Credentials of a personal injury lawyer


 Personal injury lawyers are civil litigators who represent clients alleging psychological or physical injury as result of negligence acts by another person, entity, company, government agency or organization. These lawyers practice in an area known as tort law, which specializes in civic or private injuries, monetary or non monetary losses. This includes actions of bad faith or breach of written agreement to a person’s reputation, rights or property.

To practice personal injury law, passing a written bar exam is mandatory in addition to a written ethics examination. These exams vary from state to state. The majority of states need applicants to have a college degree and a law degree from an organization that is accredited. Non-accredited law schools have minimal set requirements before they are licensed to offer these courses.

As a prerequisite, most states require a-

  1. A Multi-state Bar Examination (MBE)
  2. A Multistate Essay Examination
  3. A Multistate Expert Responsibility Exam
  4. A Multistate Performance Test as well.

Once qualified and admitted to the bar, they are required to keep abreast with the current development in their fields by continuously persuing legal education courses. These courses are designed to ensure that personal injury attorneys remain updated in law-related developments, with the number of required hours that varies from state to state.

Personal injury lawyers tend to focus on specific areas of law. By specifications, they are able to accumulate the required knowledge and experience to take them to the top of their field. There is a special certification program that these lawyers must complete before they are referred to as specialists. The American Bar Association is accountable for this certification. Although individual states regulate their own law, these lawyers will still adhere to rules of professional responsibility as stated in the United States Constitution.

These certification programs come with set protocol of knowledge, competence and experience that must be earned before these lawyers are called specialists.

Once these lawyers pass the bar exam and are commissioned, they can deviate to any specialty within the profession of law. To provide the best quality representation for their clients, most lawyers opt sticking to a particular area of law, thereby give all of their resources to this area. Within tort law, a lawyer has a massive number of achievable claims. Some of the lawyers choose to go further and devote all of their energy and time to a single area of litigation in the tort law field, becoming very detailed and experienced at arguing specific kind of cases such as work accidents, medical mistakes or aviation accidents.

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