Make Your Wardrobe a Special One with These Beautiful Handloom Saris

Saree is one of the most favorite choices of attire for women in India. And not much surprisingly, the attire has spread its wings and has travelled far to the west and won many hearts. Women do not waste even a single opportunity to flaunt their beautiful sarees. Be it Puja, or wedding or any other occasion, sarees can be regarded inevitable.

With changing trends, various designer saris have also come up in the market. These sarees reflect how contemporariness has crept into the art of saree making. However, irrespective of how many different designs and styles come and flood the market, there is always going to be something special about handloom sarees. Handloom sarees of India are world renowned. Women across the globe flaunt this beautiful variety of sarees with grace and confidence.  And these sarees reflect the arduous efforts craftsmen put into crafting every bit of them.

There are plenty of ways and styles available for saree lovers to wear their handloom sarees. One can experiment with the following sari wearing styles to get a distinguished look – 

The Nivi Style: This style allows free movement of the legs while at the same time, covering them. It was originated in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Although later, it spread to various other parts of the country.

The Bengali and Odia style: This style, originated in the eastern part of the country, is practiced mostly by women of West Bengal and Odisha. The uniqueness of this style is that the saree is wrapped around in an anti-clockwise direction and then a second time, from the opposite direction. This has been a characteristic of the famous Tagore family from where it is believed to have originated.

The Kodagu Style: This style was originated in Karnataka. The name refers to a district in Karnataka from where it is believed to have originated. In this style, the pleats are made in the rear, unlike other styles where they are made in the front.

All these styles differ from one another with respect to the draping pattern. Nonetheless, they look great and authentic, and are practiced even today by women who wear handloom sarees. It is believed that these styles have been highly influential and most of the modern draping styles have been inspired from them.

Considering their popularity in India, sellers have also put them online. The situation, now, is such that these sarees have taken a large section of the online market in its stride. This saree has, sure, been able to carve a niche for itself in the apparel market and we feel proud about it.

Handloom sarees are not a new trend; it is only recently that the young lot of women has started flaunting them with panache. These days, most women love to buy handloom sarees online because of the variety of designs available.
The reason why handloom sarees have become so popular is a combination of uniqueness and different styles.

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