Allow the baby shampoo to sit for too long especially if it’s sunny or else it’ll deteriorate the paint and leave nasty white spots behind.

3. Follow the directions/instructions

Carefully read instructions on the products as some might’ve special car washing tips to achieve the best results. Others would probably ask you to wait before rinsing the product immediately such as the case with leather creams and car waxes.

Apply/use just any cleaner as not all are suitable for your car paint. Even dishwashing liquid is terrible that would badly scuff the paint completely therefore only use products formulated especially for car cleaning.

4. Rim treatment
Spray wheel or rim cleaner carefully on the tyre rim and let it sit for a few minutes or as per product’s direction. This is important to clean off tougher brake dust and wheel crud so you need being patient. Just think of it like pre-soaking the dishes before rinsing them completely.

Clean the wheels completely before the vehicle as all the dirt, grime and grit would slide down back to the cleaner rims thus making it tougher for you as well as time taking.

5. Controlling the water flow

Use right amount of water as too little would only leave soapy streaks and too much isn’t just waste of precious natural resource but may break away paint as well. A hose with multiple settings like spray, flat and mist is an excellent option to attune the water supply.

Just blast water and hope to know off all the dirt. It’ll help but only to a certain limit and you’d definitely need soap to clean the vehicle in the best way.

The above do’s and don’ts of car washing tips ensures a shiny vehicle you’ll be proud of.

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