Allow 19 Red Roses to say it all when you find words inadequate

Talk of charm and beauty and your mind will soon conjure up the images of a wide array of flowers in a myriad of shades.  It is the colourful blossoms that give soul to the planet. The beauty of flowers makes them a perfect gift for expressing love.  Thanks to their mesmerising fragrance and soft appeal, they never fail to bring a beam of joy on the face of the receiver.

Different flowers signify different facets of love.  While some flowers imply love at first sight, some flowers mean true love and some mean pure love and loyalty. The list is indeed endless as is the number of flowers brightening up the planet.

The secret language of red roses

Love and beauty are two of the traits intrinsic to red roses. Poet Robert Burn’s immortal line on the flower encapsulates the connection between life and red rose. “Oh, my love's like a red, red rose, that's newly sprung in June; Oh, my love's like the melodie, that's sweetly played in tune.”

People cutting across race, gender, caste and creed express love by giving each other red roses. Although many people believe that red roses can only be a symbol of romantic love, there are others who strongly feel that red roses can express the generic bond of love and can also express affection towards siblings and parents. The rose, which was initially a primal symbol of life, gradually metamorphosed into a symbol of profound emotions.

The red rose became the flower of choice for lovers because it sends the message of love strongly. Centuries passed by but the red rose has not lost its significance as a symbol of deep love and fidelity. This may be the reason why sending someone a bouquet of red roses is still the most popular way to say "I love you." The red rose's rich and diverse heritage has culminated into the modern day image of the lover's rose.

Red roses: a gift of substance

Red roses would make meaningful gifts for all occasions, spanning from the primal expression of intense love to wedding anniversaries. There are variations in meanings though. Even a single, long-stemmed red rose can evoke a powerful response from its recipient - a trait no other flower can convey and boast of.

Serenade your lady love with the vibrant 19 red roses

If you are one of them who love an arrangement of odd number of blooms, go for the 19 Red Roses. A vibrant bouquet, the 19 Red Roses packs a powerful message of love with nineteen stunning, large headed, long stemmed red roses, making it an ideal gift for those who want to offer red roses in style.

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