What Are the Unique Mosques in Indonesia?

Mosque is the important places for the Muslim where they can pray and express their grateful feeling to the God. Then, that is the main reason why there are so many mosques that you can find in Indonesia as it becomes a country with the biggest population of Muslim in the world. Even, you will definitely be able to find various exceptional mosques in Indonesia that are so worthy to visit and explore for sure. So then, you can really witness what makes those places stand apart from the ordinary mosque you commonly see. So, what are actually the Unique mosques in indonesia? Let’s figure them out below!

Fortunately, there are some of the Unique mosques in indonesia that are so recommended for you to come to, which can be like:
  • The Dian Al Mahri Mosque
Well, one of the most unique designed mosques in the country that you have to visit is the Dian Al Mahri Mosque. This amazing mosque, which is actually also known well as the Golden Dome Mosque, will definitely make you drop your jaw especially when you pay more of your attention to its glamorous architecture. The dome that is plated with gold can reflect the sunlight awesomely, so that you will find that the mosque will have the more fabulous look somehow. However, in case you really want to come there, it is open for the prayers and visitors every day but Thursday. So, it will always be a very nice idea for you to go to this place whenever you go to the City of Depok which is located on the outskirt of Jakarta.
  • The Al Irsyad Mosque
The next distinctive mosque that you better visit is the Al Irsyad Mosque especially when you go to Bandung City in West Java. The reason why you have to visit this particular place is because it can be not only a comfortable place for praying, but also a mesmerizing spot to admire and excite your eyes for sure. Unlike the other mosques with the ordinary design you can find in the country, this one does not have any dome to complement the top side of the building. Furthermore, the other thing that will definitely steal your attention is the calligraphy that is written on the wall of the mosque. The wall itself was made of the stacked stones that will allow the air to flow naturally. So then, it can be more eco-friendly in order to suit the concept of the mosque as well as possible. In addition, this mosque is quite large because it can accommodate up to 1,000 people at once.

After putting together, those are several majestic and Unique mosques in indonesia you have to visit. All of them will absolutely be the comfortable place to worship God and show you the beautiful and impressive decoration at the same time. So, it is so obvious that you cannot miss all of these mosques from the list of wonderful places you have to visit in your life.

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