Ways for Tooth Extraction and Its Healing Procedure

The entire process of pulling tooth is a quick procedure, especially when the patient it is also supportive towards it. The contribution from patient’s side is only his co-operation and the rest will be enlisted with the experts around here. The process of tooth extraction starts by numbing the area. The dentist will be first using anesthesia to both the gum and bone tissue. For the starters, this process might hurt a bit but it is bearable. After that, the patient won’t feel anything when the dentist starts working on the extraction procedure.

Two Basic Procedures Available:

There are mainly two basic types of tooth extraction procedures that are available and the dentist is given the responsibility to work on that. It starts with the simple extraction and another one has to be surgical extraction. Depending on the condition of the tooth and its placements, the procedures are subject to change.
  • Under the simple extraction, the dentist will loosen the tooth with the help of a hand-held device, known as elevator. After that, the dentist will use another tool namely forceps for removing the tooth from its root.
  • Surgical extraction is a complex process and might ask for extra pennies from your pocket. This is a complex procedure, used in case the tooth might break off at gum line or has not even erupted in mouth. During such instances, it is time for the oral surgeons to make a small incision into gum and remove the broken tooth in question or the impacted wisdom tooth from its gum region.

Reasons For The Extractions:

Once you are through with the process the next step is to check out more on the reasons for such extractions. What are the reasons to extract tooth from the gums and why do you have to contact experts for tooth extraction? Well, it is only an expert, who is well-aware of the tools used for standard or surgical extraction procedures. Moreover, they have proper training in this regard and have helped out so many patients before taking up your project.
  • Some people might be the victims of extra teeth, which will block other teeth from coming in. Extraction is required during such instances.
  • There are other times when baby teeth do not fall out on time and the permanent teeth are already on their way. So, you have to go for tooth extraction before it is too late.
  • People going for braces might sometimes have to extract some teeth for creating that extra room for teeth, which are to be moved in their places.

 The Healing Procedure:

There are times when the entire extraction process under surgical areas can prove to be rather painful. During such instances, the dentists will prescribe you pain killers, which are to be taken only as prescribed. After you are through with the medicines in prescriptions, if still pain persists, then you might have to use aspirin-free medication.

It is recommended to take soft drinks or ice-cream within the first 72 hours of tooth extraction. Once the area has numbed well and you are not feeling any pain, you can return to your normal diet. However, you need to avoid going for sharp food items as a simple touch to the surgical or extraction area can cause immense bleeding.

If the swelling is getting worse and out of control, there are several chances that the extractions might have given rise to infections. Make sure to contact dentist immediately for help. On the other hand, if you are suffering from chills, redness or fever after completion of the surgical tooth extraction process, contact the dentist immediately. These experts are always ready for you to help.

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