Functional Medicine: What is it and is it safe?


Functional medicine offers personalized and concrete solutions to the underlying causes of disease. Through the examination of an individual's genetic, biochemical and environmental factors, the practitioner is able to identify underlying health issues such as food allergies, stress and environmental toxins that may be contributing to an illness. Through personalized treatment plans, functional medicine strives to find the root causes of disease rather than simply treating our most common symptoms.

Functional Medicine Therapy Boca may be important for those who are sensitive to allergens and chemicals. It is an alternative therapy so costs will vary from practitioner to practitioner. The treatment is based on the individual, not on medical history or a specific diagnosis, so you can expect some lifestyle changes and a more customized plan.

Functional Medicine Therapy Boca is heavily based on pseudoscience, which is a legitimate reason for concern. There are no scientific constructs that support their methods, which makes the approach unreliable. They also neglect the significant role genetics play in influencing the human body. This lack of detail allows practitioners to cherry pick information and intentionally mislead patients. While they may be well-intentioned, it is not always possible to perceive what is genuine and what is not when delivering health care. Patients should be wary and seek proper medical advice before undergoing any treatment.

Functional medicine is a branch of alternative medicine that supposedly addresses the root causes of disease. The focus is on seeking out, identifying, and treating imbalances rather than specific diseases. The term was first used in 1990 by Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D who designed an approach to achieving wellness through diet, exercise, detoxification and stress management. Proponents claim that it is a preventive approach that treats the underlying cause of disease as opposed to specific symptoms. Prominent functional medicine doctors are Michael T. Murray, N.D., Gary F. Zeolla, DC and Mark Hyman, M.D all advocates of this way of thinking who have written books promoting functional medicine as a "new paradigm" in healthcare treatment which has drawn criticism from other doctors for not following evidence-based treatments which could be properly tested through randomized controlled trials and peer-reviewed published results. Functional Medicine claims to takes into account the whole person in their examination including genetics and psychosocial factors that lead to a breakdown in functioning.

The Functional Medicine Matrix integrates the best of functional, conventional, alternative and experimental medical methods to achieve optimal health and healing. It is a diagnostic, analytical, proactive and holistic approach to medicine that should be used in conjunction with patient education and the provision of a therapeutic program to ensure the best possible outcome for every patient. Additionally, it is important for the clinician to recognize that there are many “unknowns” in modern medicine and that many patients have found solutions with theories, treatments or disciplines outside “conventional” care.

In conclusion, functional medicine is pseudoscience that lacks scientific basis and evidence. It is an unscientific approach to healthcare which advances the concept of "detoxification." Where there is any research, the underlying data has been manipulated or misinterpreted to fit a preconceived idea. While some treatments are harmless and may even improve patient health (e.g., diet changes), many treatments such as chelation therapy pose significant risk to the patient (dangers of heavy metal poisoning).

It’s important to remember that these tests aren’t used to determine if something is wrong, but they are simply meant to get an in-depth understanding of how the body works as a whole. With this information, your doctor will provide you with personalized recommendations for an effective treatment plan that could transform your life for the better.

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