Comparison of various types of water purifiers


My initial reaction was a sense of shock but on deep analysis found out that it does makes more sense. Aquar guard ro customer care number Amritsar are filled with queries  that the water supplies in our home is not fit for consumption and hence the need for a water purifier. They are incorporated with various chemicals along with contaminants. When you compare water purifiers a major chunk of them are ineffective or doing more good than harm. The fact of the matter is that people are not aware on how to compare water purifiers and the companies that sell them find themselves in a worse position. They are not even aware the safety aspects for the children and their families.

water purifiers

Getting in touch with aquarguard call centre Amritsar states that one needs to proceed by elements before arriving at a decision. The bottled water that is available is not purified water. As per research inputs available it is worse than the tap water that comes in our homes. There are dangerous over drinking water and we will get back to the dangers in due course of time.

There have been various reports of the harmful impact of tap water in our homes. Once again the tap water that comes to your home is laddered with harmful chemicals. They are not filtered out before it reaches out to the sink. It does make sense to compare the home water purifiers by the manner by which water is filtered

The single stage water filter will remove some contaminants but will end up missing harmful contaminate. For example a simple carbon filter might end up removing certain type of contaminants like carbon but heavy metals can be found in drinking water in a lot of regions. On the other hand reverse osmosis process does remove some of the living contaminants in water. This could be in the form of pathogens or bacteria and they go much further and end up absorbing vital minerals or nutrients that are needed by our body to maintain health. Not only they remove what is bad but they end up removing the good aspect as well.

From a health point of view this is not at all a desirable situation. This could end up dangerous for the kids or the pregnant due to the increased need for chemicals that are needed for the healthy formation of bones in the body.

The need of the hour would be a comprehensive multi filter water purifier that goes on to remove the harmful contaminants and minerals present in water. It could be something that your local water treatment plant might miss. At the same time it will maintain the natural balance that is intended. Once you take note of this there are only a few water purifiers that make the grade.

To conclude once you have the above information this tips to be the starting point from where you can begin the search of a water purifier.

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