How Smoking Worsens Lupus

Smoking can provide you pleasure for a limited time but in long run, it will kill you. However, smoking doesn't kill you right away. It gives you disease upon disease as it shortens your life. It makes your health horrible, and it also makes it difficult for you to recover from illnesses and injuries. It also helps worsen diseases you already have, making their progress quicker and their effects far deadlier. Here is what to do if you have one of those diseases.


Systemic lupus erythematosus, or lupus for short, is a disorder where the body's own immune system attacks normal tissue that belongs to the body instead of attacking the real invaders that do not belong to the body. The symptoms of lupus include inflammation and swelling. Lupus also involves damages to the heart, the lungs, and the kidneys. Even the blood and the skin get damaged. Smoking increases the damage to the organs, increasing the diseases that are created by lupus. Smoking helps lupus wreak havoc. Smoking is to lupus-like Robin is to Batman.

Lupus and Smoking

When lighted, tobacco cigarettes create a combustion that contains loads of toxins. When you inhale tobacco smoke, you inhale the toxins with it. These toxins enter your airways, touching your lungs and getting into your bloodstream. Soon, they reach your brain and the farthest ends of your body. Smoking damages your organs destroys the systems of your body and messes up the functions of the different parts of your body. This eventually leads to multiple diseases and a shorter life. You have a higher possibility of dying from smoking than from lupus. So just imagine how bad it can get when the two go together.

Quit With E-cigarettes

If you have lupus and you are a smoker, you must quit smoking as soon as possible. The fastest way to quit smoking tobacco is by switching to e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are electronic devices that produce heat and steam that look like smoke. You do not have to light them up to use them, so they do not have the combustion and the toxins that tobacco cigarettes have. Therefore, they are not harmful. If you want to make them resemble real tobacco cigarettes, you can use tobacco vape juice. It can contain just the right amount of nicotine for your needs, depending on your requests.

Quit Just By Quitting

If the pain that lupus brings you has made you petrified of smoke, the best way to quit smoking is by simply quitting smoking. You can simply stop and distract yourself from your cravings by reading books, listening to music, or hanging out with optimistic friends. It is the most difficult way to quit smoking, but some smokers have used it in the past, and they succeeded. It will take some time to get used to a life of no tobacco, but it will be awesome once you get used to not smoking. You will be normal again, and your health will also be normal again. 

Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Dealing with lupus by avoiding tobacco isn't just about quitting smoking. You must also avoid secondhand smoke. There is no difference between direct smoke and secondhand smoke, so successfully stopping smoking while living with inconsiderate chainsmokers doesn't really work. You must move to a location where smoking in public is forbidden, or kindly tell your friends to move extremely far away from you when they smoke. Tell them to not smoke in your car, in your bedroom, in your house, and all of the other rooms you use. They will surely listen to a friend who has lupus.


It is extremely difficult to quit smoking, especially when you are feeling stressed. Don't worry, because e-cigarettes are just around the corner. They are available in convenience stores and designated vape shops. You can also try several other ways to quit smoking. So many smokers have suffered from the effects of smoking, and their health problems motivated them to quit smoking. They used different techniques to quit smoking, succeeded, and shared all those techniques.

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