7 Tips for choosing the best online broker in India


One of the important decisions you need to make is not to select any stock and shares in which you should invest. The first and important thing is the broker and the decision of picking the one who is right for you. Choosing a right broker is one of the primary requirements for investing in stocks.

Finding the best broker for your investment is not easy. The best way you can choose an online broker is to make a list of things you need from him and select the one who matches your requirements. It is also necessary to make a list of top online brokers India to shortlist the brokers as per requirements.

Here is the list of some tips that can help you find the right broker. These tips can help you for a great start of your investments.

Rely less on discounts

Don’t rely on discounts. Many broker companies can offer you the discount but they might not be promising. Always start with the full-service broker to understand market trends. Learning the market trends can help you in long term. You may start understanding the structure of the market and how it works.


You cannot be available on the internet every time and trading to the stock market is the game of the time. So, it’s also important to check out the alternative methods of trading offline. This alternative method includes telephone trade, SMS, and fax ordering.

Best user interface

Choose a broker among top online brokers India. Try that broker company’s website at different times to know its functioning. You can always have a trial session but that won’t help you much. It’s important to understand the basic website structure and relevant sections for you.

Price is secondary

You must have heard that you get what you pay for. The same is applicable here. Price also defines the quality of a product and a service. You should not open a Demat account with the broker who is providing it at the lowest price. You should decide your budget first and choose the services through the advertisements. Many companies advertise with the rate of service to make it easy to choose.

High deposits high return

Usually, investors choose the brokers who have the lowest account balance requirements. It can prove the best for some but if you are planning for long term investments it may not be good for you. Brokers that have high balance need can provide you the best help on investments. They generally diversify your investment which can result in higher returns.

Right product to invest
When you are choosing the brokers most people think of buying stocks or shares. There are many investment alternatives that can reduce the cost with similar return. Many investment products like municipal bonds, futures, options, and certificate of deposit are risk-free which do not require heavy brokerage. You can invest in them and reduce the brokerage.

Customer service experience
Admit this fact that you cannot visit the office of broker every time. It’s always better to check the customer service of any broker firm. You can wait for 20 minutes or more holding a phone. Before you open an account, call the company’s customer service department and ask a question to know how better and they can resolve your query so that you can have an idea about their regular dealing with customer.

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