A Must-Visit to Waterfalls of Mussoorie


The comfy green hills, the vast flora and fauna and sophisticated view of the Shivalik ranges and Doon Valley enthral thousands of tourists to Mussoorie every year. The hill station is famous not only for its scenic beauty but it has also grown into a noteworthy centre of both education and business too. 

Mussoorie is positioned at a distance of around 35 kilometres from Dehradun. It is at a height of around 2005 mts above sea level. It is snuggled at the feet of Himalayas and is popularly known as Queen of the Hills. You can plan your next holidays here, just book rooms in reasonable 5 star hotels in Mussoorie and enjoy a memorable time with your family.

Bhatta Falls

Bhatta falls are situated around 7 kilometres from Mussoorie. The place is a hypnotic destination and is far from the worries of commercialization. The destination has turned into a cherished tourist spot and people visit this place in a large number to enjoy the thrill and magnificence of such falls. An amazing thing about the spot is that it is vastly photogenic. The good-looking backdrop, animated surroundings and melodic sounds of water falls make this place worth visiting. While you are there, don’t forget to taste the freshness of cool water pond!

Mossy fall

Mossy Falls: is located in a profuse forest and is one of the chief tourist spot in Mussoorie. It is just seven kilometres from hill station. The gorgeous scenic views and serene surroundings will surely make you fall in love with this friendly spot. The melodious surroundings and the rhythmic aura of this place will fill you with natural music. Cherry on the cake is the spellbinding ambience!

Kempty Falls 

Kempty Falls is enclosed with charming mountain ranges and it is one of the main tourist places in Mussoorie. It is mapped at one thousand three hundred sixty-four metres and provides the visitors and tourists with so much of excitement and charm. Here, in the middle of the natural sites, gorgeous landscapes, pulsing sounds of water falls, anybody can feel fantastic. 

Jharipani Falls:

If you are one of the fellows who love nature to the core then it is the perfect place for you. It is located extremely near to Mussoorie and has fine sites and attractive aura. The trekkers love the part splendid around these mesmerising waterfalls because of its stunning backcloth. If you love picnics, this spot can be picked for a fantastic picnic with friends or family. While you visit the falls, make sure you are carrying your camera because the enticing sites will temp you throughout.

Thus, the moral of the story is that Mussoorie has always enticed thousands of tourists. It will surely set the stage for you too. Just find out the best hotel in Mussoorie and do your stayover booking. Once you are there, you can walk through plenty of waterfalls and beautiful destinations. After all, what else you want for a perfect holiday with friends or family?

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