Did Bolo Yeung Use Steroids During His Time?

There have been many famous personalities who have been in the limelight because of their exceptional results in just no time. Same goes for the well known bodybuilder, Bolo Yeung, who has been a part of many controversies for quite a long time. Many people think that he has used some performance enhancing drug to bulk up so quickly. He naturally has a trimmed body with lean muscles that he needed something to make his dream come true in bodybuilding. This is the reason why many people believe it to be skeptical for him to transform his body to such an extent without the help of any steroid. For them, who are not familiar with Bolo Yeung, he is an iconic bodybuilder, martial art expert and even an actor. Here, you will come to know about the training routine for Bolo Yeung, his diet and what steroid he would have probably used to produce such massive gains.

Did Bolo Yeung use steroids?

Bolo Yeung stated his career in martial art at the age of ten and later began to focus on his bodybuilding ability. Since childhood, he was able to consume food that is rich in protein and high fat diet but still was very slim and having a great physique. There are high chances that he would have sued anabolic steroid to produce some large and permanent gain.  But, there is something of him to know about. In 1970, he was crowned as Mr. Hong Kong which is a major title and is equivalent to Mr. Universe. After three years, Bruce Lee casted him for a major role in the movie Enter the Dragon. His change his name from Yang Sze to Bolo as he got inspired by his role in the movie. He then started his bodybuilding career and eventually appeared in a massive 80 plus movies. Although there is no evidence that Bolo consumed Steroids for producing such great cuts and body, but one thing to talk about is the training routine for Bolo Yeung. There are signs by which you can distinguish a steroid user and a non user just by seeing, but Bolo didn’t exhibit any such signs but his defined shoulders, flat and lean abs, enlarged traps and puffy muscle mass made many industry experts to think that he used PEDs.

It is quite rare for a non Asian to have puffy muscle mass and another reason is that he bulked up rather quickly when he was starring in movies. If he used steroid then it can be Deca Durabolin or Anadrol as they are known to produce massive gains and are one of the oldest steroids ever used. There are chances that he would have used Andarine too because it produce muscle wasting and help people to maintain their lean muscle mass. Also, it helps individual to fight off many diseases while producing much less side effects. One thing which we can’t ignore is that he was really very hard working and had put a lot of effort to pursue his love of bodybuilding. He is even spotted recently in the gym with his large arms, thighs and wide chest. 

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