Guide to online copyright registration

A copyright is a right given by the law in the Copyright Act in 1957 by the government of India. It is a right for the creators of dramatics, music, literature, art, etc. that abides by the rules of the creators. This right is very necessary as someone’s creativity has to be ones only and should not be copied by anyone else. So how does it work? If we take example of YouTube videos, so if you make a YouTube video and you want to insert some music into it, you first need an  online copyright registration to the person who has the actual authority to the music that you are using. Only then you can use the music or else you have to pay the penalty assigned to the breaking of law. The actual procedure for registering a copyright is as follows:

1. You have to write an application as abiding by the rules and mentioning your rules in it.
2. A separate application has to be written for each different work.
3. Each application should include some required fees for each work.
4. The applications should be duly attested by the owner or the advocate in charge for the right before submitting it to the power of attorney.
5. Once all this procedure is followed you own a “copyright” to your work.

To do all this we require a company that can help us through all these procedures very easily and provide us with lots of other helpful services.It is well known company for providing with a lot of services. Also the company should have all these facilities or points so that it’s easy for work:

• Quick turnaround services- The company’s objective means to provide fast services so that customers 

• Reasonable price- Allof us would double think where we need to put our hard earned money. The obvious fact is that you would look for a company where good services at provided at a reasonable prices. With a free transparent pricing system customers would be inclined to invest here.

• Trained oracles- A skillful and an able team to guide you at each and every step of your journey. This is the most important quality that builds the trust level among customers.

• Assured services- the reputation of a company builds in the market by the level of services it goes on to provide. The company formulates a name based on the service levels

• Commitment on delivery front - No one would like to establish a relation with a company that fails to delivery on time. At each step timely delivery does play a role.

• Trustworthiness and confidence- A secured data incorporates a sense of confidence in the mind of customers.

With the help of such a company, you can accomplish your registration at a very reasonable rate and also at a very higher pace. Once you own a copyright to your work, make sure to attach the copy of attested application each time you publish your work anywhere be it online or offline.

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