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Websites are common these days, now every business owns websites to expand its reach, we can do almost everything on the websites from shopping to watching videos. Since the use of websites has increased, the demand for web developers has also increased but how long the demand for web developer will last. In this article, we will have a glance at the future of web development.  

1. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence has been a center of attention of many companies lately; companies have made huge progress in it and it is right now at initial stages. If you want to see its current uses, then look at the Smartphone assistant like Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant, computer bots, robots and many others things. In the future, artificial intelligence will further improve and improve our lives.
This artificial intelligence will be used in website designing also, where you might be asked about what color do you want for your website, how you want to apply branding, what layout you want and what sort of content do you want. This will make work so much easier. 

2. Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is already getting common as we speak; it is widely used in games to give users a real experience and in many other areas then how is it not going to be used in the web designing. Its initial form can be experienced by downloading Janus browser and in the future, it will only get better. It can be used for touring purpose by web developers and e-commerce sites, where a user can try out every dress of any size and check which one suits him or her.

3. Internet of Things
Internet of things is already popularly used in today’s world, you can control anything from lights, fans, air conditioners and others things from anywhere through internet. You can also check where your children are and who is in your house currently. Web designers will be at the center of an internet of things because they would be involved in developing those websites that will help in the connectivity of two things and web designers will make it accessible for the users. The only problem that a web developer will face is its security issues.

4. Rails 5
Web developers to build web sites and applications already use the Rails but what is the future for it, right now, the latest version of Rails is Rails 5, which was introduced in 2016, this current version has introduced many great functions like Turbo 5, Action Cable and others. In the future Rails will only become popular and will be the significant part of the future of web development.

5. Angular 2 
When it was first released so it met with many criticisms from the web developers because it was not backward compatible, which made them rewrite the whole code of the application to make it compatible with the Angular 2. Angular 2, is a better upgrade to its previous version, it offers 15 times better performance in terms of speed and offers better options to the users, who can make fantastic applications. 

6. Static Site Generators
With Static Site Generators, one can build websites very easily because all you require is a plain text. These websites are quicker, safer and easier to deploy but the main problem in these websites is that they do not allow users to participate by commenting, which is a major drawback as their voice is valuable for the success of the business. Static site generators should overcome this problem if it wants to be the part of the future.

7. Yarn Package Manager
Developing apps have become easier with the help of package manager. The user finds it easy when they have to update and configure an application. For the improvement of the Facebook’s security and performance, Yarn Package Manager has been developed so we should expect that it would be a great part of the future since it is built to solve Facebook’s problem.

Considering the present, this could be the future of the web development; web developers must build master those things, which will be the main part of the future as those could be the area, where demand would be high. In the end, I will say that web development has a great future in terms of its demand and the companies that offer designing services related to a website would be in huge benefit. 

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