5 Essential Hiring Checklist for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Getting hitched is one of the most important decisions of your life. Naturally, you will want to leave no stones unturned to make the day flawless. Today, blank canvas weddings like marquee and garden weddings are in vogue as couples can turn it into the perfectly personalised day.

The ability to build your dream wedding from the ground offers a massive sense of satisfaction and that is why more and more people are going for outdoor weddings these days. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to build this wedding venue from scratch and that is why it calls for a lot of planning.

So here is the most essential hiring checklist for setting up the perfect outdoor wedding that you have always dreamt of. Just read on.
  • The Right-sized Marquee – Once you have the final guest numbers you can go to a reputed marquee supplier and order the right sized marquee. The professionals will be able to guide you with the appropriate size. Usually 2 metre square is allowed for every guest and accordingly the marquee is provided. You should not delay going for hiring this as they are quite in demand and may not be available at the last moment.
  • Weather Backups – You should not be just thinking about the area to dine and dance when planning a wedding outside. There are other areas where you will be spending the other parts of the day like the drinks reception or the ceremony. You may want to perform these ideally outdoors but you cannot risk a no-shed arrangement provided the weather can play a spoilsport.  That is why you should think of typical pop-up tents that can complement your main marquee.
  • Kitchen and Bar – Your caterers will need a decent space to cook and plate up. Usually the kitchen marquee is set up at the rear portion of the main marquee. You should ask your caterers about the space that they will need and go for it accordingly. You should also go for a bar hire as that is quite a trend these days and you will have one less thing to worry about and that is about the drinks. You may go for a pay or free bar according to your budget and fill it up with the classic drinks or can hire a bartender for the trendy cocktails according to our choice.
  • Lighting and Generator – Most likely your wedding reception will continue in the long hours of the night. That is why you must ensure that your wedding space is well-lit. The right lighting can make any place transform into a dream-like venue. So low lighting can be perfect for the dining area but the way to the loos and washrooms must stay illuminated. Apart from that, you should always book a generator as most weddings need a lot of power for the lighting and sound, the kitchen requirements, the DJ and the band. From all the required suppliers you should check the power requirement and you should make sure that the generator that you have ordered is large enough with sufficient backup.
  • Furnishing – You should keep a close eye on the furnishings to make your big day impeccable. The most important among them are the dining tables and chair hire for your sit-down reception. The tables and chairs should be setting the tone for the rest of the wedding ambience and so it is essential to go for something that goes with the overall wedding vision. Apart from the dining table, you will also need buffet tables, guest book, the DJ and the cake and gifts. Since this one is an outdoor wedding you need to hire everything except for the ones that you can supply from your own unlike a venue where you will get at least some kind of furniture around.

The above are some of the most essential things that you need to keep in mind while hiring in order to organise the perfect outdoor wedding that will bring a smile to your lips whenever you remember it till much later in life.

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