Wrench Types for a Do-It-Yourself Toolkit


A toolkit must have a wrench. Without a wrench, your tool set is not complete. So, what is a wrench? For the uninitiated, this is an important question. A wrench is a long piece of metal that has an opening at its end. A nut or other fasteners (at times even a pipe) may go into the opening. It holds this fastener tight and when we turn on the handle, it tightens or loosens the fastening. 

We have many kinds of wrenches. You can see all of them with the  wrench suppliers in your region. Here is a look at some of them. 

Open ended wrench -
This type of spanner is most common. This wrench has two U shaped openings at either side of its handle. The parallel sides of the U hold a nut and help us tighten or loosen it. Size of opening at each end is next to the one at the other end. This helps us make accurate adjustments without having to carry two spanners at the same time. It is quick and easy to use. 

Combination wrench -
This type of wrench has a U shaped opening at one end and a ring type spanner at the other. The ring type spanner has a circular opening with indentations on the inside. Also, the head is slightly angled so that it can reach even inside narrow recesses to help remove or fasten a nut or bolt. Having an open ended wrench on one side is useful for working with normal nuts having enough working space. 

Allen Wrench -
This is a special type of wrench that is used for fasteners that have a hex opening. Mostly, we find this in a bicycle or on electronic gadgets. We use an Allen key to open this. It is a small L shaped piece of metal that has a hex face on one of its legs and a ball at the other end. The ball is used to work in places where opening is not so conveniently placed.

Socket wrench -
We use socket wrenches when nuts in small spaces. The socket wrench consists of a handle with a opening at one end. We insert sockets of the appropriate size into the opening. Since the sockets are small, it is easy to carry them around. We only need one handle to operate them all. We can get high quality wrenches from the Adjustable Wrench manufacturer in India. They will offer a variety of hand tools from which we can select the ones we want. Here we see the construction of an adjustable wrench. 

The adjustable wrench is a special wrench with two jaws. One is fixed and the other is movable. We can move the movable jaw by the help of a thumb screw. We keep one side of the fixed jaw on one edge of the nut or fastener. Then, we move the screw around until the other jaw comes into contact with the other side of the nut. Now, it is easy to tighten or loosen the nut. It is normal to find one adjustable wrench in any home tool kit.

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