5 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice in you and that is why it is imperative that you take care of your oral health as it has significant impact on both your personal and professional life. Regular brushing and flossing help to upkeep your oral health and keep decays and cavities at bay.

But when it comes to the health of the teeth you really are what you eat.  The sugary foods like soda and candy contribute to the tooth decay. Similarly if you are going for unhealthy diet, your oral health is the first thing that deteriorates. So maintain a healthy diet if you want to maintain a great oral health.

So here are some food that have proven to be beneficial for the dental health. Try to include this for a flawless smile and a healthy mouth.
  • Milk – Milk does not just benefit our bones but the teeth also get stronger and healthier when you drink milk as it contains calcium. Calcium keeps the jaw bones healthy and strong and also protects the teeth against the periodontal (gum) disease. Since women are more prone to periodontal disease it is especially vital for them to eat and drink calcium-rich foods.  Drinking skim or low-fat milk will help to gain the most nutrients without the extra artery-clogging fat of whole milk. So you can opt for that for a great oral health.
  • Apples - Though it always recommended to steer clear of sweet foods there are certain exceptions. Fruits like apples can be sweet but they are also rich in water and fibres. The action of eating apples triggers the production of saliva in the mouth that helps to rinse away food particles and bacteria. The fibrous texture of the fruit stimulates the gums. It is true that eating an apple is not similar to brushing the teeth with a fluoride toothpaste but it can save you until you get a chance to brush.
  • Celery - Celery may have a bad reputation for being watery, bland but they are also full of the pesky strings which act like a toothbrush that scrape food particles and bacteria away from the teeth.  It also happens to be a great source of Vitamin A and C. These give the health of the gums a boost. You can make celery even better by topping it with cheese which is also great for your oral health.
  • Wild Salmon – Salmon and Atlantic mackerel are types of fatty fish that are good sources of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is of crucial significance for oral health as it helps to absorb and put to use calcium that helps to protect the teeth and gums from disease. The vitamin D from salmon makes it easier for the teeth and gums to use the full power of calcium from our foods.
  • Leafy Greens – Leafy greens somehow make it to any healthy food list. They are full of vitamins and minerals and at the same time are low in calories. Oral health is also promoted by leafy veggies like kale and spinach. They are high in calcium that help to build and strengthen teeth enamel.  Folic acid is also a common ingredient in these vegetables that have numerous health benefits including treating gum disease possibly in pregnant women. So try to include leafy veggies in your diet.

The above are some of the best foods that have proven to be highly beneficial for your oral health. Just like dental braces for adults can help to align your teeth and gift you a million-dollar smile similarly these foods will help to restore your dental health so that you can flaunt your smile for years to come.

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