Bangalore is Crammed with Adventurous Options


Bangalore is undoubtedly a happing city of India. This city is not just a hug of youngsters but there are plenty of things to do as well. No matter you are a resident of this city or you are visiting Bangalore for the first time, you can do so many things here. 

If you are think ing that the city is all about work and work then you might not have explore the true essence of this city. Most of the people make the maximum of events and trips that get organized in Bangalore.  Even if you like to do adventure like trekking then you too can find different spots nearby waiting for you. After all, Trekking near Bangalore is absolutely possible!

A few spots for your Adventurous Desires 

Ramadevara Betta

Do you have any plan to go for trekking this weekend? Well, just go for Ramadevara Betta. It is a popular trekking trail in Ramnagar that is just fifty kilometres away and it is a smooth trail for people who relish both rappelling and rock climbing. For the ones who don’t really get kick and thrill in climbing, a stroll up to the trail and then rolling down is a thrilling option. 

After reaching the base, you just have to climb stairs that are around three hundred in number. After climbing the stair case, you will reach temple. You can start your next climbing patch from there.  The starting sixty percent of hill goes through luxurious jungle packed with prickly plants like lantana.  In case you aren’t careful the piercing thorns can split your clothes and skin. Make sure you walk slowly to avoid thorns. You can also see wildlife creaturessuch as mongoose, an infrequent fox or wolf or hare.


Anthargange is one of the most well-known adventurous spots for trekking. It is mapped just sixty eight kilometres from Bangalore. This place Anthargange is an odd hill that is environed with a blanket of heavy forest at the base. However, as you step up rock-strewn hill the entire greenery gets diluter and is lastly replaced with thorny bushes that beautify the top of hill. At this spot, the caves of hill are a main attraction for trekkers and backpackers. 

Explore Kudremukh

If you want that someone else do the organizing part for you then this event you must not miss. You can become a part of this event ‘explore Kudremukh’ event taking place on Friday, 18th august 2017 10:00PM toSunday, 20th August 2017.  The event is getting organized By Gutsytribe and you can become a part by just spending 3200rupees.

Talking about destination, Kudremukh is a mountain range and a peak mapped in Chikmagalur district, in Karnataka. The spot is popular for its bio-diversity and mineral wealth. The name Kudremukh simply means ‘horse’s face’ and this place takes its name from a peak that resembles face of a horse. Here the beautiful stunning landscapes cater much-needed dose of tranquillity and peace. The spot is snuggled in adventurous environs and beautiful vistas!


So, when are you packing your bags for an instant yet worth remembering trip?

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