Role of an Attorney while filing insurance claim


 An Insurance Claim Attorney Fort Lauderdale is basically required to handle general insurance claims and have a sound knowledge of all relevant substantive and procedural law. He has to deal with all aspects of contentious and non-contentious liability claims, the handling of personal injury and physical damages claims on behalf of policyholders against third party insurers. Some of the duties are summarized below:

  1. Answer all incoming call enquiry in an efficient, customer focused way, ensuring that the customer receives a quality service at all times.
  2. To answer the calls, using own judgement on the referral of callers to a senior management and ensuring that information given is correctly recorded.
  3. Managing an allocation of technical legal files as per Company guidelines
  4. Ensuring relevant claim details and record them accurately to ensure the quality is to a high standard.
  5. Delivery of the highest standards of customer care and satisfaction are paramount.
  6. Assessment of circumstances and responsibility to ensure the claim is dealt with correctly.
  7. Persuade the customer to settle the claim in the most efficient way.
  8. Ascertain all relevant questions are asked and information is recorded accurately to ensure other handlers can take the claim forward easily with no re-work required.
  9. Ascertain the claim is valid and covered by the policy.
  10. Determine program budgets for Director’s review, and reviews approved budgets to ensure adherence in program development and delivery.
  11. Attends on-site to ensure the proper delivery of Legal Conferences
  12. Drafts and maintains files.

    Other related duties.

  13. Ascertain the claim details are checked for possible fraudulent cases.
  14. Convert policyholders to use company hub of suppliers.
  15. Pro-Actively and effectively process claims retrieved in writing from Third Parties, Third Party insurers, solicitors and representatives.
  16. To deal incoming post from insurers, clients, uninsured loss providers and third parties
  17. To update data as claim progresses.
  18. To oversee claims from allocation to settlement process.
  19. To appoint lawyers/engineers/loss adjusters as required and liaise with them whenever needed.
  20. To make sure that all supporting documents and reports correlate with the claim file.
  21. To ascertain all third party correspondence is actioned pro-actively and to liaise with third parties.
  22. Checking claims and recording details to a computer system and ensuring that all details are entered into the appropriate fields

We can say that the emphasis of the role of an Insurance Claim Attorney Fort Lauderdale is to assist in the management and settlement of legal claims and injury claims.

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